this feeling its known as love – 5


Ishu: why you said that my name sona?
Vaidh: Just like that my dear
At vaghela mansion
Rv: she will fall for me and smiles a naughty smile

At college
Ishu was wearing a crop white colour top with blue skirt till knees and curly hair
And she was talking with her friends then Rv group came near her and Rv started singing hua hai aaj pehli baar….
Vaidh: you song do sweet
Ishu: what you want
Rv: soonsoon will come to know and when ishu turns he started singing dekha tujhko jabse hai mein to hill gaya lagta hai mere sine se dil nikal gaya and he throws a heart to ishu all girls were fuming and ishu gives the heart to Vaidh angrily and Vaidh throws somewhere and it goes to laksh.
Rv continue his dance wherever Ishu was going he was following her at last Ishu enters the library and Rv comes to his group
Ritz: she will pakka slap you
Laksh: what’s your blood group?
Ritz:B+ ve
Shikhar: then be positive ok
Ishu got a idea and she pulls Vaidh with her to Rv group Rv sees her coming
Ishu: no one can easily win my heart but you won and I can say only 3words to you I love you.
Vaidh:w what I love you boldiya
Rv was extremely happy and he holds her hand and a shock pass through his hand he jerked her hand even Ishu felt something familiar and they had eyelock(tum hi ho plays)
Rv break the eyelock and said: are you serious
Ishu: no more you won your bet so please stop following me all where damn shocked
shikhar: how you knew
Ishu: sixth sense gave me information she smiles and pulls Vaidh and left to her class.
Rv was smiling he says o love her.

In music room Rv was playing guitar and singing chahun meri ya na
And Ishu passed by the room and she heard the voice and enters the room and sees Rv singing even she sang with him they had eyelock
Rv: why you came here
Ishu: this is my favourite song so I came just like that btw nice voice.and she left
At canteen Vaidh was searching for Ishu when she saw her she shouted ishaniii at that time Rv heard her and was shocked and he thought:I need to find about her

Precap: Rv was shocked why to know that keep READING this ff this feeling is known as love
Naas didi I am not at all angry on actually I love you all

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. O God tanvee Dr…eagerly waiting fr nxt epi may be rv find something abt ishani in ur precap….plz try to post today itself sis….luv u alot sis

  2. This is gorgeous???

  3. Superb episode.

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow superb episode tanvee dear.especially last part and eagerly waiting for next.

  5. Really awesome…..waiting for next….

  6. Its very nice.rv character is very nice.but it is too short.plz make it long na plz…..

  7. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    yes tanvee even we love uuuuu

  8. oh tanvee dr….. how r u….? u r angry with me….
    epi Amazing..dr !!

  9. Plz post the next one soon plz

  10. AMAZING EPISODE!! I love it! pls try to update soon!

  11. Its nice?

  12. ohh my cutty too luv u alot…me also b …ritzz also…wow i lyk her very more..choti..plzz call me as arham only dr….onc again i’ll tell u..luv u sissy

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