this feeling its known as love – 3


Today ISHVEER will come face to face so Gerry ready.

Ritz was continuously talking three boys got irritated with her talks and suddenly sees a girl passing by do three boys started flirting Ritz was talking thinking they are listening and suddenly realized that they are flirting she pulled them and gave a angry

laksh: in the girl thought how cute she is.
Shikhar: shhhh volcano eruption if going to happen.
Ritz:shut up idiot buffalo dumbo bye and she goes to her house.
Rv: tomorrow she will start talking.
Lucky:I wanna see your best friend
Shikhar: for flirting na.
Rv gave a angry look and pulled there ears.

Next day
Ishu get ready in a cute purple frock till knee length.and vaidhu enters her room to pick her was wearing a red colour jumpsuit ishu did light make up and straightened her hair and kept them at one side she was looking gorgeous simply
Ishu: yar I am totally exited for today yar first day of college.
Vaidhu: but first day of college means ragging I am scared
Ishu: chuchu my kiddo and darpok dost I am with you.
The girls left in ishu car and dewarsh, sharman, disha went in disha car as she forced them.
Dewarsh:ishu save us from this devil.
Sharman: shhh she will hear.
Disha: what are you whispering.
Devman: nothing
Ishika reached college

Rv, shikhar and laksh were ragging and flirting with girls then ishu enters the college and Rv feel restless but still flirt
whole college was seeing our princess and
vaidhu said: thanks for been my friend no one can notice me as they will notice you
Laksh notices ishu and shows her to shikhar and Rv all three were shocked with her beauty.
Laksh: ohhh white beauty and ishu turns they call ishika there
Vaidh:don’t go I am getting scared
Ishu:shut up
Ishu: yes seniors
Shikhar:beauty say what’s your name?
Ishu: you know William Shakespeare said what’s there in the name if I say my name to you then will you all get any success no na then I will not say

Over there Rv heart was beating fastly
Laksh: don’t you know how to talk with a senior?
Ishu: don’t you know how to talk to junior even you should respect a junior.
Ritz: hmmm smart answers
Rv was touching his heart and was breathing heavily Ritz notices and ask him it’s he ok he says ya he is ok
Rv: it’s ok white beauty you both can leave we will talk to you later.
Ishu felt something familiar but went from there
Laksh; hey why you sent her then notice his hand on his heart and shouts aaaaaaa Rv let me call ambulance or else…
Shikhar: what rubbish are you talking.
Laksh: you rubbish see Rv got heart attack see his hand is in his heart see
Shikhar: what seriously Rv you got heart attack say na…
Rv: shut up you all can’t think something good actually I was just feeling strange come let’s go to class.
While shikhar was going to his class he notices ishu entering into layers batch and he thinks and went from there
Will ishu and Rv ever realize that who they are?

Precap: Rv thinks ishani name is sona as vaidhu was calling her with that name…
How’s the episode and thanks with this ff I got saw many elder sister

Credit to: tanvee

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