this feeling its known as love – 27


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Recap: fun masti with tara aunty

Episode starts with Rv sleeping peacefully on his bed when Sun rays disturb his sweet sleep and then he sees ishani sleeping beside him in his embrace
Then Ishu woke and saw him seeing her she smiles and pinches him and ask kya hua why staring me
Rv:seeing you I don’t wanna go to office
Ishu:u need to go
Rv:y one month has happened to our marriage but we still became one
Saying this he caressed her cheeks
Ishu:u remember our marriage first night omg what a night was it
Rv:no that night no one should have
Rv remember his marriage first night

Flashback starts…
Rv was getting in his room he was waiting for his love at last they were married now he was just waiting to make her his even he entered room he saw Ishu in night dress he asks her why r u in night dress she reply saying she is sleepy
But Rv said that he will not allow her to sleep and moves towards her at last she hit the wall
Rv cups her face she closes her eyes Rv comes near her to kiss when suddenly besharam song starts
Both look at each other in shock they see a phone ringing in side table
Then they hear a knock Rv opens and saw kailash standing there
Kailash:beta my phone is here I think so
Rv: is that phone this
Kailash: yes
Rv:BTW ringtone is besharam
Kailash blushes and says: voh ur moms says this song suits me
Rv:ohhh means u r besharam
Rv closes the door and again comes close to Ishu when they hear badtamiz dil song
They both find a phone lying on the couch then again they hear a knock Rv opens and sees dp there
Dp: my phone is here can u give me
Rv:uncle don’t say this is ur phone
Dp: yes it is mine

Suddenly phone rings and same song is played dp rushes from there due to embarrassment
Rv again closes the door and pulls Ishu closer and stops thinking maybe phone will ring when no phone rang so he again comes closer their lips were barely apart when they hear phulo ka taro ka sab ka kehna hai ek hazaron mein meri behna hai saari umar hamein sang rahna hai
Rv feels embarrassed as which boy will like to listen this song during their first night( two mins let me laugh omg)

They hear again a knock and he sees parul before she could say something he takes her hand and keeps the phone and says change the ringtone
He again comes close to Ishu when again they hear a song bachna e hasino lo main aagaya husn ka aashiq husn ka dushman….
And now Rv was frustrated he quickly opens the door and sees laksh
Rv:take this phone and get lost idiot
Now Rv comes to complete his work when they hear one more song kar gayi chull this time it was Ishu phone she saw her best friend phone she picks it and starts talking Rv was when will she finish at last after 2 hrs of waiting she cuts the call now Rv was fully frustrated he stands on bed and starts jumping like kid and scolds her but unfortunately the bed breaks and he falls down and Ishu starts laughing and Rv becomes angry and throw the pillows on her even she starts due to which the pillow tears and the things present in it comes out and Ishu smiles seeing this ISHVEER now see the room condition and thinks were to sleep so
Rv:one will sleep on couch one down
Before he could say anything Ishu goes and sleep on couch Rv smiles seeing her and sleep down
Flashback ends
Ishu was laughing while Rv was frustrated

Precap: no idea

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. Harisha

    Superb episode dear loved it

  2. Loved it sis keep rocking


    Woah….sissy its really a funny episode…..bechara Ranveer hope he may get his love soon……but really was too funny sissy….m

  4. Reena

    Awesome dear! I loved it!! Superb episode!! It made me laugh a lot!

  5. Julina

    Wow…. suuuupetb epi dr… soooo funny… I loved it…. pls post next soon

  6. Superb episode Tanvee dear I am so happy to see your ff it was awesome I loved it waiting for the next ?

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