this feeling its known as love – 26

All parents went all were fed up with Tara aunty
after 2hrs of to her Tara aunty went to washroom our youngsters started discussing plan how to tocher her then our boys got done idea but Tara aunty called all girls to her room later boys also cane there and have Tara aunty a glass of strawberry milkshake( as its pink even I love it) Ishu :(to Rv) ranveer wats the idea
Later all were standing at corridor .
Vaidhika: so guys tell the idea
Shikhar: we have already completed the task
Disha:what ???
Lucky:ya so the shake which we gave to her in that we mixed a solution
Ishu:which solution
Dewarsh:oh teri we didn’t check that
Ritz:stupid u all r maha pagal
Ishu:ok cool down give that bottle
Laksh gave her
Ishu; aaaaaaaa r u all insane what u all did
Ishu:because this solution makes the person lose their senses and it looks like theperson has drunk
Vaidh: we can’t handle her when she is in senses now it’s impossible
Suddenly they hear lovely song(it’s from film happy new year)
ISHVEER shikhar and disha enters the room
They see Tara aunty dancing on the song on sofa
Rv starts crying
Ishu:y r u crying???
Rv:I love deepika but she destroyed her song how beautiful she looked in that and she ahannnn ahannn
Then she hears crying voice from shikhar side
Ishu:now u also
shikhar:hann ahannn ahan
Both ranveer and shikhar keeps their head on Ishu shoulder Ishu keeps her head in her palm and jerks her shoulder which makes Rv and shikhar fall Ishu turns toward then and smirks then again they saw horrible dancing of Tara aunty then laksh comes and says that stop.get or else sofa will break
Then they saw Tara aunty running downstairs they followed her
She went near swimming pool and shikhar was doing action and telling her to push her
Ishu was not understanding and thought that y is he dancing like mad but then she thinks that he is telling her to scare her and rushes to kitchen all sees her and thinks she have some master plan
Ishu goes to kitchen and sees a cockroach near window and she goes near it and was about to catch it then she realizes that even she is scared of cockroach and starts shouting and then her hand hits a jar and it falls on Rv as all followed her and it was flour so Rv thinks y always u fall me
Outside near swimming pool
Tara aunty was dancing and falls in mud and then she enters the room and goes towards kitchen
In kitchen all sees her in kitchen and shouts bhoot and runs and then Rv sees Tara aunty and she sees Rv and shouts bhooot and runs
Tara aunty again comes near swimming pool and Rv pushes her and parul comes from back and sees Rv thinks him as Tara aunty and pushes him and and later Rv eyes her angrily and parul bite her lower lips and runs
Later all gather and sits in hall then tara aunty comes and sees the house conditions and says actually orders then to clean it heads to her room
All starts cleaning then Ritz says hey u all got punishment na that u need to do house hold work so u all do we girls r in room and after cleaning please bring juice ok na
All girls leave and boys mouth hangs down

No Precap

Guys should I change the track if yes then I will finish by tomorrow or else if I not change the track then it will end late as I am thinking as I am not entertaining u all but I am glad that my ff makes silent reader comment thank u all my silent readers and my commenting reader and u all must be knowing y I choosed deepika song

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    No dear it really a funny track……I laughed a lot yaar …..and how are my sissy ???

    1. Ohh it’s great that I made u laugh Nd I am fine only

  2. Awesome track sweetheart?It was so funny and made me laugh.. The deepika part and bhoot was too good! I like this track?? how are you now dear?? Btw I do have a whats app and I emailed you my number

    1. Ya I saw the message nd I am glad u liked it

  3. Fantastic sis … r u????

    1. Ya bro I am fine taking bed rest feeling better than before BTW how r u

  4. Awesome dear don’t change the track and don’t finish it early plc a very kind request and how r u

    1. Ok di I will not change the track and I am happy u liked it

  5. Hi my dear Tanvee how are you ? pls don’t end this track you have a great talent of making funny track let it be going your ff makes me cheer up I gets happier happier and more happier aftr read your ff ok bye my dear love you?

  6. Hi my dear Tanvee how are you ? pls don’t end this track you have a great talent of making funny track let it be going your ff makes me cheer up I gets happier happier and more happier aftr read your ff ok bye my dear love you??

    1. Thank u di and I am happy u liked it and di and I am fine

  7. Hy Tanvee,
    How is ur health dr. Ur ff makes me laugh. Ur are an amazing writer dr. Do continue

  8. Hy Tanvee,
    How is ur health dr. I m one of ur silent reader.Ur ff makes me laugh. Ur are an amazing writer dr. Do continue

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode tanvee kutty.I enjoyed it a lot and don’t end this track.

    1. I am happy u liked it and congratulations for ur good results and surely I will not end it and say how’s ur health

      1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Thank u dear…..I am fine…love u…

  10. Superb epi tanvee dr how is ur health now?

    1. Thank u dear now I am feeling better than before


    1. Thank you so much now I am taking bed rest and even I love u soooo much

  12. hiii tanvee..
    luving all ur chapters…this chapter was funny alot….i was just laughting while reading dont change the is superb…update soon dearie….

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