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Hi I am Back sorry for not updating yesterday went to movie sarbjit so after seeing that I got depressed as it was so emotional movie
Episode starts with faces of all the people every one opened there mouth
The woman face was revealed she was tara aunty( played by sweetie waliawho played the role of shikhar aunt in matsh hope u remember the fat lady)
Lucky: she is looking like pink ka dukan(shop)
Vaidh: my favourite colour is pin no no was pink after seeing her I hate pink
Rv:y is she in full pink in colour
Ishu : it’s her favourite colour
Baa:hey maadi re falguni see her dressing style disgusting
Tara: hey what’s up see I came
Laksh, shikhar and ranveer goes to her and touches her feet
Sharman:oh what they did now…
Dewarsh: now volcano will erupt
Tara:ohh God why u touched my feet I am of ur all age only so we should hug
She hugged everyone lashikhar cane to there place
Lucky:Ishu does she thinks her self as25 years
shikhar: our she thinks us as 50 years old
Parul:where is Bhai
Ishu:bechara still is in shock see him standing there like statue
Dewarsh:oye to be jiju come back
Rv was still in shock he was walking like a robot and he was walking straight and hits his head with a pillar and falls down unconscious
Everyone rushed there and circled him
Tara: oh let me check

Vaidh:maasi I am here I am doctor I can handle
She sprinkles water but no use then she checks him and said he need rest he is in shock he will soon wake up
Then an idea strikes in Ishu mind
She stands up takes a heavy breath and goes near window and shouts” arey ranveerrrrrr see sunny leone is in hot bikni doing shooting for her next film here see na”.
Listening to the word sunny leone in bikini Rv wakes up and rushed to window and not only he laksh shikhar simply all men rushed there all girls were shocked
Rv:oh God sunny I am ur big fan
Laksh&shikhar: even we too u look hot in bikini
Dewarsh:haa for u we can leave all our girl friend
Rv:uses I can also quit this wedding
Harshad; we just came to deal our contact
Dp:yes according to this u should dance for us
Ishu:sunny is not there sunny is here
All men in chorus: here
Then they saw all girls kaali maa avtar all were with jhadu, belan and what not
Ishu; now see sunny deol
Vaidh:what u said u look hot in bikini
Parul:I will leave my gf
Ishu;I will stop this wedding na now stop this
Ritika:sharman I did not think also that u like sunny leone
Now all men started running and girls were following them to beat them
Shikhar sits on couch and says that thank God I am bachelor no gf so no one will beat me
Ishu:I am there na fit beating u
She holds his neck playfully shikhar rushes from there
All young boys hide
Girls were waiting for them
Later all gather to hall

Boys got punishment( u all will come to know in next episode)
Listening to punishment every one were cursing them
Rv to change the topic said
Rv;Aunty u r so pretty but ur sis is total opposite of u
Harshad: ya when I saw her during fixing the date of marriage I was about to faint I thought I’d sis is like this what about my fiance but when they bought falguni down i was lost in her beauty
Falguni blushed
Ishu:maa looking like cute cherry
Then they saw Tara aunty in pink top with blue 3/4th jeans with pink ear ring and pink clips on hair all eyes widened
Tara:oh seeing ur world war na I went to freshen up
Ishu comes and hugs her
Tara:aww my Ishu looking pretty and who is that lucky boy who is taking u away from us
Rv stood up and went near her
Tara:oh handsome nice to meet u and winks to him shikhar laughs then she comes to him and says handsome 2 why laughing any joke u heard forward me then in what’s app ok na
Rv:ab has
Falguni:we all parents are going to laksh house as tomorrow we all r going to see a plot ok so all youngsters we will be back by 1 days ok na
Ishu:maa is leaving us with this maasi Vaidh now we r dead
screen freezes sad fave of ishani

Precap: some stupid masti

Hope you enjoy it I guess it’s funny

Credit to: Tanvee

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    Hii tanu dear this was fully funny episode I loved it a lot especially when Ranveer become unconscious and then Ishu says about sunny and all other men’s runs to see amazing yaar…….love it !!!

  2. This episode was too good sweetheart!! I was laughing soooo much! The sunny leone part was AMAZING! I love this episode!!!!!!

  3. Hi my dear Tanvee the episode was so so so good I enjoyed it very much it was so funny ? specially that part where rv gets shock and hits the pillar it was too funny. Now how are you dear and your health??

  4. This episode is awesome with loats of masti I enjoyed it a lot ?

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode tanvee kutty.I enjoyed it a lot.pls update next asap and ur coverpic was nice.

  6. hii dear…..
    I read your whole ff its amazing the story is fabulous dear amazing this episode was having lots of fun update soon the next part asap pls….take care and keep smiling……:-)

  7. Sooooo sry for late comment… but I loved the epi very much… u r an amazing writer…. it’s toooooo funny…. pls update next soon…. btw that …. take care of ur health kutty…. pls take care…. waiting for next update…

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