this feeling its known as love – 24

Hi hello everyone I am Back yes u all were right that I will not die really u all r great thanks for your blessing that today an impossible task was successful my operation is successful tomorrow I will get discharge and now as I said that if I am alive I will not allow you all to forget me
now God gas given me new life and now I am in full energy
episode starts with

Next day Rv picked Ishu to go with her for shopping
After completing the shopping both went inside the lift suddenly the lift struck Ishu started to panic
Ishu:ranveer what happened I am really getting scared
Saying this she hugged him
Rv:Ishu calm down dear I guess it’s some technical problem don’t worry

After 15 minutes
Ishu was feeling warm Rv saw that and started blowing air so that she could feel better
Ishu saw this and kept her head on his chest she was feeling full comfort
But Rv mind was on KISS
Rv: I want something that only u can give me but I know u won’t give me
Ishu: no dear I will give u every thing
Rv: acha then give me a sweet kiss
Ishu:ohhh u want this I won’t give
Ishu:thike yes
Rv:ya no
Saying this Rv widened his eyes and bit his tongue(I hope u remember in previous episode Rv play this prank )
Ishu(pinching his cheek): baby yesterday someone told that everything is fair in love and war(imitating Rv )
Rv: hmmm
She Saw Rv pout face she smiled and gave kiss on cheek Rv was happy and even he gave one kiss on cheek
Suddenly lift started and both happily reached Ishu house
There every one(adult) was saying to ISHVEER that after marriage also be friends love will also happen and etc. Stuffs and our couples were getting irritated

Then disha came and shikhar saw her horrified face and asked her what happened
Disha: shona read this letter
Ishu took the letter and shouted nahiiiiiiii
Lucky:kya Hua?????
Ishu:everyone listen I have an aunt actually she is my mom’s sister she is coming here her name is Tara
Baa:hey maadi re that chudail(witch) is coming satyanash falguni y u called her
Falguni: maa how ever she is she is my sister how could I even think of not calling her for my daughter marriage
Dp:par y u all So horrified
Ishu off the lights and take a torch and keeps down her chin and ons it and was about to start when shikhveer and lucky interuppted
Trio rushed to kitchen and bought Pepsi and popcorn
Ishu irked seeing this and said stupid I am not saying any horror stories

Lucky:ohhh I thought that u will tell a horror stories
Dp:useless shut up
Lucky(whispers):Hitler kahi ka
Ishu: so I will start she starts saying that how tara maasi will torcher other and how ugly she looks and how she walks and all what she has to her( eveything what Ishu was telling she was also doing action)
Later she ons the light and saw shikhar and Rv hugging each other due to fear
Ishu:what happened
Rv:ur actions is horrible
Shikhar:Better than this u could say a horror stories
Then they hear door bell rang
Chaitali: babhs I thinks ur moti sisters cames lets me opens the doors
Rv:horrible English she insulted English badly
Vaidh:chup Rv she will hear
Chaitali open the door there a lady enters and shouts what’s up guys
She is wearing a pink frock till knees she is very fat she have hair till shoulder and on hair a pink hair band is there her purse is pink her lips are pinks(lipstick) her hand bracelet is pink simply everything is pink
Her face is not shown
Screen freezes on shocked faces of all the people

Precap:girls are running behind boys with broom stick or with some kitchen items and boys are hiding themselves

Hope u enjoyed itNow funny track has started

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  1. YAY!!! I am soooooo happy that my sweetheart is fine!!! I was worried with how your operation went! I have to say you are sooo strong dear! And AMAZING episode sweetheart! The ishveer romance was cute and I am excited about the aunt part.. I loved it and cant wait for your next episode! ?????

  2. Marvelous sis……thank GOD u r safe…..GOD bless u sweetu

  3. Yehhh…. My I told you that everything will be fine ? now see you are alive and happy. The episode was amazing my dear and Tanvee I am very happy for you but still you have to take rest. May God bless you dear ?? ? ?

  4. Wow tanvee I’m extremely super happy that u r fine n back… love u. Today’s episode was soooo superb

  5. Yeahhhhhhh u r back I am happy that u r back and plz don’t strain your self plz

  6. rookey rookers

    oh dear . what i said is true . god helped u . nothing will happen to my sweet sissy . i love u dear . my sweet sis pls take rest and the epi is sweet like u . i am waiting for the next . its soo funny …

  7. we cant forget u ever u re more than anything just love um really,…………………

  8. Tanvee chellam you r back.I am very very happy. Thank god. And epi so cute

  9. Hai tanvee happy to hear tat u gonna b discharged soon. How is ur health now?
    Take care of ur health n hav ur medicines regularly dr.
    Take care

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