this feeling its known as love – 23


Ishu woke up at 4’o clock at morning she saw herself with Rv she smiles seeing him she kisses him on cheek then she tries to get up but Rv pulls her to face her she sees him awake
Rv:if the kiss is on lips then it will be more nice
Rv:BTW yesterday u slept on my shoulder due to this my shoulder is paining uff
Ishu:very funny now go back
At evening Rv family came to meet ishu family

Falguni requested Rv to go in Ishu room and also to go shopping with her
In ishu room..
Rv:hi u know today aunty gave me full permission to romance with you
Ishu:very funny
Rv:after marriage u need to follow some rules so here they r
1. Wake me up with morning kiss
2. While leaving for work give the come back soon kiss

3. After returning from work give me welcome back kiss
4. Before going to bed I need good night kiss
Ishu opened her mouth
Ishu:what is this in this rule only kiss is there
I won’t follow this
Rv; so mean of u ok at least give one kiss now
Rv:ok no
Ishu:exactly yes
Rv:see u said yes now don’t force me much I will give kiss
Ishu: it’s cheating

Rv:everything is fair in love and war
Saying this he pulled her closer her leaned forward to kiss her lips but kissed her cheek
Ishu:cheek I thought
Rv:u thought what
Ishu bit her tongue and said nothing
Rv hugged her and said that if she don’t want anything he would never force her
Ishu also hugged him
Amba:marriage date is fixed it is after a 2week
All: that great

Precap:romance at shopping mall

Sorry for short update actually let me tell my readers that I am suffering from brain tumour and today is my operation so I don’t know that I will live or die so before leaving this world I wanted to write my ff for one last time actually doctors r saying that 60% chance is there that I can slip to coma or die

And rest 40% chance is there that I can survive so I am scared thanks all my sister and brothers for increasing my confidence but still I am scared so bye don’t forget me but in the case if I survive then I will not allow you all to forget me

So last bye bye take care

Credit to: Tanvee

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  1. Don’t worry tanvee. Don’t think like that. Nothing will happen to u. We’ll definitely pray 4 u. See inshallah u will comment tomo also

  2. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    tanvee chlm are u alright i prayed for u just just now and u are alright na . love u dear . even god loves u dear . and pls refer naren ff dear just bef 2min i wrote it dear . really i the happiest person in this world to get u back . dear nothing will happen to u . i am always with u….pls com. back dear . pls waiting for ur reply . tears r rolling ftom my eyes when i saw ur ff

  3. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    tanvee dont sct like a crazy girl . k . u will be alright and its not ur last bye or ff etc rubbish …. dont hurt atleadt our feeling . k . u will come back very soonnnn.i have hope on god . he will help u .

  4. Dr pls pls comeback soon..i miss u soooo much.dnt say like tis nothing ll happen to u.god bless u dr.god never leave good people.i ove u too.ur words make me crying pls comeback soon dr

  5. May God save you from any burden tanvee dear

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode my tanvee kutty.I know nothing will happen to u.hope ur operation is success and will come back more energetic.we all r waiting for u.god bless u.

  7. I miss you my sweetheart!!! Pls come back! I know you are strong and are going to come back and make me smile.. I am still praying to God and I know that he will make sure you get better! I will never forget you because you are one of the sweetest girls I ever got to talk to.. I believe I am blessed to have a sweet little sister like you! I cried so much when I read your earlier comments.. Please do not lose faith.. You will be fine.. Nothing will happen to my sweetheart!!! I love you so much dear❤️?❤️

  8. Tanvee dear nothing will happen to you. Plz come with ur full energy. I am praying for dear.

  9. Dnt wry tanvee nothing will happen to u everything will be ok. Take care of ur health n come back soon

  10. plz don’t say like this tanvee.I know u will be surely alright.

  11. Fabulous ff sis…….by the way how is ur health sissy???? Get well soon …….pls take care of urself

  12. No my dear Tanvee nothing will happen to you your operation will be successful don’t lose hope my dear? you are very strong girl may God bless you ????


    Hii tanu. ….sorry for the late comment…..I thought I’ve commented… so sorry……and soo romantic episode…….loved it !!!!….

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