this feeling its known as love – 21


Thanks everyone for your support I am happy all the silent readers are starting to comment on this ff today my hand is ok so I am typing and Prince bro naina is not a villain I just introduced her as to make ISHVEER jealous….
After long drive…
Ishu enters her room then Rv comes from back
Ishu: yahan kyun aaye¿? Go stay with naina goooo hmmm
Rv: Ishu dear listen once
Ishu:no I won’t listen due u have a problem hmmm
Rv:hmmm go if u won’t talk to me then I will be like a dead body a lifeless body u r my soul without you I am a soulless body u r my everything because meri aashiqui sirf tumse
Listening this our ishu hugged him tightly and cried and said sorry
Rv:no sorry I need kiss
Ishu:ooh again u started
Then they hear a clapping sound they were shocked to see naina
Naina: if you love each other then reveal na
Ishu:no not now
Naina:hmm ok so I just wanna say u am leaving tomorrow to Delhi
Naina leave and Rv bolts the door
Ishu:hey what…
Rv:what I am just going to romance with u
Ishu:no see I am a lawyer I will file a case on u
Rv: what will u file that I can’t romance with my to be haa
Ishu :Rv c’mon leave me
Saying this she pushed him out of room
Rv:jiddi ladki

Next day…..
Rv woke up and silently enters Ishu room she was packing the bag he goes and hugs from back and keeps his chin on her shoulder
Ishu:koi aa jayega
Rv:no no I have closed the door
Saying this he made her face her and leaned forward to kiss her and but ishu turns her head
Rv was all about to kiss her but someone knocked the door
Later every one boarded the train to leave for Mumbai

At Mumbai after two days
Ishu was in her cabin getting ready for a case when her mom falguni called her and told her to come home
After completing the work Ishu went home were falguni told her that groom family is coming to see her
This left Ishu in shock
Over there amba said to Rv that they have selected a bride for her this left him shocked
Screen splits on shocked faces of ISHVEER

Hope u liked it and dhruva di seriously I am in sixth class…
I hope telly updates write my title correctly still I am writing here this feeling is known as love hope you remember it

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. Really superb dr..and me too wondered u r just 6th standard.oh great keep gng

  2. Ur pic is awesome i just love it

    1. Ya sathya dii cover pic is nice.

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  4. Arey my sweetheart!! I loved this episode soooo much! It was cute and I can’t wait to see what happens next.. But I am thinking that Ishveer will get together and somehow everyone will know that they love each other… Amazing episode darling… You are such an awesome writer!!

  5. Really super. Hope ranveer will b ishu’s groom

  6. Superb episode tanvee dear. & how r u dr ?

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  7. Tanvee dear the episode was amazing I loved it pls update the next soon ?

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode tanvee kutty.pls update next.

  9. Tanvee dear fantastic epi. And cover pic super

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