this feeling its known as love – 20

Rv was in room he was very sleepy when suddenly his room lights gets of and a girl enters and music starts…
The girls comes inside and mouths
Give me give me love n give me more
Thoda sa mujhse love le bhi aao
My lover give you dounce and I feelin’ low
Again and again and again
What’s danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down
What danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down
The girl face is shown she is ishani she pushes rv and he fall on chair
Aaj dikhade mujhe love karke
Oh baby baahon mein bharke
Oh jo bhi sohca sapnon mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke (x2)

***Ishu gets intimate and dances intimately around RV****
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya huaa jisam jagaa (x2)
**** she sits on rv’s lap and kissed him on cheek***
That reason that I can not love no other
Tera pyaar
This life I’m gonna live it longer
Tera pyaar
I made a spell girl, I’m down under
Tera pyaar
I keep coming for more n more n more (x2)
Kaali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch mujhko kuch meri saanson ko huaa
Kaali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch tezz asar lazy saanson ko huaa
*** now RV gets up even he dancers with ishu intimately****
Tu ishq mera, tu ishq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera

Soya huaa jism jagaa (x2)

Sardi mein garmi hai
Poori besharmi hai
Jaanam jaayaz jo
Humne woh
Ghalati ki hai (x2)
***rv pulls ishu closer and was about to kiss when ishu pushes him and mouths***
Please dikhade tu gazab karke
Labon ke paas lab karke
Socha hai jo bhi sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke

Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tuhi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jisam jaga (x2)
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Soya huaa jisam jagaa…
Ishu pulls RV from collar and pushed him on bed she was on top and then she hugged him even he hugged her back??
Later ishu felt that he is not responding so she got up and saw that he slept??
Ishu went to her room and thinks thank God?he slept or else what would happen
Next morning…
Rv went to ishu room
Ishu- hmmm Good morning

Rv- bad morning
Ishu- kya hua Mr. Rv
Rv- yesterday you cheated me no kiss?
Ishu- shut up itna romantic tha kal that was not enough
Rv- only kiss was not there that I will take now??
Ishu- shut up mom is calling me bye
Rv- I will take it doing worry
Falguni- ishu actually Na I bought this gift for my friend but today we r going for meeting so could you give this to her I have given address to RV go with him
Ishu- maa RV kyun?? Bhai hai Na
Falguni- only u nd rb are at home
Ishu- y???
Falguni- because all went for shopping
Ishu- even I
Falguni- hmmmm chalo go
Rv- ishu chalein
Ishveer finished there work and head to leave
Boy – her shona how r u
Ishu- hey ritvik nice to meet you after such a long time
Rit- yaa who is he
Ishu- shit let me introduce you ritvik meet RV my bestie and RV meet my…
Rit- bf
Rv- bf????
Rit- haa best friend
Rv- oho best friend
Ishvik were talking this made RV jealous
Rv- chalein
Ishu- haa bye
At home they entered and saw lucky, shikar and vaidh
Ishu- hey u all are back were are ritman and dewral and elders
Shikar- in some meeting

All were talking when a girl enter she
Girl- hi RV
Rv- ahh..hi…hi nai….na… Hi naina you here
Ishu- ( lakshikar) who is she
Shikar- chipkali
Lucky- haa she is a ikchadhari chipkali
Ishkar- kya????
Lucky- haa jaise there is ikchadhari naagin in same way ikchadhari chipkali
Vaidh- oho keep quiet
Ishu- does RV love her
Shikar- no no naina love him
Rv- ishu khana bana do

Ishu- I am not ur servent Mr.vaghela
Rv- miss parekh for this work you will get a silk chocolate
Ishu- really OK done
Lucky- hi naina come sit
Naina sits RV gets a call and he goes somewhere
Shikar- naina come we will show you whole house
They left RV came and saw that was alone in the kitchen
Ishu- I won’t talk to you go be with her
Rv- it’s nothing like that
Ishu- shut up and get lost
Rv- ishani listen
Ishu was stretching her hand to the top self to take out a jar rb saw that and he went near her to help but by mistakenly ishu dropped the jar on RV and whole flour was on RV
Ishu- ohh Teri I am sorry see I all call me whitey but see today u r looking much fairer than me hahahahaha
Rv saw her laughing even he felt happy
Rv was getting irritation in eye ishu saw this and blowed air in his eyes naina saw this and fumes

Ishu- RV go get fresh
Rv- maaf kiya
Ishu- no
Rv- so I won’t go
Ishu- if u won’t then I will hit u with this belan
Rv- OK I am going
Vaidh comes
Vaidh- sorry for coming late come I will help u
Ishu- OK I will clean the floor

Precap- jealousy but whose…

Rv or ishani or naina or someone else…
Guess and answer
Bye guys hope u liked it

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  1. This is an AWESOME episode Tanvee.. Today I am speechless with your episode.. You are amazing love.. Eagerly waiting.. And tbh I want both ishani and ranveer to be jealous because they both are very cute when jealous..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    sooo super tanvee dear . i think that ans is rv . i think …. if not dont scold me ….

  3. it was fantastic episode .
    I think someone else will be jelous

  4. ooooooo noo …..waiting for ISHVEER romance

  5. Wow… suuuperb epi…. ur writing skill is amazing… I think it’s ranveer jealous… it’s my guess… sry if it’s wrong dear… but amazing job…

  6. todays epi war vry nyc i like it vry much luv ur ff tanvee


    Sorry Tanu dear I was little busy so I just commented in Narendran ff and avanti’s so so sorry yaar…….pls forgive me…..but your ff is just marvelous yaar…… cute yaar I just imagine the scene of kitchen it was romantic…..cute…..and lovely yaar……fantastic

  8. Dear Tanvee you are doing a amazing job the episode was fabulous I think it would be Naina who become jealous by seeing the closeness of ishveer

  9. Awsomeeee, waiting for next update ??

  10. Cute epi. I think its naina jealous, but I want rv jealousy dear

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