this feeling its known as love – 2


Ranveer was smiling thinking about the past and was disturbed by ritika.
Ritz: hmmmm childhood friend ok then why are you blushing ah say na doston se kya chupana.
Laksh: ladki hogi isiliye toh blush kar raha hai( she must be a girl)
Shikhar in teasing tone sings a song
Now Rv was irked and shouts okay I am saying.

Rv: my friend was a girl and her name was ishani and shows her photos.
Laksh and shikhar: do pretty like her name.
Rv: actually for me it was love at first sight but I never revealed but when I thought to confess my feelings but then my pa replied we are leaving Delhi and will go to New York for 4years (that time the Rv was in 10 and ishu in 8th ) due to this I totally became depressed and sadly said the news to ishu she was sad about to cry but controlled herself and said I want to smile and say goodbye and we got separated and after one year I guess they also left Delhi actually we don’t have there contact so 4years I have not seen her I have no idea how beautiful she would be now.

Laksh and shikhar:ohooo we don’t care girl is girl and we will still flirt with her
Rv gave angry look and laksh and shikhar made pout and ritzz laughed and said guys let’s go to park.(Guys I just want to say that parekh family shifted to Mumbai and even vaghela shifted here unknowingly)

So in park both Rv and ishu are there
Ishu: vaidhu I want dark chocolate
Vaidhu: hey I am not your servant.I am your bf.
Ishu makes pout and said innocently please dear …
Vaidhu: ok now sit here I will bring it.
Ishu hugs and said thanks yar you are my bestie.
Vaidhu:chal hat drama queen.
Ishu shows her teeth and said eeeeeeeeeee
Ishani saw two kids one girl one boy and were fighting for choosing which game to play and ishu went to flashback….
Ishu was(6years old) and was 9years old.
Ishu was telling Rv to buy her a ice cream
Rv: no no no no ice cream you have cold.
Ishu: and started crying (fake) and said you don’t care for me God such a stupid friend you gave me ahannnnnn.
Rv was enjoying her cute drama and said ok I will get stop your drama….drama queen.
Ishu smile.
Flashback ends…..

Scene shifts to Rv group laksh and scholar were finding beautiful girls and ritika went to buy some food stuff.
Rv was seeing a couple girl was giving all her shopping bags to the boy. And Rv goes to flashback…..
Ishu, Rv, parul, dewarsh were discussing to go somewhere ishu and parul says shoppinggg
Dewarsh was noticing parul and said yes and Rv murmured to himself that gone going for shopping with girls now we should become a coolie huh…
In shopping mall dewaral went to one side
And ISHVEER one side ishani bought some dress and smiles at Rv he understood and forwards his hand and took the covers they completed the shopping and came out of the mall ishu sees goons teasing a girl she went there Rv got tensed but shocked seeing the scene ishu used her karate skill and saved the girl and saw Rv open mouth she closed it and said mosquitoes will enter…..
Rv smiled at her and my karate master my shonna ishu: what whispering.
Rv: nothing madam coolie’s hand are paining can we go home ishu nods
Fb ends……
Ritz, lucky and shikhar came and gave him juice to drink
When both Rv and ishu came out they felt something strange but avoided it….
Now let us see will they unite our not….

Precap: ishu and vaidhu entering the college and Rv feeling restless.

Credit to: tanvee

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