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Hello I am back thank you all my silent reader and I am glad many silent reader are commenting thank you and if there’s any suggestions u r most welcome don’t just praise me I need true comments I was shocked reading all your comments for my one shot many bashed me many gave me death warning i never told to not give negative comments I just told that comment on story not the writers character Iyou all are free to give both positive and negative comments but never bash any writer all the writers know how difficult it is to write the ff I know how I felt writing the one shot this ff is taking my1 hour but I feel happy to keep u allhappy. And I am ending this soon as I don’t know how to drag and in fact there is no villain also as I hate villain so let’s start and ya please don’t butter me I need suggestions from ur heart I hope you are liking it…

Ishu felt pairs of lips on hers
She was damn shocked but soon she also started to go in the flow but there sweet kiss was disturb by a phone call
Rv- btw I will complete my kiss
Ishu- never
Rv- dekhte hai bye have sweet dreams
Ishu- good night
Next morning…
Shikar- good morning RV chal uth
Rv- no I need kiss first
Ishu- kiss shikar kiss him
Shikar- what are u telling
Rv- chalo ishu I need kiss
Shikar- shit
Ishu- ( acting ) kya kaha isne???
Shikar- u know Na he only dreams about girls hogi koi
Ishu- oho

Then ishu dog ( German Shepherd) comes
Ishu- aww my fluffy kya hua wanna come to me come she takes fluffy in her arm
Shikar- hey fluffy come to me oh sorry bagal mein toh beauty hai Na
Ishu- shikar shut up
Rv- I am waiting for kiss give Na
Ishu gets a naughty idea she shares it with shikar
Ishu keeps fluffy near RV cheek and made it kiss him and shikar took a photo
Ishkar control there laughter
Rv- no I need a kiss on lips
Ishu changes her voice and says first open it eyes then I will give RV opened his eye he saw a blur image then it became clear and was shocked to see fluffy and shouted
Aaaaa bachaoooo
Ishkar laughed like hell
Rv- what is it doing here
Ishu- u needed kiss so fluffy gave it hahahaha
Shikar- here is the proof in the photo
Rv- u 2
Ishu- chalo get ready or else…
Rv- OK I am going

At dining table
All were giggling
Rv- hmmm kya hua has kyun rahe hai aap sab
Dp- bache morning kiss kiss tha
Lucky- fluffy ka kiss kaisa laga
Rv- ishu u
Ishu- arey I just wanted to show my talent
Rv was embarrassed he didn’t ate the break fast and went terrace
Falguni- see due to u he did not eat
Ishu- OK ma I am going to give his food and tell him sorry

At terrace
Rv saw ishu
Ishu- RV come eat
Rv- no
Ishu- sorry I just wanted to tease u I don’t have that right also hmm
Rv- awww my drama queen only u have right but I will not eat alone I am going to eat with everyone and ur punishment is to listen to my order
Ishu nodded like good girl
After breakfast all went to visit some place
In bus
Ishu- boring let play something or let me crack a joke
All- nooooooooo
Ishu- please OK u all do whatever you want
Suddenly bus stopped
Sharman- dadda kya hua
Driver- let me check
( all elders were in one bus and youngsters in one)
All came down suddenly everyone heard a girls voice bachaoooo
All saw some goons teasing a girl all boys went to save her but we’re stopped by ishu she went there and fought with them
Rv- kya ladki hai
Ishu- I am not filmy girls should also be strong y every time boys if someone comes near me and tease me main uske pair tod kar hath par rakh dungi
Lucky- ohh so i u r dabang ladki
Ishu- very funny
After some time they all reached there destination
Ishu was walking when one hand pulled her
Ishu- what r u doing
Rv- I said I want a complete kiss today chalo give
Ishu- RV every one is here so no Later pakka
Rv- tk
All went to a temple there was so much of rush ishveer were so close suddenly someone pushed RV and ishveer lips touched
Ishu was now shy she ran from there
All reached home
Ishu went to her room when someone comes from back hugged her and kissed her nape
Rv- so I need my kiss
Ishu- not now u need to wait when everyone sleeps I will only come to ur room now leave
Rv went happily
Ishu- now see my new roop and smiles naughtily

Precap- fun, masti romance

Hope you liked.

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. It’s awsm dear…. really.. in this age u have sooo much talent…. I loved it… speechless epi….

  2. oooooooo sooooo naughty ff sissy……marveloustic

  3. Hey dear Tanvee the episode was sooo sweet and funny also you are doing a good job keep it up

  4. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    i am sooooooooooo sry dear if i hurted u in the 1st ff , actually it is somewhat neg. it hurted us . so only dear . and we r somewhat angry on tanvee due to her com. which we later knows that , it is not u ….. soooooooooooooooooooo sry chlm , and so sweet of u to teach me telugu chlm love u …… pls pls pls ……. dont end this .
    idea for draging – intro a villian like chirag and make a cute misunderstanding bt ishveer and unite them , like matsh 1st part . pls dear its my resq………

  5. Superb episode Tanvee.. You are amazing.. I am sad that you are ending the ff but I understand.. Pls write another one tho sis.. You are an awesome writer!

  6. Awesome dear…don’t end the ff ya….

  7. I already requested u not to end this ff dear. We don’t want to lose such a wonderful ff sis. Don’t think I’m just praising u,I felt this from my heart. As our favourite show matsh ended I’m very much disappointed, but u guys ff gave me a great relief. And this is one of my favourite ff sis. Today’s episode is so nice my dear sis.

  8. tanvee ur ff is superb there is nthng lyk that on which we should give a negative cmmnt and pls continue ur ff its mind blowing

  9. wow it was fabulous !
    ishveer romance , waiting for next epi..

    1. In top of this page… there is menu…. open that… open option submit the article… there u can update it…..

    2. Eagerly waiting for ur ff….

  10. I want to publish new ff but I don’t know how to do so
    plz can anyone explain it plz plz
    u all will like my ff .

  11. Fabulous episode.pls continue ur ff nd don’t stop it

  12. Show some cute jealousy track like rv flirts with girls on purpose to make ishani jealous.

  13. Nice episode tanvee .

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