this feeling its known as love – 18


Hi you sweetie is back sorry all ff writers actually I am a bit busy so was unable to comment and amritha di I only learnt one word in Telugu i.e, ne petenti- what is your name iguess spelling is correct and ya for sit they will say kucho ri8 and thanks everyone for support and special thanks to silent reader….

Ishu was thinking of some plan when someone comes
Ishu goes and opens the door and sees her friend nimisha with her fiancée nitesh (
some character)
Ishu- hi nimu sahi time pe entry maari
Ishu(in whishper) said whole drama
Nim- reveal Na that u love RV
Ishu- nono not now arey come Na help Na
Nitesh- nimi chal Na I am ur fiance only Na
Nim- OK
Baa- ishani kaun hai
Ishu- saviour
Baa- kya
Ishu- MATLAB dost come Na
Nim- hi guy what’s up y all are standing
Ishu- voh Na darasal..
Lucky- whitey y r u revealing inside matter
Ishu- oh come on she is also our family and tells her everything
Nim- ( acting ) voh toh nitesh had thrown on me morning when we came here
All couples- kya and we thought our pyar throwed on me
Baa- kya hey maadi re
Every one becomes shy rushed to there room
Nitesh- I am sorry baa-
Baa- chalo jao njoy ur life nothing happens ishani go in ur room
Ishani- hi baa- I bid them bye
Baa- leaves

Nim- see we took ur blame what will we get
Ishu- a big surprise on ur engagement
Nitesh- hmmm we will wait for it
Ishu was about to leave when she saw every one ( except RV, baa-, shikar, disha, pratik)
Lucky- how much I know morning only nimisha came not nitesh then how nitesh threw the paper
Ishu- I know that actually I wanted to save all of you from baa- so I need to do this
All- OK
Ishu- I suppose u all need to say me something
Lucky- haan
Ishu- what???
Lucky- you should think of something better idea OK no problem next time
Ishu stamps on his foot and said this is better
Lucky- OK OK ouch leave my leg we will say thank you
Ishu- better so good night
Ishu can’t to her room when a voice come
Ishu- RV how’s my idea
Rv- not bad so smart btw all are so obidient but u no
Ishu- y???
Rv- what I wrote in paper was u are looking so hot today I want to make the night special so meet me after dinner at Hall but you did not meet me but whole family name
Ishu started hitting him with pillow when RV suddenly pushed her on bed and even he jumps on her
Ishu- what…
Before she could complete she felt pairs of lips on hers
Screen freezes on our love birds

Precap- romance romance what else

I hope you liked it soon my ff is coming to end as it’s a short story but I will be back with one more ff

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. sooooo nice epi sissy……update next epi

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  6. Hi Tanvee dear the episode was sooo nice I really like it pls continue your ff

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    So superb episode tanvee kutty.eagerly waiting for next.

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    but many of u have stopped my request is to all those have stopped updating plz continue. …

  11. Sumaiya Sumi

    Ur ff was awesome but pls do subtitles in English too bcs I can’t understand hindi

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    shadhika lover u r most welcomed . tanvee chlm sooo sweet of u chlm . love u …. but now i am angry on u , pls dont end this chlm …

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