this feeling its known as love – 17

hi guys i am sorry for late update actually yesterday i went to see baaghi film and i think i did not informed you all that one week before we got transfer from Coimbatore to visakhapatnam so now i am in vizag and its such a safe and nice place and guys can i know how many are in vizag and you know i am learning telugu it is such a difficult language to learn okay let me stop my bak bak so lets start………
ishani, rv and shikhar shouts bhooooot

voice: shut up its me
trio: ohhh its you pratik
pratik: btw why is here so much of rush i was nicely eating my sandwich with chocolate milkshake
ishu: but just one hours ago we had our dinner so how you became hungry so quickly
pratik: ishani one hour is equal to 60minutes and…
ishu: ok ok i accept my defeat sorry
shikhar: let us come and check the main switch board

all the four people leave
shikveer tries to be an electrician but all in vain
ishu: o hello stupids from past 30 mins you are trying but why isn’t current coming
rv: just give us two mins
at last current comes they all went back to hall and were shocked to see all the couples
baa: hey maadi re yeh sab kya hai tum sab yahan kya kar rahe ho
sharman: baa actually na voh darasal…
lucky cuts his word and said: baa voh we were playing hide and seek
ishu: in dark anyone plays hide and seek

lucky : you need to open your mouth now
isu: why????
baa: her doubt is clear tell what the hell are you all doing here tell me
in every one mind only one doubt was there that why all couples are here
then disha comes ( actually was a bit busy so she just now came)
disha: hey guys i am here hi rv , shikhar, lucky and namestey all my elders
vaidh: even we are here
disha: oh ya hi ishani and vaidhika btw why you all are standing here
baa: tu jaa apne kamre mein i am talking to them
disha leaves

baa: hmmm tell why are you all here
lucky (in low tone): why god my father hitler was not enough that you send this lady hitler please hitler dadi leave us
baa: laksh say loudly and can i know who wrote in the paper that ……. ( i will not reveal it now)
all looked tensed ishani looked at rv and rv was hiding his eye contact from her
baa( in shouting voice): say or else..
now all the couples took each other name ishveer were shocked as how all of them know about it
shikhar: guys i also read that and thought that was written by lucky but all…. i am confused
ishani( to escape from here): rv, pratik and shikhar chalo yahan se nikalte hai or else phasenge
all left to there respective room but rv came to ishu room
ishu: see what the hell you did see

rv: i didnt knew that… wait second i told you to throw the paper wherever you want i guess how in chennai express had happened na in same way here also has happened
ishu: who told you to be srk haa
rv: ishu
ishu: dont talk to me go to your room and think about some idea to save all the couples get lost
rv: how mean
ishu: what ????
rv: nothing
at hall all were fighting that who threw the paper on them
baa was frustrated screen freezes on baa angry face

precap: secret revealed

guys so did you liked it actually i just wanna say that i am huge fan of deepika padukone i just love her and i love all her film like bajirao mastani, piku, happy new year, chennai express, yeh jawani hai deewani, om shanti om, cocktail etc. and this paper throwing part i am inspired from
chennai express i just shared my likes

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  1. Fantastical story sis…..update next

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode tanvee kutty and while reading that paper throwing part me also think that Chennai express film part.

  3. Hi,tanvee its very nice.specially lady hitler.after reading that i am continuously too good.

  4. Superb episode tanvee dear . ur writing skill is so nice. Hide & seek that was so amazing scene dr.
    & u know we play hide & seek in dark & it is more interesting than in light.

    1. & dear ur cover pic is so nice.

  5. Hey Tanvee! You did superb! Awesome episode! I loved the Chennai Express bit! I also love Deepika Padukone and SRK! Update soon!

  6. Such a cuuuuute epi sissy… did a great job…. waiting for next epi….??

  7. Soooo cute episode dear pls update the next soon ? and ya also love that letter passing part of Chennai express

  8. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    hi tanvee chlm . actually this idear was copied from arunachalam rajinikanth movie …..
    and i am great fan of superstar too…. how r u chlm . and if u learnt telugu pls teach me too , i love to learn that

  9. Astonishing bout. Nice one.
    If u make swalak ( swara & laksh ) pair. Then it seems magnificent.

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