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Hello my family how are you all today I am very happy as from today our vacation started but they have lots of home work guys now I will complete reading my favourite novel Percy and arham sissy I am praying for you only take care of your health I can’t see my sister in pain please take care and priya didi I was feeling so proud after reading your comment neelam di, reena di, dhruva di, sana di, Prince bro, amritha di, payal di, mariya di, juliana di, shalini di, ankita di, shruti di, meera di and all the silent readers thanks to all of you for supporting me and I am sorry if I missed out anyone’s name

So let’s start….
Ishu, Rv, pratik and shikhar came to visit the place
To make Rv jealous our shikhar was continuously talking with Ishu
Rv pov start…
Oh God from when we came here this idiot is sticking with Ishu this is making me uncontrollable I am trying to control myself but I can’t understand what will he get making me jealous. But whenever I see ishu with any other boy I automatically become jealous what to do I love her so much but that girl is not even noticing me
Rv pov ends…
Shikhar:oye Rv thinking about me na
Rv:yes shikhar what to do you are looking do hot I can’t control myself
Shikhar:chiiii how could you become do characterless
Rv: you are taking my Ishu away so what to do I am helpless I thought to flirt with you
And then Rv hugs shikhar and then punched him at his back
Rv: now you will have from me

At farm house
Ishu:guys still there cheek are like strawberry
Prateek; hmmmm
During dinner time
All the wives were seeing there husbands and all the young girls were seeing there hot boys(guys only shikhar don’t have pair for him I will think later)
Shikhar hits Rv on shoulder
Shikhar:kuch toh gadbad hai
Rv:hmmm it’s looking like they are doing romance with eyelock
Baa:aham aham please eat don’t see each others face

After dinner
In ishu room
Ishu was brushing her hair when Rv comes her room and hugs her from back and keeps his chin in her shoulder
Rv: ishani
Rv:I want romance but you are so unromantic why so
Ishu:oh God stop your romace nama
Rv:I won’t then Rv kisses her cheek and leaned to kiss her lips when current goes
Rv:oh shit
And he goes out to bring candles Ishu was getting restless she takes get phone and on the flashlight

While walking her mobile battery gets dead
And she dashes to some one both fall down and shouts aaaaaa bhoottttt
Then both recognises there voice
Ishu:shikhar you
shikhar; yes it’s Ishu
And then one more guy comes and falls on shikhar
Ishu:aaaa bhooot
Rv:bhooot were
Trio gets up and heads to leave downstairs

Parul enters to hall from back dewarsh comes and touched her hand she shivers and runs away
Then ap comes and dp blows air in her air and she gets scared and dp laughs then laksh comes from back and tells in dp eardarat your death is waiting for you hearing this dp runs away and lucky laughs and says Hitler dar gaya
And then Vaidh comes near him and says I am not fake I am real
Then Ishu and Rv and shikhar comes down they were confused why there was so much rush and then trio shouts aaaaaa bhootttttt


So guys tell me why trio shouted any guessssss and about what was written in paper I will not reveal it so easily you all need to give me dairy milk bubbly ….just kidding I will reveal it soon

Credit to: Tanvee

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    1. & thanx for including my name dear.

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    Awesome episode tanvee kutty..very funny….eagerly waiting for next.

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Laksh is so swaragini I only like laksh and only watch his part.
      And thanks for mentioning my name also.

  9. Superb epi. Its full of fun. Thanks for including my name dear

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