this feeling its known as love – 15 (vacation)


I am glad you liked my previous episode do here’s the next…..
Ishu woke up and saw her position she saw Rv angrily but his cute smile melted her heart
At Ishu home every one was present
Rv family, laksh family,shikhar family, Ritz family and ishu family (In lucky family there is ap and dp and Vaidh is orphanage so parekh has adopted her and in Ritz family sanjeev zaveri and janki zaveri is there both are her parents and shikhar family I am not adding krisha)
Rv:uncle achanak kyun bulaya
Harshad:voh we are planning to go for a vacation in shimla you know garmi kitni badh gayi hai
Lucky: haa uncle and your daughter is increasing the hotness dp stares him laksh murmurs hitler would be better than him hmmm
then ishu comes from stairs every one looks her
Shikhar:uncle her entry is every time with book
Vaidh:shikhar I told u na she love books
Prateek comes near Ishu and took away the book and tells about the vacation and she gets exited and hugs baa and then realises what she did then baa smiles and hugs her back all smiles seeing the scene

After one week all were getting ready for vacation they all were going in train (as the fun in train is not there in plane am I right friends I love train)
In train it was 2 tier all the parents were in one area and all youngsters in one area
Ritz:guys what to do
Ishu: let me crack a joke
Everyone: nooooo never
Shikhar:excuse me I remember your honey singh wala joke
Vaidh:gandhiji wala joke
Rv: and all are yieeeeu
Lucky: so let’s play truth and dare
Dewarsh: but there is no bottle
Ishu: don’t worry ask prateek that motu will pakka have some bottle like of Pepsi
Pratik: yes Ishu I have
They start the game first it points lucky
Shikhar:I will ask so lucky how many gf’s you have our had
Lucky:voh one second let me count
Rv:guys see itni saari hai ki he can’t count also lucky stop counting as you are weak in maths all laughed
Lucky:stop laughing
Ritz:lucky laughter is the best medicine do guys laugh
Again bottle spin and it pointed Ishu all saw that the girl was again romancing with book so they left her as they knew she will scold them they again spin the bottle now it pointed shikhar
Rv:truth or dare

dewarsh:hmmmm go and flirt with that girl who is sitting next to baa
All knows he can’t do that but our shikhar did it some out the other way and all touched his feet
Next day every one reached the farm house
All went into there respective room but Rv
went in Ishu room
Ishu :r u insane yahan kyun aaye
Rv: to romance with you
Ishu : shut up and leave me romance later
Ishu:jab koi nahi utha hoga
Rv:ahhan raat ka romance nice shona
Ishu comes out from bathroom and changes into a pink anarkali with wet hair
She comes down

Rv saw her gets into romantic mood
He tears a paper from a book and write something and throws it to ishani she picks it gets shocked to read that Rv winks to her Ishu angrily crumbled the paper and
throws it, it hitted laksh he picked it and gets shocked to read it here sees vaidhika she turns and sees laksh seeing her lucky
get happy he throws that paper it went
near Ritz she too reads it and thinks about sharman she was called by janki so she throws the paper and it went near dp he
picks it and thinks ap has become naughty
then he sees lucky coming towards him do he throws that and it went near dewarsh he too gets shocked then sees parul smiling
at him like this every couple sees the
paper and thinks that there love had written that at last it falls near shikhar he picks and thinks ye kya hai pakka laksh ne
kiya hoga idiot he threw the paper it went
near baa she thinks:shameless couple but over here many are there I will find it hmmm and throws the paper in Dustbin

After sometime ishkarveer comes down to hall(the hall wall was in pink in colour)
Shikhar:hey today it’s pink day
Rv:haa see every one cheek are also pink
Ishu:chup raho I am thinking why are they blushing
Prateek:even I am thinking about that only today no one will come to visit the place which we planned yesterday
Rv: don’t worry we are here na let’s go


What was written in the paper?
Why all were blushing?
Think and answer waiting for it

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. Tanvee the episode was amazing it’s soo nice eagerly waiting for the next & ya the whole packeg of masti can be found in travelling in train not in the plane so I liked that part

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode tanvee dr.I am super excited to know what written in the paper.eagerly waiting for ur next update.

  3. Tanu dear after so many days I’m commenting you know your all episodes are superb and todays paper throwing drama was really funny now I’m thinking what’s written in that paper….really loved it…..and yaa dear me too loved train ride soo much…….I always prefer to that only…..and sorry but I can’t answer cause I know what you’ll make that’s only gonna best dear…….lots of love dear……

  4. Wow…. suuuper epi dear….. and the masti is wow…. pls update soon

  5. Awesome….dear the episode was really nice…and the paper scene remembered me a Muthu’s tamil…really waiting for next update…

  6. Fantastic Tanvee!! This was a great episode! I cant wait for next one! You are amazing!!

  7. Superb episode tanvee dr & waiting for next.

  8. hii tanvee choti…now a dayzz i’m not reading anyone of’s ff..sry for not commntng dr..izm too weak dr..but i luv u dr…hw r u my cutie sissy..really miss u all

    1. I am fine sissy just take care of your health

  9. thanks tanvee for encouraging me to write comments

    1. I am not encouraging you you all didi’s are encouraging me I am just 6th class student I don’t knew that you all would love my imagination thanks for your all sweet comments you don’t I was so so so happy reading your comment comment like yours make a writer proud thanks and btw I love your name

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