this feeling its known as love – 14


Hello guys I am Back so let’s start…..
In morning Ritz come to wake all the boys she saw shikhar was already woken
Ritz:ohhh shikhar you woke up then wake the other two monkeys too
Shikhar:excuse me if I don’t believe in love it doesn’t mean I will disturb two love birds
Shikhar:see Rv and lucky dono looks like laila and majnu see how they are hugging and sleeping
Ritz:ohho shikhar idiot
Later every one leaves parekh mansion and then parekhs reached home

At shikhar home
Shikhar: at today’s party my partner will be ishani sorry Rv you know na I love irritating people
(Guys I just want to tell you all that no one knows about this fact that Rv and ishu are in love and then about there date so all of them think that Rv still didn’t propose Ishu as Ishu and Rv wanna give them surprise)
At evening
Ishu gets ready in a white trumpet gown and then she enters the party
Rv and shikhar were waiting for her when they saw her shikhar to Rv:Rv see there a butterfly and Rv sees were shikhar points and till then went to ishu and request her
for become her partner and then shikhar winks at Rv
And Ishu saw Rv and give a naughty smile and says sure shikhar
Over there ishkar were dancing and thinking
Shikhar pov…
Ohoo I know I did a great thing I just
wanted to see how people look when they
are jealous now see my Rv is burning hahaha I love to irritate a lover nice shikhar very cool
Pov ends

Ishani pov…
I am sorry my love but I wanted to see your jealousy that I saw and even I am enjoying it hahaha
Pov ends…
Shikhar excuses to meet Rv
Shikhar:ohooo lakta hai kuch jal raha hai
Rv:shut up
Shikhar:Rv stop burning warna whole hall will catch fire then I need to call fire brigade
Rv stares him angrily seeing that stare
shikhar runs off
Rv: so Ishu you wanted me to become jealous now see I will take my revenge in romantic way
Rv goes near Ishu car and did something and again come to the hall
After party Ishu was driving the car when suddenly it started raining heavily and ishu car stopped suddenly she came out of the car but was unable to find the reason
Then our hero comes to help ishani she sat in his car in Rv mind : thanks God for supporting in my plan even you wanted our romance na
They reaches at Rv farm house
Ishu:Rv farm house kyun
Rv:because due to such a heavy rain road must have been blocked
Then Ishu phone rings
Ishu:hello ma kya hua
Fal: beta where are you it’s raining so heavily you are safe na
Ishu:haa maa and then explains whole story
Fal:thank God Rv aa gaya ok take care beta
After cutting the call Rv give Ishu paruls dress which is short jumpsuit
Rv pulls Ishu closer and leans forward to kiss her but ishu pushes him and tells that she is sleepy both Rv and ishu were on same bed
Rv: now the fun begins
Ishu:sorry no more and keep a row of pillow between them
Rv was sad at midnight he sees Ishu slept so he goes near the pillow throw them on floor and goes near Ishu and hugs her an unknown smile came in Ishu face both slept with a cute smile


Hope you liked it thank you to all silent readers and to all my sissy and bro just keep supporting me

Credit to: tanvee

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