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Hi guys thanks for your sweet comments my sissy was having tears of happiness actually to say frankly my sissy love matsh she even have ideas to write a ff but it’s scared to write as she feels that you would like it or not and in fact she is awesome in making romantic stories so let us start….
It’s morning our cute couple were still in sane position Ishu woke first and walked Rv
both sat in car and Rv dropped Ishu at home
Ishu got ready she was thinking about yesterday and was trying to put the zip up of her top when Rv came and put it up and turned Ishu do that she could face him

Ishu:tum yahan kaise aaye
Rv: from door as your foot was open
Ishu:hmmmm do for safety I need to lock my door from heart robber like you
Rv: yes miss parekh
Ishu:acha leave me I need to go to court
Rv: why on Sunday
Ishu: to get some files
Rv :ok go and he leaves her and suddenly again pulls her and gave a peck on her lips and immediately left it was too quick that was standing like a statue having a cute smile
At night Ishu was reading a novel(Ishu love reading novel and one she start no one can stop her)
Rv comes from window and finds Ishu reading a book
Rv:o God after such a difficulty I came to her room and this idiot is doing romance with book I thank to God that the book is non living thing or else she must have married with the book
Rv tries to divert her attention at last he finds a artificial lizard he takes that and keep it in her book Ishu got scared and hugged Rv as he sat beside her
Ishu:r u mad
Rv: yes in your lOve
Ishu:stupid acha now go as laksh vaidhika Ritz and shikhar are coming for night stay
Rv:oh yes now I should go
Ishu: why if you already came then why to go
Rv:arey now I am your lover but I should come like a bestie so that no one doubt us
Later every one come and they had their dinner now were going to sleep(all boys in one room and girls in one room)

Ishu was in her room when Rv comes and hugs from back
Ishu:o hello now you are bestie not lover
Rv: shut up and give me kiss like yesterday
Then they heard foot steps of some one
Ishu:oh God what to do and then she pushed Rv in bathroom and Rv pulled her inside And closed the door
Ishu:what are you doing
Rv:over here no one will disturb us
Both were arguing when they heard some one knocking bathroom door Ishu closed Rv mouth and opened tap and replied
Ishu:who is there
Vaidh: it’s me
Ishu:oh kya hua
Vaidh:nothing I was just finding you
Ishu:ok I am bathing I will be out in few minutes
Vaidh left
Ishu: now go
Rv notices a water drop on Ishu lips and said I hate wasting water
Ishu saw with confused expression and then Rv touched her lower lip and drank the drop of water
Ishu was stunned but smiled
At morning
All three girls entered into boys room all were murmuring something in dream
Shikhar:ladies and ladies top whom are you seeing see this handsome hot shikhar all girls started laughing
Laksh:girls and boys I wanna only to say that girl look at me boy do whatever you want do in girl especially you vaidhika and started proposing her Vaidh in shyness ran away and Ritz and ishu saw her blushing cheek over here our hero was thinking about ishani
Ishu(acting): why is he taking my name
Ritzz: no no nothing like that I guess it’s your mistake
Ishu leaves to her room and starts laughing:oh God Rv so sweet I come in your dream also I love you
Screen spilts into happy face of ishu and cute sleeping face of Rv

Precap:ISHVEER romance

I hope you liked it just keep supporting me the next one is also romantic which I tried I hope you like it too

Credit to: Tanvee

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  1. I loved this episode little sis! It was so cute and I can’t wait for the next episode! Tell your sister that everyone would love and support her if she wrote a ff! You both are excellent writers..

  2. Hey dear little sister you and your sister both are awesome I love the episode very much just keep it up

  3. Tanvee sissy u n ur sis both are amazing ff writers loved ishveer romance alot both in the previous epi n this epi…..lots of love n hug to u n ur sis…..

  4. Ankita(ishveer forever)

    Hey ur ff is fabulous! I just love reading urs! ❤

  5. super hot epi sis

  6. Oh tanveee….. Really awesome epi dear…. Hats off to u and ur sis… Keep rocking… Yeah like Reena told… Ask ur sis to write ff…..we all will support her..

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode tanvee dr.waiting for next…

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