this feeling its known as love – 12(romance)


So get ready for romance firstly as I am only 12 years I don’t know romance r also not for this my sissy tanishqa helped me as she is in 12 so she gave some hints and I hope you enjoy it…….
Ishu: why it’s the room so dark what you wanna show me
Rv on the light and ishu was shocked to see
the room the room was filled with Ishu
photo from childhood
Ishu: what is this these photos painting
Rv:in loved you from when I saw you and to make me feel your presence I made this room your room your photos and I made your painting and open the cupboard
Ishu opens and find all her things
Rv: whenever you used to come to my house you use to forget some thing like clips, hair band, bracelet, ear ring of one ear, payal etc that I use to find it and kept with me safely
Ishu sees a shirt and said: bit this shirt yours
Rv:open it
Ishu opens and find lipstick mark on it and asked about it
Rv: did you remember in bike ride I applied brake and you hugged me then your lip touched my shirt this is that mark
Ishu: what a boy every thing related to me you have stored it so sweet
Next day
Rv came to meet Ishu
Rv:hello aunty how is ishani
Falguni: she is fine and she is doing painting in her study room
Rv:ok aunty
Rv enters in the room and find Ishu doing painting
Rv: hi darling
Ishu: hi stupid
Rv was getting bore as there was no romance na do more his mind became naughty
Rv: let’s play a game
Ishu: what stupid
Rv:I will try to divert your mind but still you should continue your work
Ishu: nice
Game starts first Rv did some jokes and stupid story to make her angry but no use them his mind become romantic ishu was wearing a backless anarkali so he goes near her back and kisses her back Ishu shiver but still paints then Rv take her hand and kisses it Ishu control herself then Rv holds her waist tightly and turns her chair so that she could face him and comes near her to kiss her rosy lips but now Ishu was not in control and shouts:I accept my defeat and hide herself behind curtain Rv was enjoying his win but then he notices that Ishu has finished her painting and then Ishu said: so who won me or you hmmm
Rv:pulls her closer and said you madam and kissed her cheek and bids a bye
At Friday
Falguni comes to ishu room and said: ishu we are going for a weekend trip so get READY
Ishu thinks oh God Saturday is my date how could I go
Ishu; maa voh weekend mein I have a meeting do I can’t come mom sorry
Fal: ok no problem we will come back on Monday
Ishu call Rv and said that now no one will disturb them
At Saturday
Ishu got ready in red saree and comes down there Rv was waiting for her
Rv:oh God note I can’t control myself
Ishu:try to control
Rv took her to a place where there was a beach and the place was beautifully decorated with red rose and their was also a small cottage too Rv proposed Ishu and suddenly it started raining
Ishu started playing in rain and even she pulled as Ishu got drenched the whole saree sticks to her body making her belly visible this made Rv crazy he pulled Ishu closer and bent down and kissed her belly and ishu clutched her fist then Rv turns Ishu and kissed her nape then he made her face him he saw her whole face had rain droplets he cleaned whole face by kissing and then Rv sees her red lips both were do near that it looked like there was one body with two souls both were able to feel each other breath and then Rv touched her lips which then turned into light kiss then into a passionate kiss after few minutes they broke the kiss and were panting heavily Rv took Ishu in arm and took her into cottage and made her sleep and he also slept
beside her but he was shivering so Ishu
took her pallu and covered him with it and Rv smile and both hugged each other and
Precap: ISHVEER scene
I hope you liked if it’s too romantic then I am sorry but for this episode my sissy helped me so credit goes to her
And neelam didi what a guess

Credit to: Tanvee

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