this feeling its known as love – 11 ( love confessing)

Ishu shouts I love you ranveer
And takes his photo and sleep with it
It’s beautiful Saturday morning Ishu woke up and saw her phone vibrating it’s Rv call she immediately picked and asked him what happened
Rv:nothing I just wanted to say good morning
Ishu:oh ya good morning
And they did some casual talks
and then ishu said:Rv I wanna meet you today 4:30 pm at park and please don’t ask any question just come

At vaghela mansion
Rv enters the dark room and say on the bed and was talking to someone when suddenly parul enters she was shocked to see that room and said Bhai too romantic you stored your love do nicely so sweet and ya such a cute bhabhi
4:30 pm
Rv came to park but ishu was not there he called her but phone was not reachable then he sees some people gathered at a spot he goes there and finds and that there was Ishu car fully damaged and ishu was taken to hospital and people were predicted that she is dead Rv rushed to hospital and found that Ishu was in icu he was really tensed he goes near temple
Rv: in my whole life I wanted her I loved her whole life take my life and give her life back please and cries and then doctor comes
Rv: how is ishani
Doc: don’t worry she is out of danger add she was bought at right time you can see her but she is unconscious
Rv saw Ishu lying on bed her went near her holds her hand and said
Rv: ishu wake up na I loved you whole my life I love you ishani
Ishu:I love you too stupid
Rv sees her conscious and hugs her she too hugged him
Ishu:I called you to park to propose you but now I am in hospital still I wanna say you that meri aashiqui sirf tumse hi
Rv: I can’t believe my love you are my life never leave me and go
Ishu:sure now you should propose me
Rv: sure shona
Ishu as discharge she came back home every one thanks Rv

Falguni: now it’s time to take proposal of ishu
Harshad: let ishani get well
Falguni nodded in positive
Next day Vaidh, shikhar, Ritz and lucky comes and meet her and goes but Rv didn’t come so Ishu was angry at night 9 she gets a message from Rv
Rv:who should come to meet you your bestie or your lover

Rv comes from window
And Ishu says why you came from here
Rv< lover comes like this only and bestie comes from door
Ishu:stupid if someone sees you that Rv the business tycoon ids coming like this then what will they think
Rv:nothing they will think Romeo is coming to meet his Juliet
And he gives a gift to ishu Ishu open it and finds a sizzling red saree
ishu:what a choice
Rv: my choice is every time perfect and on next Saturday it's our first date where I want you to wear this
Ishu:ok boss command accepted
Next day ishu came to meet rv
Rv came from behind and closed her eyes and took her to the dark room he shuts the door and on the light and open Ishu eyes she was shocked to see the room
Why was she shocked? Why Rv went in that room every time? Think and answer

precap: ISHVEER sizzling romance in rain

Guys I hope you liked it I asked ISHVEER baby name as I am writing this story in my brain too so in my brain this story is at 16episode so I was confused in names
And guys happy hanuman jayanti

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  1. Happy Hanuman Jayanti to you also Tanvee dear it was a nice episode I think in that room he placed the photos of ishani and everything related to their childhood & the name of their daughter would be MEGHA because ishani loves the rain and ranveer loves to see ishani playing in rain

    1. Exactly correct guess awesome

      1. Thank you dear?

  2. Hey tanvee darling its so good I love it !❤ u write so very well ♥ keep it up ?

    1. Thank you and where is your ff I love it

  3. pls don’t give any baby serial now……give ISHVEER scene more

    1. Bro before baby scene there will be only romance and after baby scene also only romance don’t worry bro

  4. Nice epi… postnext soon. Keep rocking…

  5. Super episode ☺meera Dr where is ur ff?? Really missing ur ff

  6. Nice tanvee

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