this feeling its known as love – 10( ishani pov)


Hello sister and brothers thanks for your praying that my hand is recovering but today also typing with left hand do mistakes can be there and today our ishu will understand her feelings and Prince bro you could comment na why to feel guilty I thought you hate me and iadvice you never bash a writer and its ff you should suggest for changes but never use bad word and insult some one character it’s painful and many said I am not matsh fan so let me tell how I watch it I was in 4th at that time I was changing channel when I saw matsh on that was saree scene it was too funny so from there I am watching matsh do let’s start…

Exam were near all preparing nicely
In college Ishu was searching for auto
When our hero comes
Rv:auto why
Ishu: what to do stupid dewarsh took my car and now I need to take auto
Rv: come I will drop you
Ishu:no need dirty driver
Rv: come na if you come you will get silk chocolate
Ishu: silk ok ok
She sits at starting Rv was driving nicely but was sad that Ishu not hugging him so he started his naughty he applied sudden brake that Ishu fall on him and her lipstick mark was on Rv shirt and she hugged him more Rv felt relief again Rv applied brake to save a dog
Ishu: once get
Rv follow her instruction
Ishu:give the keys Rv gave
Rv: you will drive
Ishu: yes
Rv: you know
Ishu:chup chap baitho
Ishu started driving and Rv was holding her waist

Ishu reached home
At Rv home Rv removed his shirt and sees lipstick mark and think it must be ishu and smiles
He wears another shirt and takes a key and enters a dark room he keeps the shirt inside a cupboard and turns to his left and tells you ate looking gorgeous today what should say you ate daily I love you so much that I have stored you here and here locks the door and go parul saw all these and was shocked
Soon exams every one got good marks Rv group left school and now ishika were o only there and soon they also left
there year leap

It’s a court a girl was handling a case and she won her face is shown its our heart Ishu
Shikhar and laksh and Vaidh comes congrats her and then ritveer comes Ishu was happy but a jealous feeling came
All enjoyed and went out when some goons were teasing ishu Vaidh tells it to lakshikharanveer all three comes for fi8 but but were shocked they saw Ishu made
their chutney her milky hand had blood spot
Rv: what the hell was that
Ishu: in every film and story goon attack
girl she shouts bachao bachao and hero comes and fight with them and girl says thanks him and goes and love story begins and also in every film girls will trip boy will
hold get and share eyelock better is boy
should trip and girl will hold him nice na
Rv:ohoo then one day lady goon will come and tease me I will shout help and you
come like a super girl and save me haan
Ishu:heee and why will girl tease you
Rv: due to my handsome look
Ishu; handsome look you are not hand also
of handsome better than you is shikhar
and lucky ask giggles
Rv makes pout
All were enjoying

At Ishu home Ishu went to her parents room and ask
Ishu:mummy papa how can we know we have fallen in love
Harshad:love hey you are fallen in love
Ishu; pa not me but my Vaidh thinks it seems she has fallen
Falguni: ok tell if she is in love she will feel jealous she will feel happy with that boy when she closes her eyes she could only see his face and she tells some more things
Ishu in her room
Ishu pov
Yes I feel jealous when he talks to some girl yes I feel happy with him yes I can see his hallucination yes I love him I can’t live without him and I will confess to him
Ishu pov ends
Ishu close her eyes and hears a voice
Boy:hmmm thinking about me
Ishu:tum yahan
Boy: why can’t I meet my would-be and comes closer to kiss her but he vanishes
Ishu:oh God phir se uska hallucination
She shouts I love you ranveer
Episode ends

Precap:ishu accident

Guys sorry today it’s Ishu day so no ISHVEER scene much and don’t worry about precap I will not do sad ending could you suggest ISHVEER baby girl name as soon you will find her scene just four episodes
And amritha di your guess is right but why laksh and shikhar stopped flirting

Credit to: tanvee

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  1. I liked this episode! And I think a cute name could be Amaya!

  2. ISHVEER’s baby girl name is RANISHA
    (RANVEER+ISHANI)……i took that from ur 1st epi…..but sis i suggest u to give more n more ISHVEER scenes……otherwise it will be boaring

  3. The episode was good but i think that you should give more ishveer scenes before their marriage

    1. Didi marriage will take time next update is love confessing and next one is romantic date and then only romance after 4 episode marriage and then after after that bacha don’t worry romance is there

      1. Then that’s will be fine?

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