hii guys sry for posting late but i was a little busy thnku soo much for ur comments so with wasting much time here strts the epi…

nxt day
at schl
twinkle comes and sees maya crying and coming towards hershe gets tensed and says- maya what happened?? why are u crying?? maya- twinkle u know that kunj he is soo bad he askede for the friendship then he told that sry but now i am not imterested he is soo cheap he changes his choice lile clothes i didint thought that he would be soo cheap and hugs her tw geta shocked and says- i alao didnt thought that he would be this much cheap and hughs her back maya smiles and thinks- plan successful maya- tw lets go to class if teacher will see us then there will be a big problem tw nodes and is still tensed they go in the class kunj comes and smiles seeing tw. tw sees him and ignores him kunj grs confused and thinks-

what happened to tw why she is not smiling back today something is wrong. the teacher comes and the class strts kunj is listening to teacher while tw sees him and thinks- really kunj is like this my heart is not ready to accept this but maya is my friend she will not lie to me if she is saying then maybe it is true vese bhi jo jesa dikhta hai vesa hota nai but..kunj sees her seeing towards him an again smiles she just ignores him and looks another side (n- that time i didnt lnow what was true but i felt really bad when i came to know that my friend was lying to me and my friend told so much to me but then also my heart was not ready to accept and how it would have accept mu kunj was not less than a hero for me and my heart was right) kunj thinks- oh god what something has happened for sure meri love story strt hone se pehele hi problems aana shuru ho gai

in the garden
during recess kunj was going for washing his hands when some a boy comes there with a grp he was kunj’s classmate and says- hii kunj kunj- hi varun- aur bata how are u kunj- i am lit busy cna we talk later? varun- oh ya u must be busy right vese nowdays u r very busy with tw n all kya chl raha h bhai? kunj- sry what u said? v- oh please now dont tr to be innocent we know ki tumhare and tw ke beech me kya chl rha h aaj kal bafe chakkar lagae jaa rhe h uske aage piche ku- see i said i dont wan to talk to u and this is all rubbish just go v- oho rubbish vese she is nice???i mean hum bhi try krte h agar..ku gest angry listening this and strts to beat him badly blood strts to come out from his moyh he was soo angry and beata him he wanted to kill him tw comes there and sees kunj and geta shocked kunj sees her and stops beating tw misunderstands and says- uff now he strted to beat every one soo disgusting and goes from there angrily kunj understands an goes behind her and says- twinkle twinkle tw stops and turns-

how do u came to know my name?? ku- that i will tell u later i know our strt was not good but tw- but what and why u r talking to me and strts to go kunj- tw listem i wnt to talk to u tw- but i dont wbt and u cant force me u r such a cheap boy i thoyght that u would be nice but tum tohh u beat everyone and ufff why i am even talking to u and goes ku- tw tw listen but tw goes ku- oh god what is happening and follows her she goes out in the garden where some construction work was going on and deep wholes were dug kunj come sthere- tw listen tw turns back and says- what is ur problem i dont wanv to talk u r not able to understand ku- tw u r taliing it wrong plz just listen tw- see i dont want to talk to u just go and strts to step back towards the whole kunj comes forward and she goes back and was abt to fall but kunj holds her hand (sajna ve plays)

kunj pulls her and gets angry ku- tw u r mad or what i am trying to speak to u from so long but no u r not ready to listen and was going back do have any briqn if something would have happen to u then if u would have fall then u r really mad tw was surpris*x to listen kunj’s words and was abt to say something but kunjs interupts and says just shut up mow i will say and u will listen i beated that boy becuz he was saying rubbish thing abt u its not my hobby but no why u will listen ok then dont listen and now i also dont want to listem anything to u and goes from there tw criec and says- oh god maine kunj ko glt smjha and now he is angry our talk strted with the fight now what i will do {n- most o the love stories strt with the first meet and the first talk of boy and girl buv our love stry strted with a fight pehele pehele pyar ki peheli ladai haha)

to be continued…..

i know guys it is no long enough but will try to post soo. bye keep supporting and commenting love u all..?

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