A FEEL OF LOVE (Part 13)

sorry guys for late update due to my internal exams

the episode starts with the scene in all the family members get happy for the function and all smiling with each other .then after that the function starts with a lots of happiness all elders gave gift and blessings for abhitha and herr child. abhi smiles seeeing them and happy for that moment.

later function going to end only abhi does n’t give any gift to abhitha all ask him he comes forward and ask abhitha to close her eyes she closed her eyes and he ask her to show her hand she shows he puts a diamond ring in her hand. abhitha open her eyes and see the ring and gets happy and hugs abhi while hugging abhi said that i will put another ring for our another child all smiles hearing that and the function going to be end.
abhi holds abhitha and leaves her in room to take rest he said he will back within a minute
she nods he went. suddenly a loud soundd came from abhitha’s room abhi hears the sound rushes towards abhitha and ask what happened all elders underrstand that it was delivery pain but it is only 9months .they said some time it may happened.

abhi lift abhitha and puts her into car and rushes to hospital
all the family members follows them and they reach hospital.
doctor check abhitha take her into icu abhi get worried for abhitha he didn’t have any courage to hear abhitha’s pain. suddenly they heard the sound of crying child.after few second they hear again the sound of crying child.
they get shock and don’t know what happen inside.
suddenly doctor came outside abhi rushes to him and ask what happened if everything ok abhitha is fine doctor. doctor said yeah abhi she is fine and then only he ask then our child. doctor said you are so lucky abhi god give you gift that one girl and one boy. abhi gets so happy and hugs ddoctor and said thank. he ask may i go and see abhitha and my child he said sure abhi
then he went and see abhitha smiles with their child. he moves forward and hugs abhitha and said our life get fulfilled and god gave memorable gift for us.
ll came saw the child and give the blessing for the child.

1week later
in abhi’s house they conduct the function for naming the child and
abhi lift his daughter and said my angel name is vividha
and abhitha lift her son by saying that he is my little rockstar so his name is atharva.
they smiles each other then they took the family photos with whole family.
they continues their life with their small child.
and it shows their happy ending of a feel of love and the life of love gets started.

thanks guyz for your support

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