A FEEL OF LOVE (Part 12)

sorry guys for not updating because of my lab works.
and the episode starts with scene in tanu with angry face said that i will never live you happy abhi

screen shifts to abhi and abhitha
abhitha told that i think something is bad
i don’t know about tanu but i think that she is very dangerous abhi ask hrer not to worry and sleep.
she nods and sleep abhi said that same thing i also think abhitha , but i didn’t told that you because you get scared.
soon the night ends and day starts abhi wakes up and prepare cofffee for abhitha while preparing he imagine their previous incident.
in fb starts abhi ask abhitha to drink coffee she rink and hugs him he smiles, and takes coffee out suddenly, abhi’s mom and his sister in law also come and see his smiling face they teases him and abhi stops smiling said you guys have no work always teasing me and my wife. they smiles each other then he went
abhitha wakes up searches for him, he comes and gives coffee to her she also think the same previous incident .
they both smiles each other.

suddenly abhitha kisses in abhi’s cheeks he gets shock. moves forwward to her and ask why you didn’t give this that time she looks down shyly.
later all gets ready abhi went to office while abhitha weent to her room and arrange clothes in their room. suddenly she hear a sound abhi’s mom and abhitha’s sister went to temple. she didn’t know who will create this sound get out of room and walks towards steps tanu walks after her.
tanu mover her hand to push abhitha but abhitha’s brother in law or abhi’s cousin (durai) stops her and hold abhitha (she starts to falling)
he slaps tanu and tanu get shocked to see him and they ask her why did this suddenly all came they call abhi and he also came. abhi in peak of anger move towards tanu and slaps her and said you don’t be a good girl friend or good for anyone why waht you problem and slap her continuosly abhitha stops him and ask tanu to leave from her house tanu fumes in anger and said this is not your house suddenly abhi stops her and said that this is her house taanu beacuase she in non other than my wife. so you may leave know.

tanu goes, abhitha feels bad for that incident and abhi told her not be sad this will affect our baby also, then she but i will sad only your curtosy for baby
yeah darling because feel is only for u said and hugs her she breaks the hug
and said no abhi steps back abhi moves forward to her and she hits in wall and abhi kisses her cheek and she also does the same abhitha turn back abhi caresses herr hair and lift abhitha and lie her in bed and go closes to her, then they share some romantic private moment .
next days abhitha woke up and smiles seeing abhi abhi holds her hand and pulls her she fall on the chest off abhi suddenly they get an eyelock.
later abhitha’ s mom call them they went down after getting ready they days gone like this contonously

8 months later,
this is abhitha’s 9th months
the family conducts a function for her,abhitha’s parents cam all celebrate that function because in their family abhi and abhitha are last child in their generation, today the function is for their first hild they all smiles with each other and doing arrangement

suddenly abhitha shouts loudly and abhi runs to her. she shouts with pain abhi urges her to hospital

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  2. Abhitha di can you please update the next part fastly please di can’t wait to see the next part update was awesome but di if you won’t mind can I say one thing

    That is please update clearly di I mean full update with proper English I know by typing mistake It may but I can’t understand clearly so I am using my own words with yours please di don’t mind this don’t think me as wrong please di if it hurts you IAM sorry please

  3. good yaaaaaaaa as tanu got slap happy

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  6. Where is pragu

    1. Abhitha

      i changed name of pragya as abhitha

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    thanks guys for ur comments and i will correct my mistake update next part soon

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