A FEEL OF LOVE (Part 11)

sorry guys for not updating because of some la works.
and the episode starts with the scene abhi told to abhitha that our life get fulfilled with our child later. all the family informs that to all of ther relation abhi abhitha gets romance in thir room later they went out abhitha’s parent came.
abhitha take blessing from their parents and abhitha father said that my child this this important period in your life. you enjoy your child with every moment and be careful she of appa and he gives sweet to abhitha later abhitha and her mom talking with each other later her sister souriy\ also came. all of them talk. later abhitha’s father came and ask may i and abhitha said that our family will be completed.

all of them share happy moment .abhitha ask her parents about her childhood. they told that that golden moment in our life. first abhitha’s sister souriya will born she is like goddess for their family. and all gets happy about her later abhitha you born that time we didn’t tell how much we gets happy. later they stops talking. they all goes and sleep in their room.
finally abhi came and ask her you forgot me when you saw your child. she pulls him closer to her and said that don’t talk like this again i never forgot you he smiles and hugs she also hugs and said by keeping hand in her baby bump see baby how your father is talking and .

later he goes closes to him and kisses herr in forehead. they both smiles abhitha stand abhi lift herr and put into bed. goes closes to her. suddenly abhitha has some bad feeling run out she get vomiting. abhi said you escape this time but never next time.

next day,
al guest arrives and small function will conduct for abhitha’s pregnancy all came and wishes them. later all went tanu came she think abhi accept her, she didn’t know about abhi and abhitha’s child and their feel of love. she came and get shock to see that.

abhi scold her ask why you came here. she said i am sorry abhi please forgive me and accept me. all the family members gets shocked to se that . abhitha gets sad, abhi
see abhitha and slap tanu how would you talk likre i got married and she is my wife and i love her. i accept that i think i love you in previous ddays but that’s not love that is affection and the thing i thought that only your status and your beauty but my abhitha is more more than that and that not love this is love. we will move on in our life. so i request don’t disturb overr life. and pulls her outside the door. abhitha hugs abhi everyone claps ffor them souriya and durai teases them.
she broke hugs and cried.

tanu seaw all of these while standing outside and said i will never live both of you happy.

tanu plan to kill abhi’s child but someone helps abhitha and tanu gets shocked to see the person.

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