Are you fed up of Soumya’s evil plans in SSEL?


Soumya misguides Suhani into the jungle when she comes looking for Yuvraaj. Everyone sets out to find Suhani, who’s missing. Soumya feels guilty and runs towards the jungle to find Suhani caught in a puddle. Suhani thanks Soumya for saving her life. Ragini is puzzled by Soumya’s changed behaviour. Yuvraaj informs Suhani about the police getting hold of the cab driver, who had misbehaved with her. Suhani snaps at Yuvraaj for making fun of her. Soumya keeps a gift for Yuvraaj in his cupboard. Suhani finds it and believes Yuvraaj to have brought it for her.

Yuvraaj confronts Soumya for her behaviour towards him. Krishna asks Lalita to stay away from him and Soumya. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to accompany him for lunch. Dadi confronts Pratima for her decision of getting Soumya remarried. She asks Ragini to hide Krishna’s gift from Soumya. Dadi informs Soumya, Ragini and Menka about her plan against Suhani. Soumya apologises to Yuvraaj for her mistake. Dadi tells Soumya about her plan against Suhani. She asks Menka to steal Krishna’s letters from Soumya. Meanwhile, Krishna assures Lalita and Rakhi that Soumya will visit their house. Menka steals Krishna’s letters from Soumya’s cupboard.Dadi burns all the letters and Soumya is unaware of it. Are you fed up of Soumya’s evil plans in SSEL? Let us know in this poll.

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  2. plzzz lt suhani knw abt yuvraj n soumya..da shw z gtn itchy…!!!

  3. yeah plz let suhani know everthing about yuvraj and soumya……nd let krishna get married….soumya idar ki b nahi rahegi aur udar ki bhi nahi..

  4. no bt waiting for suhani n yuvraj romance n love

  5. obviously….
    kya yeh poochne waali ques hein kya??????????????
    jus waiting ki kab uski bhanda futegi

  6. yes i am sick and tired plz changed this story line fast soumya is b*t*h

  7. I think its been dragging too long and suhanni needs to find out the truth. She deserves better treatment. Make her stand up for herself and see whats going on around her.

  8. Today is 2/17 and were still watching episodes about Valentines Day. How much are yall gonna drag this show!!

  9. Atleast let yuvraaj know that evil plans of dadi rags and menaka . . .

  10. v r nt fed up vth soumya’s evil plans… but surely fed up vth writers evil plans

  11. The show is getting to slow now! Pls move on fast and let suhani know abt everything

  12. Plz get on wth this soumya is getting up peoples nerves and she is a shame on friendship have t twice think before trusting a friend

  13. I am honestly getting bit sick of the monotony. I am bit over the show. They should change the creative team. The show sucks now .. honestly.

  14. Fed up isn’t even the word to describe hw tired fans are of souyma and her ugly face. She is intolerable no1 enjoys the show anymore coz of her. I am so sick of her I cnt take her anymore. And worse this useless show doesn’t show enough suhani and they dnt show yuvani at all. We have blink and miss scenes of yuvani. All the focus is on that darn snaky. I am so tired of her. I plan on watching till the end of the week if she dominates this week as well than I will not watch anymore or would just come back on the day that suhani is told the truth. Bad writing, bad editing, bad directing whole show is blo*dy bad especially being forced to watch that useless souyma the actress should go on leave and go back to acting school

  15. Boring….Suhani is being shown as if she’s stupid! Enought…please change the storyline or cancel the show!

  16. I agree wth all the cmmnts….stupid show!!!:[email protected]:[email protected] no yuvani scenes @ all;-(

  17. stupid show!!!:[email protected]:[email protected] no yuvani scenes @ all;-(

  18. Neha Yadav (Souyma) should be replaced by a true actress. She cannot act anf bringing down the ratings of this show. As viewers we cannot understand her role. Producers minimize her limit of time in the show or eliminate her altogether!

  19. I agree with moi’s comments Neha Yadav is so strange looking, broad features a most swollen-like. If she was good looking I think viewers would not mind her, in fact we might enjoy watching the serial. I enjoy watching Suhani absolutely beautiful woman, her face perfect with delicate features…..and gorgeous long black hair!!!! She should be a MODEL.

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