Which is your favourite couple of the year?

This year Indian television gave us many fresh pairings. The new shows grabbed many attentions because of the pairings. The wonderful chemistry between the leads is the reason.

Naamkaran is a show about a little girl named Avni. It shows how Avni makes her own name when her father didn’t accept her. Recently a new entry named Aladin is paired opposite Ayesha/Asha, Avni’s mother.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant is a story of a female robot who married her creator, Shaan. It recently took a leap, where new entry of junior robot RAM was shown. It is obviously an interesting track.

On the other hand, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is about a man, Dev who has to maintain his relation with wife and mother. We get to watch Erica-Shaheer’s amazing bonding, which keep viewers hooked to the show.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste was a Sony Tv show which ended early due to some reason. The friendship-love relationship of the main lead Suman-Shravan was a great treat for all. The story was of a independent girl, Suman, who gained respect and got love also.

After the success of Naagin, Mouni Roy stars in the second season of the show with the lead star Karanvir Bohra. Rocky and Shivangi are also creating such amazing chemistry like Arjun Bijlani and Mouni Roy, who played Ritik and Shivanya in Season 1.

Dehleez is a memorable show of Star Plus, which brought meaningful concept. The show wrapped up pretty soon, but left a remarkable pairing of Adarsh and Swadheenta.

Sony’s new show Beyhadh is story of obsessed love of Maya and Arjun. Maya crosses all the limits in her madness for Arjun. Maya proposes Arjun and forces him to accept her. Maya and Arjun have a great onscreen chemistry.

This year, viewers got an intense love pairing by Jaana Na Dil Se Door’s leads Atharv and Vividha. Now, Vividha is married to Ravish, but still her love is only for Atharv.

Recently, Pardes started on Star Plus. Set in Austria, the leads Naina and Raghav turn into friends, to realize later their true love.

Lastly, Ishqbaaz is about three brothers, Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra. The sweet-sour bond of Shivaay-Annika is loved by all. Rudra is married to Soumya which they kept hidden from all. Omkara recently had breakup with his GF. His lady love will be soon introduced.

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Poll Credit to Neeti


    • hondustani

      I literally like everyone but he best 3 couples I like is vividha and atharva naina and raghav and shivay and anikah


    |Registered Member

    Yeh sab hai-
    1. Shaan – rajini (till show was commedy, future me shyd better ho jaye fir se)
    2. Soumya – rudra
    3. Shivaye -anika ( but arogent behviour and pain is not liked)
    4. Sharvan- suman
    5. Vijya- akshay
    6. Aadarsh-swandinta
    7. Mouni- rudra, rockey – ruchika (thogh they have not shown pairing this way)
    8. Abhijeet -Tarika (CID)
    9. Shauyra-Ghanu, Tanu -Garv (Trideviyan)
    10. Risabh -Raina (till now they were paired, now seperated)
    These are my fvt. Couple of the yr

  2. Neeti

    |Registered Member

    kya kya kya, TU walo ne mera we poll 4din bad post kiya!!!!!!!! chalo phir vi kiya to sahi, lkn aha mera credit itna chota kiu hai, kuch dikh nhi rha, mujhei dikh nhi raha to baki zab kaise dekhenge, usse accha hai, credit nhi dete!!!!! jovi ho mai bhul jati hu, akhir unhe vi to pata chale kis dildar se pala para tha unka😜

    • Neeti

      |Registered Member

      thank u, but why?? I mean I submitted this for poll, voting is done by everyone…. yeah I also voted for Shivika, but that is another thing, but one thing I would say thank u TU, uk I juat submitted the article, the poll was made by them only, and they added more couples than I added, after that they kept it on first page, and gave my credit also, although it was chota sa but still I am thankful to TU but they are moderating my cmnts as well, I will become a cry baby now😭😭😭

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    My fav in this poll and also overall is Shraman 😍😍😍 big fan of Shraman and love Devakshi too
    Other pairs also good but Shraman my fav devakshi second fav here 😊

    • Neeti

      |Registered Member

      hahahaha, pehle mera vi fav Devakshi tha, then us Rakshaswari ki waja se and Shraman ki waja se badal gaya, but kehne mai khed hai, maine Shivika ko vote kiya, maren na, amk marle kede dibo😭😭😭(😜)…. but Shraman keo vote kochi pore

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        Areh yaar dont ask i don’t even know what is going on in KRPKAB? Ishwari ko kya bana Diya? Show ko bhi kya Kar Diya chewing gum Ke tarah drag Kar raha hain. EDKV ended too early, and KRPKAB dragging KRPKAB should have donated some episodes to EDKV Yaar, both shows r very close to my heart but EDKV more closer , sometimes Seeing KRPKAB i m like shukar hain EDKV ended but abrupt ending is just not done. Really want s2 for EDKV #WeWantEDKVS2z

      • RANdomfANCreationz

        |Registered Member

        I like Shivika and roumya too but my fav ishqbaaz Jodi is ishkara but no ishkara so but due to my hectic schedule not able to watch the show i just watch beyhad and pardes sometimes maybe KRPKAB when i m free only Hindi show m watching regularly is bigg boss

  4. chuma

    i dont want to pair alaide and ayesha. ashish and ayesha are more suitable with each other. yes i want he( adlaide) to be a good friend and supporter of ayesha and Avini and i prefer to see chemistery between alaide and neela there are good pair. what you guys think? but please dont change the chemistery between ayesha and ashish.. i personally like them as couple and nice chemistery as well.

  5. partho

    My Favourite couples are: 1)Adarsh and swadheenta. 2)Dev and Sona. 3)Swasan .4)Sivika 5)Akshay + Vijaya. 6)Kunal + Siddhi. 7)Zain + Aliya. These are my all time favourites. O yes 8)Rishabh Bajaj and prena

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