Your favorite Zee TV couple


Zee tv is one of the best indian Tv channel with some of the best actors,best shows,best writers,best couples and many fans.

Sometimes the couples are so nice that the fans are always eager to watch them.Some are watching the serials only to see their favorite couples.

A perfect couple have a perfect chemistry which is loved by all.that is the reason why zee tv is liked by many viewers(not all ) as it have some of the beat couples in indian television industry .

Here is the list of zee tv’s current couples.So which is your favorite:

i)Ranaji and Gaytri—the royal couple with a sanskari wife and a loving and caring king.

ii)Siddhart and Roshini—Hot couple ,a sweet girl and a rocking husband who solves all problems.

iii)Kaali and Yug—a nice couple with a very innocent girl and a chic boy.

iv)Abhishek and Pragya—a celebrity couple with a caring wife and rockstar husband.

v)Twinkle and Kunj—a sweet couple with a cute and bubbly girl and a handsome and charming husband.

vi)Satu and Pari—cute couple with a lovely wife and caring husband.

vii)Kartik and Survi—famous couple from Mumbai with supporting nature.

viii)Aparajita and Malay—a mysterious couple with a dashing boy and a sweet but mysterious girl.

ix)Neelkanth and Sharmila—a loving husband but wife with attitude who don’t love her husband.

-Submitted by Twinju(Bhavika)

We recommend
  1. Aparajita & Malay
    Ranaji & gayatri

  2. Abhi and pragya

  3. Apu Malay & Twinkle Kunj

  4. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    always…twinj…most cute and lovable couple..thier cute knok jok and hot romance make them perfect….n also leads sidhant and jasmin’s chemistry is awesome….

  5. Always abhigya

  6. Abhigya are looking like they are made for each other

  7. Kaali nd Yug

  8. Actually in this list I love three Jodi’s a lot. They are
    1) Twinj (Twinkle-Kunj)
    2) Karvi (Karthik-Survi)
    3) KaYu (Kaali-Yug)

  9. abhi and pragya
    love chemistry btwn purab and bulbul too

  10. I like sattu n pari..also Malay n apu..?

  11. Abhi and pragya… them

  12. abhi n pragya
    twinkle and kunj, these both couples r made fr each other

  13. my fav jodi is karvi which is the best one

  14. I lik kali nd yug coz…..they needed to prove they love each other

  15. Sattu and pari are the best then the rest:)

  16. Twinkle & Kunj

  17. i like kali & yug… they are best jodi….

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