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Hey guys! It’s zoya here and I’m back with part 9 you guys might see this one and part 8 on the same day I posted two fanfictions because of the 5 day break of tellyupdate so enjoy and like I said in my previous fanfiction I am ending the dadi drama in this fanfiction I hope you all are loving my fanfictions and I’m hoping you guys will continue giving your love to me now let’s get started

Recap: dadi’s insult at breakfast and swaragini’s tortures
Precap: dadi realizes her mistake…

@raglak room
Its morning and ragini is still sleeping but laksh is awake and he comes back from the bathroom where he finds ragini still sleeping so he goes to her and gives her a kiss on her forehead and goes to get dressed when he comes back he still finds ragini sleeping and wonders it’s 10 am and ragini is still sleeping he wonders she usually is awake by 8 am he gets worried and goes to her and tries waking her up but when he touches her he gets shocked and he starts touching her forehead and arms and neck and he finds out that ragini is hot so he gets a thermometer and checks her and she has high fever laksh gets scared and says to himself what if it affects the babies what if something bad happens to ragini so he calls the doctor and tells her everything and she says when she is awake bring her to the clinic I’ll check her and laksh says okay he hangs up the phone and thinks to make tea for her so he goes and makes tea when he comes downstairs he realizes he doesn’t know how to make tea and if he goes to find the recipe and make it then it will take a while he looks around and after a while he finds a cup of tea filled so he just takes it and goes when he gets there he sees ragini awake and says to her my jaano (life) is awake and ragini smiles and laksh says good that you are awake I got you tea and ragini says laksh I just woke up first let me go brush and he says oh right sorry go brush and get ready and she leaves

@swasan room
Swara wakes up and tells sanskar in his ear because he is still sleeping I love you sanskar and sanskar who wasn’t actually sleeping smiles and swara notices it and says sanskar you were awake and he says yes my sweety and she playfully hits him and swara goes to get up but sanskar pulls her back towards him and starts getting romantic with her and swara says besharam(shameless) you haven’t freshen up yet and are thinking to romance now go and get ready and sanskar says you come too we both will get ready at the same time and same place and swara blushes then hits sanskar on his stomach and says fine I’m going if you’re not and he says no I’ll go first and she says then hurry up

@raglak room
Laksh is still waiting for ragini to come outside but she didn’t come till now he wonders it’s been 20 minutes and she hasn’t come yet he gets worried so he decides to go check for himself and he goes to knock on the door and he does but no answer he gets more worried and starts shouting ragini open the door continuously but she still doesn’t answer so he decides to break the door he breaks open the door and finds ragini on the floor unconscious and he screams ragini!!! And he goes to her to wake her up but she is shivering while on the floor laksh understands her fever has gotten higher so he picks her up and takes her to the doctor

@the clinic
Laksh is carrying ragini in his arms and says doctor I’m laksh maheswari I called this morning my wife had fever and he tells her how she fainted and was shivering the doctor tells him wait I’ll go check and she goes after sometime the doctor comes back and says to laksh did she eat something cold last night and laksh says yes she was craving for ice cream so I got her ice cream and doctor tells laksh that because of the ice cream she has fallen ill and inside her womb her babies are also suffering from a little fever and laksh worries and tells the doctor what can he do to reduce the fever and doctor tells him I have given her injection and I wrote some medicines you need to get but make sure she doesn’t get any stress for 2-4 days and make sure she does not bend down to get anything or walks up and down too often it can affect her babies because they too are suffering from a little fever and laksh says thanks doctor and then goes to get the medicines until ragini regains conscious
After a while laksh comes back and sits by ragini until she wakes up and after a while she too wakes up and laksh is crying by her and ragini asks laksh why are you crying I’m fine na and he says what if something happened to you ragini you know na that I can’t live without you and you have four lives to care for you and the 3 small innocent lives inside you from now on you will not eat anything cold at night okay and ragini says okay baba I won’t promise now stop crying and he hugs her laying his face into ragini’s chest and has his hand on ragini’s tummy and ragini reciprocates his hug and after a while ragini tells laksh we need to go home or else dadi will create a hungama at home and laksh says okay lets go but don’t take too much stress and doctor has said not to bend down that much and don’t climb the stairs too much and ragini sys okay now let’s leave
Raglak come home and find dadi staring at them they get nervous and dadi says where were you both and ragini says woh dadi woh I went outside for a stroll and dadi looks suspiciously and asks her if you went for stroll then what is laksh doing with you and they get worried and laksh says dadi why are you asking questions as if you are some police chill dadi I went till my car to find something but it’s not there and I happened to see ragini on my way and I brought her inside and dadi still looking suspiciously says okay anyways lado I wanted to say that I want to go to the temple so can you come with me and laksh hearing the word temple got worried and tells dadi temple why go that far when we have a in house temple and dadi says I know but I want to go to the temple by the bazaar and who are you to tell me where to go and ragini looks angrily towards dadi but controls and says to laksh dadi is right you shouldn’t tell me and my dadi what to do and what not to do and then winks at him and laksh says okay whatever and goes and ragini says let me go change dadi and she says okay hurry back

@raglak room
What da hell ragini the doctor has said not to climb upstairs that much and you immediately said okay to dadi and ragini calms him down and says laksh I’ll be okay and laksh says to her be careful you know I can’t imagine my life without you and ragini says I know and gives him a kiss on the cheek and goes to change
She comes downstairs and tells dadi lets go and they leave laksh is still worried so he goes to swasan room and tells swara I need you to do me a favor and swara says haan laksh tell me and he says I need you to go to temple the one dadi went to follow her and keep an eye on ragini and swara says laksh chill ragini is not a little baby she can handle herself and laksh says no after today I will be caution and swara says what do you mean after today what happened and at the same time sanskar comes out of the bathroom and says laksh you here everything fine and laksh tells swasan no actually ragini fainted due to high fever and she had ice cream last night so I went to doctor and he tells swasan everything and doctor also said to ragini to avoid stairs from going up and down and she still went with dadi so I need you swara to go check on ragini and she says okay I will and she gets worried hearing about ragini’s condition so she leaves to get ready and follows dadi and ragini

Lado can you get the stuff needed for puja and she says okay dadi wait here I’ll be back ragini goes to get the stuff while swara is watching her from far and has her phone on so sanlak can know what’s happening too ragini has all the stuff she needs so she goes to dadi but on her way back a puja daaga falls down and rolls over to the street there is no one there and ragini goes to get that daaga but on her way some goons come out of nowhere and tease her and start misbehaving with her and swara sees this and says what da hell and sanlak say swara what’s wrong she doesn’t reply because she is worried seeing ragini with the goons laksh shouts swara what’s wrong and swara tells laksh some goons are misbehaving with ragini and laksh says what while sanskar is shocked and laksh says wait there I’m coming but swara says no laksh I’ll do something you stay there and swara disconnects the phone while sanlak are saying hello swara repeatedly and laksh gets worried swara goes to save ragini where as dadi is waiting for ragini she wonders why she isn’t back yet so she goes to check where she sees swara saving ragini and sanlak fighting with goons (sanlak were worried so they also came to save ragini) and dadi sees this and says lado are you okay and ragini says yes thanks to swasanlak they saved me and dadi says thanks to them and she somewhat starts feeling bad for what all she did with sanlak’s family and hugs ragini while dadi is looking at laksh and sanskar and after a while dadi tells them to go do puja I need to talk to laksh and they say okay while ragini looks back thinking what dadi wants to say to laksh swasanrag are going but ragini stops them and says wait I want to know what dadi is telling laksh so they three hide behind the tree and listen and dadi is telling laksh I am so sorry for the way I behaved with you and your family and I am sorry I told you to kidnap my lado but what you did today I am proud to have a son-in-law like you and I genuinely want to apologize and swasanrag smile hearing this and laksh says it’s okay dadi I forgive you but I want to say something can you also apologize to my family for the way you treated them and she says okay

They do their puja and then go home and when they get there they see the whole MM outside in the hall and laksh says to everyone that dadi wants to say something to all of you and dadi says she is sorry for everything and apologizes to everyone for treating them bad and everything the whole family forgives her and swasanraglak are happy to see their family as one and all four decide to tell their family about their pregnancy so they all wink and say okay okay everyone me and bhai have something important to say and everyone cluelessly looks at sanlak and Ap says what is the matter dear what do you want to say and laksh goes to his mom and sanskar goes to his mom and tells them in their ears YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER and Ap and sujatha says what really and they say yes but everyone else is so clueless because sanlak whispered in their mom’s ears and then sanlak together say SWARAGINI ARE PREGNANT and everyone are super happy and all congratulate swaragini and dadi is just overwhelmed and then sanlak say wait one more thing and everyone in joy say tell us quick and sanlak say ITS NOT ONE OR TWO BABIES SWARAGINI ARE GOING TO HAVE TRIPLETS and everyone are so happy that they all together scream what seriously and they all hug each other and feed sweets to each other and everyone is enjoying screen freezes on swasan and raglak happy faces

Precap: 8 months leap…

Guys thank you for all your time and affection that you read my fanfictions and comment I love you guys for that and keep doing so and guys give me names for the babies like modern names the delivery time is coming quick keep your comments coming thank you all and see you in my next fanfiction

Credit to: zoya

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