my favorite swasan and raglak pt 8


Hey guys! It’s zoya here and Happy new year to all of you and I hope you had a great new year and I’m back with part 8 I am so sorry this is late the tellyupdate people had shut down the ability to post fanfictions because of the holidays I am so sorry and I’ll try ending this dadi drama soon and also I loved all of yalls comments keep doing them so that it encourages me to continue and I’ll try my best to finish the dadi drama in today’s episode or the next one and this episode is a bit long maybe more but don’t give up halfway read it all because I want my fanfiction to continue like you all but I need comments to continue now let’s get started
Btw I know it has been 5 days since I couldn’t post fanfictions so here is the link to part 7:

Recap: swaragsanlak return home but go through struggles of hiding from people in the middle of the night
Precap: swaragini’s tortures to sanlak…

Swasan are already downstairs for breakfast and after a few minutes raglak come after a hefty night…(you guys know what I’m talking about lol) Ap teases raglak by saying “kya baat hai aaj thoda zaada waqt laga diya” (what happened today you both took some time to come you guys are here after everyone is already present at breakfast usually it’s the other way and raglak feel embarrassed but then laksh says to his mom “nahi toh aaj aapko nahi lagta ki aap aur papa nay zaada waqt liya” (no not really but don’t you think you and dad took time to come) “mein toh jagra tha jabi koi nahi baar tha” (I was awake when no one was out yet I just came down later) in a teasing way and laksh giggles a little and then Ap says to laksh “tum bhi na challo nashta karlo” (you too come do breakfast) and everyone laugh and have a great time until dadi comes down and says “mere bina nashta hora hai” (without me you guys are having breakfast)

When MM sees her everyone’s faces sulk and dadi smirks while laksh murmurs to himself “jo log waqt lete hai unka koi kyun intezar karega (the people who take time what’s the point of waiting for them) and ragini hears him and signs laksh shhhh or else our plan would flop and he signs her a sorry and ragini smiles while swasan are happy to see raglak like this meanwhile dadi comes down and says “lado tum sabko thoda zaada intezar nahi kara sakti thi kya?” (ragini you couldn’t have stopped them for a while until I came) and ragini says (acting in front of dadi) “woh dadi maine socha ki aap abhi tak jagi nahi thi toh maine nashta pe sabko bhita diya mujhe nahi pata tha agar aap aari thi yaha nahi”(actually dadi I thought you weren’t awake still so I told everyone to sit for breakfast I didn’t know if you were planning to come down or not) ragini says that in a taunting way indirectly but dadi doesn’t understand she’s taunting her and dadi says wow lado you don’t even have patience in a soft tone and ragini says sorry and dadi says okay its fine now let’s sit and eat and everyone start eating when dadi says to Ap can you pass that bowl of dal to me and Ap gives a disgusted look to dadi and in her mind says can’t she take it herself it’s right by her but goes to take the bowl anyways and gives it to dadi when dadi goes to take the bowl from her hand dadi purposely lets go of it which is seen by swasanraglak and give disgusted looks to each other and the bowl falls on the floor and dadi taunts Ap you can’t even give a bowl in my hand and swasanraglak get angry hearing what dadi said and laksh is about to say something but ragini holds his hand and stops him saying their plan will flop so laksh controls himself and then dadi tells everyone not to worry I’ll have it cleaned and tells Ap to get a towel and wipe everything and pick up broken pieces everyone is shocked and swasanraglak can’t take it anymore and ragini in her head is super angry and says in her mind now you wait and watch dadi what I do and ragini says (acting) dadi you are right since maa dropped it she’ll clean it up and tells swasanlak with her eyes just wait and watch what I do and she winks at them they understand and smile and ragini tells Ap what are you waiting for start cleaning while ragini tells dadi can she come here for a sec I need to talk to you while swasanlak wonder what she is about to do why she is calling dadi and dadi says sure so she gets up from her chair and goes towards ragini when ragini purposely puts her foot in dadi’s way which makes dadi trip over and falls on top of the fallen dal everyone start laughing and swasanlak understand that this is what ragini wanted to do and wink at each other while the dal dadi fell on is on her face and her clothes she looks like some beggar and when dadi goes to get up she slips again due to the dal and this time she falls on her back and screams loud which makes swasanraglak shut their ears and they start laughing but try to control it and dadi tries getting up again but ragini puts her foot on dadi’s saree pallu which is seen by swasanlak and they laugh more knowing what ragini is about to do so when dadi goes to get up dadi slips again and her pallu tears from the bottom as if she is wearing some homeless clothes and her hair is all messed up and it seems like she hasn’t eaten for a few days (imagine how dadi must be looking like) ragini tries hiding her laughter but she can’t but after a while she controls it and starts acting showing care towards dadi and says “dadi aap thik toh ho kuch huwa nahi na aapko?” (Dadi are you alright? Nothing happened to you right?) she tells dadi maybe because of this chair you fell and laksh rubs salt on her wound more by saying “sanky bhai dekho jo aurat meri maa ko kham karari thi khud hi karna parey ga khud pe” (look sanskar bhai the women who was making my mom work will have to clean up herself now and the areas she messed up) and swasan start giggling and ragini laughs a little in her head you could see her smile on her face when she was laughing in her head and gives a funny look to laksh and he winks at her and swasan too wink at each other and then dadi says “bas tum sab chup hojao warna tumhe nahi pata ki mein kis haat thak ja sakti ho” (enough you all better be quiet now or else you don’t know till what limit I can go till) and then tells ragini “haan lado mein thik ho par meri madad karlo toh please” (yes ragini I am fine but can you just help me get up please) ragini helps dadi get up and says to her slowly so no one can hear her and tells ragini “mujhe tum mein bhi kuch garbar lag raha hai” (I am finding something fishy in you too) and ragini gets scared and nervous thinking what if dadi found out or not and hesitatingly tells dadi “aap ko aisa kyun lag raha hai mein toh kari ho jo sab aap mujhe bol rahe ho” (why do you think so I’m doing everything till now what you have been telling me to do) and dadi nods in a okay while swasanlak are thinking what dadi told them because they saw dadi saying something to ragini and dadi is leaving when she stops midway and turns back and tells everyone “tum sabko mein dekh logi thoda zaada intezar karo phir dekho mein kya karti hoon samach ge” (I’ll see all of you just wait for a while then see what I do to you all do you understand) and ragini in her head said let’s see what you will do whenever you try to hurt my family I’ll stand in front of them as their shield and then in front of dadi ragini says “aap nay sahi kaha sab se hum badla legi abhi aap kapre badal lo” (you are right we will take our revenge from everyone but for now go change your clothes) and dadi says you are right lado I’ll just come and when she leaves ragini signs laksh to do something and he says okay and ragini smiles and then goes to Ap and says (still acting) “dekho maa aap yaha kham karte karte aapke bete ko toh dekho uske haath paar se koon aah raha hai jao dekho” (look maa you are working here but you forgot to look at your soon go look his hands are bleeding) and swasan look at each other confused but then laksh winks at them and swasan understand so they start their acting too and say laksh this is so much blood how’d it happen and swara also goes with the flow and says yes laksh what happened and Ap runs to laksh leaving her work behind and says show me your hand and while Ap is there and everyone is looking at laksh’s wound ragini quickly wipes the floor herself before anyone else see and then Ap again says show me your hand but then laksh says maa it’s just a small wound but she keeps insisting and he shows it to her and Ap says you call this a small wound look how deep it is and laksh says maa I’ll be fine in a few days and Ap says no let me do first aid and laksh says okay maa as you say and while Ap is doing his first aid laksh winks at ragini and fb shows ragini told laksh with gestures to follow her lead and get ready with food color and some injured skin patches and while ragini was telling Ap about laksh’s hand he quickly put food color and injured skin patches to make it look like as if he cut his hand fb ends and then swasan say so this was their plan and then they hi-fi each other behind them so no one sees them and Ap also finishes dressing his wound and tells laksh be careful the next time and then Ap remembers she had to clean the floor so she goes to it but it’s all cleaned, after ragini cleaned up the floor she moved from their so no one suspects her and Ap wondered who did it and looks around but doesn’t find anyone near it so she says leave it and tells everyone to go to their room the day goes by and its finally night

@swasanraglak room
All four of them are sleeping and the whole family is asleep too suddenly swara wakes up and says to herself man I’m so hungry but I don’t want food I want something spicy something chatpatta so she wakes up sanskar and tells him sanskar wake up and he says let me sleep swara tell me in the morning and swara again tells him to wake up but he again says “mujhe sone do na neend aari hai” (let me sleep na I’m sleepy) and swara gets angry (mood swings that’s why she’s angry) and pushes sanskar off the bed and he wakes up with a jerk and says swara what happened I’m so sleepy and your waking me up what do you need and comes and sits by her on the bed again and swara says do you remember what you said in the hospital the other day and he is about to say no but then remembers because he is wide awake now after swara pushed him off the bed and says yes I said I will take care of you and swara says you said something else and he says what’d I say and she says you said you would serve me whenever I need you remember and he says oh yeah and she says good that you know what I’m talking about and then sanskar says but why are you waking me up now it’s night how am I supposed to serve you during the night and she says why not when women are pregnant they want things or food in the middle of the night and sanskar says okay I’ll go get some food for you and he is about to leave when swara stops him and says wait I don’t want home food and sanskar confused asks then what and swara says I want something chatpatta something spicy and sanskar says what where am I going to find you something chatpatta at 2 am and she starts her tantrums and says no sanskar you will have to get it for me now I want it and she makes a sad face and sanskar can’t see her like this so he says okay I’ll go see and he leaves

Raglak are sleeping too suddenly ragini wakes up and says I want something sweet to herself and says let me wake up laksh so she turns and wakes him up and says laksh wake up laksh wake up and he says ragini go to sleep its 2 am and she again tells him but he goes back in the blanket and says ragini sleep and let me sleep too so ragini gets mad too and pulls the blanket off laksh’s face and sits on top of him and laksh screams owwwww why is the blanket feeling so heavy but when he opens his eyes he sees ragini on top of him giving him an angry look and laksh says ragini tum kitne bhari ho (ragini your so heavy) and ragini gets more mad and starts hitting him and laksh says I was just kidding but go to bed why are you disturbing me and she tells laksh (still sitting on him) I’m hungry and laksh still lying down on the bed says hungry at this time!!??!! And she says yes I want something cold and sweet and laksh says where do I find you something cold and sweet at 2 am and ragini says I don’t care do whatever you need to but I want it I want it I want it and laksh says ragini go to sleep I’ll get you something in the morning and ragini makes a crying face and says laksh but I want it now (moodswings) and laksh couldn’t see her like this so he said okay I’ll check ragini says awwww your so nice my cute patidev and she says why aren’t you going go and laksh says how do I go and ragini says what do you mean and laksh says get off of me so I can go and ragini looks at the position she is sitting in and blushes but says sorry so she moves and gets off and laksh says thank you

Both sanlak are coming downstairs and bump into each other and both say “tum” (you) and then they both say how their wives are complaining about eating in the middle of the night and then both say you are right if they do this every night how are we going to sleep and then both say I know and then say anyways lets go find our wives something so sanskar starts looking for something chatpatta and laksh is looking for something cold and sweet they both don’t find it and both say to each other now what? If we tell our wives it’s not home they will start crying and hitting us and both says so true and then think of something they both say google and then laugh and then say yes google let’s just search up the recipe to something chatpatta and to something cold and sweet so they both think what could they make chatpatta and what can they make something cold and sweet and then sanskar says for chatpatta I’ll do chaat and laksh says for cold and sweet I’ll do ice cream and both hi-fi each other and say we are such geniuses bhai and laugh and now they are searching up how to make it and they both find their recipes and start making it 1 hour goes by and they are finally done the ice cream is frozen and sweet while the chaat is ready as well both brothers say good job to each other and then leave but then stop and say we took so long to make food let’s take them two dishes so they don’t get mad and sanskar says idea I’ll give you some chaat while you spilt the ice cream and laksh says wow bhai what a thought so they do it and go to their rooms swaragini tell their husbands finally you guys are here you know how long we waited and their husbands say sorry respectively to their wives and swaragini says forgiven and start eating like babies and sanlak are mesmerized seeing them like this and tell their wives anything else you guys need while their hoping they say no and swaragini think for a minute seeing their husbands worried faces and then say no and thank you for making this for us and I only said one dish but you got me two so thank you and swaragini hug their husbands and gives them a kiss on their cheeks and say thank you again then they say to sanlak come lets sleep now and sanlak hurriedly say yes lets sleep so swaragini leave their food on the side tables and sleep but then ragini can’t get sleep because she starts thinking what will happen tomorrow what dadi will do and she keeps turning but can’t sleep so she wakes laksh and he says ragini please tell me you don’t want something else and ragini says no I was just thinking what will happen tomorrow what dadi will make everyone do and laksh turns to ragini and says don’t worry everything will be fine and he goes to kiss her on her cheek and ragini smiles and then tells laksh can I ask you something will you do it and laksh says sure as long as it’s not getting you food again and both laugh a little and ragini says no I wanted to sleep in your chest can I and laksh says sure what’s there to ask he opens his arms and says come to me and ragini blushes with what he said but she goes and rests her head in his chest and sleeps in a hugging position with her head on laksh’s chest and laksh holds her from the back tight and covers them both in the blankets and kisses her forehead and says in his head don’t worry ragini everything will be fine soon and then goes to sleep with both of them too close and hugging the screen freezes on raglak and swasan separate screens

Precap: dadi realizes her mistake…

Guys I am so sorry if it’s not the way you guys want it and I’m ending the dadi track in the next part I know this is too long but don’t give up halfway please I tried making it long because a lot of you said that the one I write aren’t that long so I tried making this long I hope you like it and see you all in my next fanfiction part I love you all

Credit to: zoya

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