my favorite swasan and raglak pt 7


Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 7 and a lot of you are saying triplets is too much and dears I am very sorry but I can’t change that because I have already written all my parts and whenever I need to upload another one all I do is fix grammar mistakes and add some ideas you guys give me but if I change triplets to a single child or twins then I will have to change the whole thing including my parts I have already written I am so sorry but having triplets is not impossible I mean people even have quadruplets am so sorry but please cooperate with me and a lot of people who are writing fanfictions are doing either twins or single baby so I thought to do something different I don’t want to hurt yalls feelings but I just wanted you guys to know why I chose triplets I hope it is not getting that boring and also my fanfiction is also based on how much love swaragini have for each other and I don’t want the sisters to go through different phases in their lives which is why I have the same things for both sisters but at some point I might change up the same scenes for swaragini and do something different but since I have already written all my parts to the fanfiction it seems a little impossible I hope you all understand and I did not feel bad about anyone’s comments in fact I’m glad you guys are writing your feelings to me I really appreciate it thanks and I love you all
Recap: swaragini taken to hospital by sanlak
Precap: swaragsanlak planning in action and trying their best
Swaragini: sanlak I want to give this good news to family members but…
Laksh: don’t worry ragini we will tell them but first we need to finish this dadi chapter
Swasan to each other: I think raglak are right and all 4 reach home
Swaragsanlak are about to enter when they realize they came from the windows and if they go now someone might wake up so swasan and raglak reach their windows from where they came from but then raglak realize they had locked their window before coming and tell this to swasan and they tell raglak what how could you guys lock your windows and then raglak give them puppy faces and say sorry swasan tell okay its fine you both can come from our window swara tells sanskar you climb up the pipe and go through the window and throw something down for us to come up and sanskar says what you want me to climb this pipe no way swara and she says why not and he says look at it it’s so long and I can fall and then swara gives him an angry look and says oh really you used to climb up the pipe at my house when we weren’t married and swara realizes what she said and feels embarrassed and so does sanskar and raglak are just looking at each other and giggling a little and then to change the topic sanskar says laksh why don’t you climb up there “theko bohot hasi arri hain na toh tu char upar” (you are laughing too much right then you climb) you used to do the same thing too and raglak feel embarrassed and all 4 laugh finally swaragini say enough you both are such cowards watch the swaragini power and they are about to climb the pipe but sanlak stop them and say wait we’ll go and both start climbing but sanskar keeps slipping and laksh says bhai what are you doing climb properly and sanskar says I’m trying lucky but I don’t have practice anymore like you do (sanskar says that in a teasing way) it’s been a while and swaragini start laughing while laksh gives a cute angry look to sanskar
Sanlak finally reached the top and said laksh we finally made it now let’s go and they go to open the window but the window is not opening and sanlak look at each other and a funny tune plays and say shit this is locked and laksh asks sanskar how is it locked you clearly remember na that you didn’t lock the window and sanskar says yes laksh I know we didn’t lock the window they keep trying but it doesn’t open so sanlak slide back down the pipe and swaragini asks them what happened and sanlak say this window is locked too and swaragini both say what and then swara says how’s this possible we didn’t lock the window and sanskar says maybe its jammed and then raglak say now what bhai how are we going to go and sanskar says we have only one option we must go from the front door and laksh says what and what if some sees us and sanskar says lucky we will have to be careful and they tell swaragini to be careful too and ragini says so swara you go with sanskar and I’ll go with laksh and all say okay and good luck to one another
First swasan enter they go into the house as if they are some thieves and start running towards their room but sanskar stops her and says swara you are pregnant don’t run in this condition and swara says patidev if we don’t hurry up someone might see us she grabs sanskar’s hand and starts running but they stop seeing a shadow in front of them and swara says oh shit and sanskar says come lets go this way so he grabs swara and takes her to the kitchen and they hide behind the fridge and swara says what an idea if someone comes for water then what huh and sanskar says chill teeki mirchi and the shadow they saw is coming towards the kitchen and swara is like shit and that person enters and is none other than dadi and swara says dadi!!!!??!!! What is she doing here and coincidentally dadi is going towards the fridge and swara is hugging sanskar tightly and slowly she is pushing him back while she is going towards him due to the tight hug and dadi opens the fridge and takes water and is about to leave when she sees something behind the fridge and swasan are scared to death and dadi goes to check but no one is there because swasan came out from the other side and dadi is telling herself maybe it was my hallucination and swasan are going towards the stairs when they see dadi and run behind the pillar and dadi senses something there she goes to check but when she goes there she doesn’t find anyone there either because swasan moved from there and went behind the wall where sanskar is in front of swara with swara’s back touching the wall and they have an eye lock and then they break the eye lock and are leaving when they see dadi on the stairs again and swara whispers to sanskar what is dadi’s problem why can’t she just go to her room so we can leave too in a funny way and sanskar giggles a little and swara playfully punches his tummy and says shut up sanskar dadi might hear and he says whatever you say madam and then both smile and finally dadi is gone and swasan take a sigh of relief and run to their room and finally get there and swasan say I wonder how raglak are doing
Raglak now tell each other let’s go swasan are probably in their room and as they are going they see a shadow too lol and raglak get scared laksh grabs ragini’s hand and takes her to the storeroom and closes the door and the person who raglak saw is going towards the storeroom too she opens the door and raglak are scared so much and its none other than laksh mom Ap and she tells herself it’s so cold in the room let me find a blanket and raglak say maa being terrified and shocked and they are too close sitting in a corner and Ap starts looking for blankets and ragini says what now did maa have to come now and she’s hella scared Ap is busy looking for the blanket and she is coming towards ragini and ragini is moving towards laksh and as she goes she doesn’t know where to move to so she ends up sitting in laksh’s lap and he screams ahhhhh ragini your so heavy in a teasing way and ragini gives him an angry look and says heavy huh now you wait and watch and she messes up his hair and he says now you are gone ragini and he messes her hair too and both start their nok-jhok and fighting and then end up rolling to the other side where ragini is on top of laksh and he is under ragini and Ap senses something and she goes to check but on her way she finds a blanket and says here it is and is about to go when she says I think I heard something there let me go check and she goes to check and raglak are hella scared and ragini is holding onto laksh tight and has put her head in his chest hugging him while laksh holds her and hugs her tighter but then Ap says it might be some bili (Cat) so she ignores it and goes locking the storeroom and laksh are still hugging each other but then they realize Ap is gone so they break the hug and are about to leave when they find the door locked and raglak look at each other and say oh shit now what and ragini tells laksh to call sanskar and he says good idea so he looks for his phone and says ragini I can’t find my phone I think my phone fell while escaping from maa and ragini says what now what do we do and laksh says I think we’ll have to spend the night here we’ll think of something tomorrow but ragini says what if maa or papa come into our room in the morning and don’t find us and he says that’s tomorrow so we shouldn’t think about that now but what’s now is what we should be thinking about and he gives the seductive look and ragini understands and says laksh what are you doing you are going to be papa of three kids and you are still looking time for romance and laksh says sweety romance and love has no time and she blushes he goes close to her and she moves back until she hits the wall and laksh is too close to her both bodies are touching with no air going through and laksh keeps his hand on ragini’s tummy and slides it to her waist until he touches her bare waist and ragini feels his touch and closes her eyes and grips onto laksh tight and laksh comes close to her towards her neck and kisses it and then he moves to the other side of the neck and kisses it he then kisses her forehead and then both eyes and then both cheeks and then both kiss on lips for a while it was the longest kiss they have had so far and then he goes down and moves her saree a bit and kisses her bare waist and then he moves the saree more and kisses her bare tummy and then he moves his hand around on her bare belly and gives her three more kisses (for the triplets inside ragini’s womb) and ragini blushes and then asks laksh why 3 kisses and he says for my 3 babies but then to tease her he says you want more kisses on your belly you asked my “why 3” and she blushes and goes down and hugs laksh and he does the same and then he pulls her towards him and she falls on top of him and he starts kissing her neck again while she is laid on top of him and they find a blanket and put it over themyou know what will happen now guys
Its morning swasan wake up and swara tells sanskar go get ready I’ll go check on ragini and he says okay and swara leaves to go in raglak room but when she gets there she doesn’t find ragini and gets worried she looks everywhere and then she says laksh ragini where are you no response and gets worried swara goes back to her room and sanskar comes out of the bathroom and says what happened swara why do you look so scared and she says raglak aren’t in their rooms and sanskar says what are you saying their probably somewhere else and swara says I don’t know but I didn’t find them sanskar says don’t worry we’ll go check downstairs they go but don’t see anyone out yet not even raglak and then sanskar tries his phone and it rings near the store room they go to check and sanskar tells swara if laksh’s phone is here then where is he and swara tells sanskar maybe he is in the store room and sanskar says but storeroom is locked and swara says maybe they got locked in by mistake let’s check sanskar goes to open the door and when they enter they look for them and guess what guys they find raglak sleeping close to each other in the blanket where ragini is sleeping into laksh’s chest and swasan feel a bit relaxed sanskar goes to close the door and swara tries waking up raglak they both say laksh stop and ragini stop from opposite people and swasan are laughing raglak open their eyes a bit and see swasan beside them and both feel embarrassed swasan tell raglak it’s us who are waking you up not your spouses and then both wake up but when laksh tries getting up ragini pushes him back down and laksh says what the ragini why’d you push me down and ragini whispers in laksh’s ear look in the blanket and he does and sees both of them not wearing any clothes and laksh puts his face in his hand feeling embarrassed and swasan say so what happened between you two huh in a teasing way and raglak embarrassed say n..n..n..nothing and swara says really then why is ragini’s saree pallu there and laksh your pants there and both look at each other embarrassed and shocked and go back in the blanket and start whispering to each other and in a playful way fight with each other with ragini saying to laksh couldn’t you have put the clothes elsewhere and laksh tells ragini oh it’s my fault now huh it was dark you could’ve done that too and both have their cute nok-jhok and stop when swasan tell raglak okay enough enough both of you guys listen carefully no one is awake yet so cover yourself in the blanket and go to your room fast and raglak do as they say but before going raglak say thanks for helping them and swasan say no problem now go before anyone comes especially badi maa and bade papa and raglak say swasan in an embarrassed way all four laugh and swasan say now go go and raglak leave and finally reach their room both get dressed and come downstairs screen freezes on raglak and swasan coming downstairs

Precap: swaragini’s tortures to sanlak…

Guys I am so sorry I didn’t have anything from the precap given in last part but I don’t know if I should continue this dadi drama or not can you guys comment and tell me if you want me to show swaragsanlak moments/scenes or dadi telling ragini to take revenge from family I know I have already written my whole story but I had some time and I started writing parts of swaragsanlak moments so that if you guys choose that I’ll just copy and paste it but tell me which one I should continue also I know this is a bit too long so tell me if you guys want my fanfiction to be long or short and give me suggestions for my fanfiction like I always say I hope you guys loved todays episode I’ll try posting the next one as soon as I can I love you all see you all in my next part of the fanfiction

Credit to: zoya

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