my favorite swasan and raglak pt 6


Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 6 and I am so sorry it took me a while to post I wasn’t getting that many comments so I didn’t know if I should continue or not but I decided to continue writing and I hope you guys will like my fanfiction as I continue to write and please don’t hesitate to comment I will take anything and please keep suggesting me ideas and baby names are important too I hope you guys like it and I will try my best to do swasan and raglak scenes both and here is the link to part 5 if you guys forgot my story lol: my favorite swasan and raglak pt 5 and I will reveal the twist today

Recap: swaragsanlak start their plan

Precap: swaragini are taken to the hospital by sanlak

Ragini: she runs to the kitchen and swasan tell laksh to go see her
Laksh: enters the kitchen and closes all the kitchen windows and the door and tells ragini “ragini things are going as we planned and you don’t worry dadi will be taught a lesson” and then he tells her “what happened to you at the dining table? You were yelling at dadi and everyone was looking at you even dadi was and if we continue to be weak then dadi will find out everything” we need to be careful and you are doing a good job my sweeto
Ragini: but laksh I couldn’t control myself she was telling papa to sit on another chair and I know papa wasn’t showing it but he was hurt I could feel his tears and his hurt heart and I got angry and I was lost thinking about something plus dadi kept telling me to eat even though I didn’t want to and I somehow lost cool I’m sorry laksh I’m hurting papa and maa I don’t want to do this anymore she keeps saying things and then finally laksh hugs her and ragini can’t control her tears anymore and she burst out crying hard and laksh hugged her tightly (you can imagine the tight hug as yuvani did when yuvraj realized his feelings on suhani’s wedding day and they had that tight hug if any of yall watch suhani si ek ladki)
Laksh: ragini control yourself we cannot become weak we have to be strong and fight for what’s right and teach dadi a good lesson and then ragini breaks the hug
Ragini: Mr Laksh maheswari get out right now you have no right to touch me!
Laksh: (confused) what are you saying ragini you were crying a minute ago
Ragini: I was but then I realized I’m crying in the chest of the person who kidnapped me
Laksh: (still confused) what..? And about to cry but then he sees ragini laughing a little and he realizes she was acting
Ragini: starts laughing uncontrollably and laksh is happy to see this ragini
Laksh: so ragini laksh maheswari you were acting huh? And he holds her waist and pulls her towards him and they have an intimate moment and then both laugh and they hear dadi saying ladooo
Ragini: pushes laksh slightly and says what now?
Laksh: don’t worry ragini laksh maheswari when laksh maheswari is here
Ragini: haha very funny but what now
Laksh: points to the window and jumps from it and is about to go when he stops and says ragini and she turns back and says what now and he says I love you and gives a flying kiss to her and she gives him one too and then he leaves
Ragini opens the door and goes to see dadi and finally she sees her and in her head says “I wonder how much more I’ll have to act” and goes to dadi and with a fake smile says yes dadi did you call me
Dadi: yes ragini I need to talk to you about this house and everything
Ragini: in her head says now what is she going to make me do and then tells dadi yes tell me
Dadi: not here let’s go to the room and ragini says okay with a fake smile

Dadi: lado what is this you are the malkin of this house now but why aren’t you acting like one and not showing any rights towards you I have to keep saying and doing things for you
Ragini: sorry dadi I didn’t know how to start (she is acting in front of dadi but its actually swaragsanlak planning)
Dadi: it’s okay lado but from tomorrow make sure you do the needful
Ragini: okay dadi and leaves

@swasan room
Swaragsanlak: guys we were saved today and ragini you are doing good keep it up and smiles but ragini is still thinking about dadi and what she said
Swasan and laksh notice this and asks her what happened why do you look so lost?
Ragini tells them everything and about her talks with dadi and they tell her don’t worry we are with you but look tensed too
All four hug and then swaragini tell sanlak with puppy faces guys before starting everything we want to spend a lot of time with you (swaragini are saying this to sanlak) and sanlak give them the flirty smile and say oh really you want to spend time with us and both of them say yes blushing and tell sanlak WE WANT ICECREAM!! And sanlak smile vanishes and swaragini start laughing loudly but then sanlak say okay lets go and all four leave making sure no one sees them
The hall lights are closed so it’s very dark so swasan and raglak tell each other let’s do this go back to our rooms and come down from the window and meet each other by the car and they do so and finally both meet at the car and then leave
They stop at the ice cream stall and eat and have fun and sanlak are mesmerized seeing swaragini eating like kids and swaragini have already eaten 3 ice cream cones and they are eating the fourth one and then both sanlak sign each other with their eyes to tease swaragini and both say okay
Sanlak go to swaragini and in a teasing way say “sanky bhai look at swaragini their eating like a baby and both fatso’s are eating so much and sanskar goes with the flow and say yes laksh you are right but I’m thinking what will happen when we have kids after 9 months the moms will act like babies even after having their own kids and both will look so moti (fat) and both start laughing and swaragini give them an angry look and say to sanlak oh really we are babies look at you both you have ice cream all over your face and clothes and we are babies huh and both sanlak feel embarrassed and say so what to avoid embarrassment but swaragini keep teasing them and sanlak purposely drop ice cream on their wives and say now you both swaragini also have ice cream haha and then swaragsanlak start having their cute nok-jhok in the middle of the street and people are watching them and suddenly they realize where they are and stop sanlak tell swaragini wait here we will go pay the man and they leave after a minute swaragini start feeling dizziness due to eating a lot of ice creams at once and swaragini both faint and sanlak are coming back after paying the man and laughing saying we teased them good and when they reach the spot they don’t see swaragini and get worried but a few people are standing in front of swaragini so they don’t notice because they are on the floor unconscious and when the people move they find both swaragini fainted on the floor and scream swara and ragini respectively from their respective husbands and they rush to them and sanlak tell each other what happened to swaragini and sanskar says I don’t know but we need to take them to the hospital so both carry their respective wives and put them in the car and start driving while both are crying worried for swaragini

Sanlak are carrying their wives in their arms and enter into the hospital and are shouting doctor doctor and the doctor comes and asks what happened and sanlak narrate the whole incident and doctor tells them don’t worry we will check and asks them to take them both to ward I’ll come and sanlak do as the doctor says and doctor tells sanlak to wait in her cabin she will check them both and tell after a while doctor comes and tells sanlak don’t worry because of eating too much frozen food aka ice cream they fainted and she also says in this case you have to take special care of you wives and sanlak say what? What case is everything okay and doctor says yes everything is fine but there is another good news for you both and sanlak say what and the doctor says along with your wives being pregnant they both are having triplets and sanlak in joy scream WHAT TRIPLETS!!! And doctor say yes mr maheswari triplets so both of you take care of yalls wives and sanlak say thank you doctor and yes we will take good care of them after a while swaragini gain conscious and ask sanlak why are we here and they say you both fainted so we brought you here and the doctor said and swaragini are worried as to what the doctor said and are worried if anything happened to their babies and they ask sanlak what did the doctor say and both sanlak say that and swaragini say that what and finally sanlak say THAT WE ARE EXPECTING TRIPLETS!! And swaragini are also too happy and say what triplet’s omg that means 6 kids at once wow guys this is so good I’m so happy and swaragini hug their respective husbands and screen freezes on separate pics of swasan and raglak hugging and smiling

Precap: swaragsanlak plan in action and trying their best for everything

Guys I am so sorry once again this was posted late but I hope you all love it and comment how I did and please suggest names they are 6 kids in all give me good names 3 kids from ragini and 3 from swara so please give good names and give ideas how to keep up my fanfiction I love you all and I will try posting earlier if I can

Credit to: zoya

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  1. actually triplets means too much and its better that u change it to twins…..don’t feel bad abt my comment and its only a suggestion ..its ur wish to implement it or not……….btw nice story

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  3. Soo good .. triplets huh..
    Swasan kids- sanskriti , swasan , sara
    Raglak kids- ragya , lakshini , lara
    Hows it???

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    Very funny…..6 kids…mm will become nursery school

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    Diya for ragini and siya for swara

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    Whatever happens ….it happens for both Swasan and raglak. …
    Please…do change that…
    And if i had hurted you….i’m sorry??

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  15. Dear if you won’t feel bad I want to suggest something that make different situations of swasan nd raglak…….nd 6 kids r so mch o god only single kid is better

    But as you have made swasan baby name :-aditya,rohit,arjun,ruhi or kavya
    Raglak:- arushi,akash,anjali,akansha

    Nd plz don’t add the name of couple to make baby name because the names which r making by joining it r very weird

  16. Hi pls make twins because trilet just impossible
    Names like arjun adithya avineesh
    Shanthi geetha priya

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