my favorite swasan and raglak pt 5


Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 5 and I am so sorry I didn’t post one last night Christmas has got me so busy and guys don’t worry raglak and swasan babies won’t be harmed and I’ll tell you the twist soon maybe even in this episode…and guys keep suggesting ideas and baby names and try doing some modern names but I loved the names people suggested so far and ideas they gave me I love you all and keep commenting to know more about what you all want now let’s get started

Recap: raglak tell swasan everything and their planning is in action

Precap: dadi’s entry in MM
Swaragsanlak: wow guys swaragini are pregnant at the same time this is so good
Swaragini: sanlak why are you guys so happy? Don’t forget that when women are pregnant they tend to have mood swings and your smile will vanish soon and then both swaragini laugh and sanlak make faces
Sanlak: don’t worry guys we will do everything you say and swaragini look at each other and then laugh telling sanlak in a few days you guys will get tired of serving us and then all 4 laugh
Suddenly they hear the doorbell and they all go to check and the whole MM family comes down too
Swara goes to open the door and they see dadi

Swaragsanlak are shocked and looking at each other and then they sign each other with their eyes saying “are we ready guys” and they all say yes by signing each other with their eyes
Swara: aap yahaan kya kari hai? (What are you doing here?) Maine aapse kaha tha na ki aap yahaan kabhi nahi aana mujhe aapki shakal nahi dekhni (I told you na that don’t come here ever again I don’t want to see your face then why’d you come)

Ragini: bas swara (enough swara) mat bhulo ki dadi humse bari hai (don’t forget that dadi is elder to us) and for your information I called dadi here and the whole maheswari family is shocked except for swasan and laksh

Swara: kya! (Acting like she doesn’t know) Tumne bhulaya par kyun? (What you called her but why?)
Ragini: kyun mein nahi bhula sakti? Tumhe toh yaad hai na ki mein iss ghar ki malkin ho aur mera jab jaye mein bhula sakti ho dadi ko samach ki (why I can’t call her you probably remember that now I’m the owner of this house and whenever I feel like it I can call dadi do you understand)
Swara: par ragini tum… (but ragini you…) she gets cut off by ragini and she says enough swara not a word more

Ragini says come in dadi and she comes in with her luggage and ragini sees it and asks dadi “aap yeh suitcase kyun layi ho” (why did you bring this suitcase) swasan and laksh also look confused and dadi says ragini beta tum aab iss ghar ki malkin ho toh mein aab issi ghar mein rougi tumhare saath (ragini dear now that you are the owner of this house I will stay with you here only)
Swaragsanlak look at each other shell shocked and all 4 together say “KYA AAP ITHER ROUGI” (what you will stay here) and dadi looks on shocked saying why can’t I stay here and ragini says no I mean yes of course but why? Dadi then says because you are the owner so you can let me stay and can’t even kick me out because I’m your dadi and she hugs ragini but she looks at swasan and laksh shocked and they give her the same expression too and the whole maheswari family is shocked too
Dadi tells a servant to carry her luggage to the room and ragini says yes take it to the guestroom but dadi interferes and says no ragini I will sleep in Dp and Ap room and ragini is shocked with the whole family and swara says dadi just because you are here it doesn’t mean that you will sleep in any room you like you will sleep in the guestroom and its final and dadi tells ragini tell this family that I will only sleep in Dp and Ap room and ragini unwillingly has to say yes and says that dadi will sleep only in Dp and Ap room while she has tears in her eyes

Sanlak say but ragini that’s maa papa room you can’t do this and ragini unwillingly has to shout on both of them and say “tum dono chup raho mein iss ghar ki nayi malkin ho toh mein ko jo karna hai mein woh karogi” (you both be quiet I’m the new owner of this house so whatever I want to do I will) while she says this she has tears and signs swasan and laksh with her eyes saying sorry to them

Ragini looks at Dp and Ap with tears but wipes them before anyone else sees and tells them both to go and pack their stuff they are moving to the guestroom and ragini tells everyone I’m going to my room now so don’t disturb me and she runs upstairs while swasan and laksh look at each other and swasan sign laksh to go see ragini and he follows her upstairs
@raglak room

Ragini runs into her room and lies down on the bed on her tummy and is crying with her face inside the pillow and laksh follows her and locks the door so no one sees her like this and goes to her and sits by her and tells her ragini look at me but she is still crying and laksh again says ragini look at me and she finally does and then immediately hugs laksh tight and says I’m sorry laksh because of me I’m hurting you and maa and papa too I’m sorry I also had to shout on you I’m so sorry and laksh hugs her back and says no ragini whatever you are doing is to teach dadi a lesson and I know it hurts maa and papa but it’s for their wellbeing and then he breaks the hug and holds ragini’s chin and brings it up and tells her to look into his eyes but she doesn’t he again tells her to look into his eyes and she says no laksh I can’t even make eye contact with you whenever I see you I remember maa papa and their tears and laksh again says ragini look into my eyes and she finally does and laksh tells her ragini I’m with you don’t worry everything will be fine he kisses ragini’s eyes and then both hug and suddenly they hear a knock and its dadi saying “lado open the door I need to talk to you”

Raglak look at each other and say what now dadi cannot know that you are with me in this room right now and they look for places to hide and ragini tries many places to make laksh hidden somewhere they first tried the closet but it was too small and then they tried the bathroom but ragini says what if dadi needs to go to the bathroom they then tried under the bed but he wouldn’t fit and finally they tried behind the curtains but it was transparent so they both looked at each other in shock and then laksh got an idea

He went to unlock the door but ragini stopped him and said laksh what are you doing dadi may find out and laksh says do you trust me and ragini says more than myself and then laksh says then wait and watch he unlocks the door and pulls ragini behind the door and both hide and dadi keeps knocking but then the door opens by itself since it was unlocked and dadi says if it wasn’t locked then why didn’t ragini tell me and she enters but doesn’t find anyone ragini is against the wall and laksh is in front of her and dadi is shouting lado where are you I need to talk to you and dadi goes closer to the door and laksh goes towards ragini more and soon their bodies are touching that air can’t even go through and then they have a eye lock while the song darmiyaan plays from Jodi breakers dadi doesn’t find anyone so she leaves closing the door behind her saying I’ll talk to her later and raglak take a sigh of relief and then ragini playfully hits laksh and says what if dadi saw and laksh says she wouldn’t have trust me and then they both hug
Ragini goes downstairs and then laksh comes after a while and tells swasan with his eyes everything is fine now and swasan take a sigh of relief too

Ragini tells everyone come let’s eat and they all go to eat and Dp is about to sit on his chair but dadi stops him and says Dp now that my lado is the new owner of this house then she should sit there and Dp looks on shocked with the whole maheswari family while swaragsanlak look at each other shocked too and swara says what are you saying dadi you are crossing your limits now and dadi says be quiet swara and tells ragini why she isn’t saying anything but then says yes dadi you are right I should sit here so she tells Dp can you move to another chair and ragini gets teary eyed again and everyone sits to eat while everyone is eating swaragsanlak haven’t touched their food yet and dadi tells them what are you guys waiting for the invite to eat c’mon start eating and they forcefully have to eat but ragini still hasn’t touched her food and dadi says lado you start too but ragini is in deep thoughts so she mistakenly shouts at dadi not knowing the atmosphere they are in and says “I’ll eat whenever I want to stop continuously telling me to eat” she says that yelling at dadi and swasanlak look at each other and say oh shit and dadi is shocked but then ragini realizes what she said and says I mean dadi you eat since you are older than me you need more energy than me I’ll eat whenever I want to and sorry I yelled at you I was lost thinking about something and then she excuses herself and leaves and swasan tell laksh to go see her and he goes behind her while dadi is still thinking what happened to lado why was she behaving like that? Screen freezes on shocked faces of dadi and swasan

Precap: swaragini are taken to the hospital by sanlak

Guys I am so sorry there weren’t that many romantic/sweet scenes between raglak and swasan but I’ll try in next episode and I am so sorry if you guys didn’t like todays episode I’ll try making it better next episode also keep suggesting baby names like modern type names and give me suggestions too and keep commenting to know what your point of views are about my fanfiction I love you all and the twist will be told next episode

Credit to: zoya

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  1. Hi soya I’m usually a silent reader…. ….
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    1. Thanks and keep reading to know their plans and if anything will happen to the babies or not:)

  2. Nice. .I don’t like dadi at all

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    precap seems intresting.

  5. Riya&shanaya

  6. No swasan scene yr very bad … can add some villian in swasan story to show more swasan scene

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