my favorite swasan and raglak pt 4


Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 4 but a lot of you are saying you guys want more swasan scenes and I’m trying my best to give you guys swasan scenes but if any of you guys have suggestions about swasan scenes then tell me I might use them and thank you all for commenting and liking my fanfictions and I’m happy you guys are pointing out the bad things in my fanfiction it makes me want to correct it too but you guys give me suggestions too okay I love you all now let’s get started.

Recap: ragini tells laksh the plan
Precap: raglak planning in action
@raglak room

Laksh: ragini we both will bring dadi on the right track trust me and I am going to be with you in all your plans but I was thinking we should tell swasan about this too
Ragini: yes laksh but I don’t know if it’s right to tell them but we will just tell them because swaragini never hide things from each other and laksh yes you are right my dear even sanlak never hide anything from each other and smile
Raglak head towards swasan room
@swasan room
Sanskar: swara we should do some morning romance right
Swara: shut up sanskar in a sweet way
Sanskar: why? And he goes towards swara (door is open halfway)
Swara: look the door is too open what if someone comes?
Sanskar: oh baby you want to romance behind closed doors…?
Swara blushes and then hugs him while sanskar kisses her cheeks and the song tum hi ho plays from aashiqi 2

Raglak enter and see them both hugging and all and turn away saying oops looks like we came at wrong time
Swasan look and then feel embarrassed and sanskar murmurs “you’re right guys it was wrong time” swara hears him and gives him a playful punch on his stomach
Swara: no raglak you guys didn’t disturb us and Sanskar say yes swara is right in a sarcastic way
Raglak enter and tell them you sure and swara blushes
Swara: yes I am sure anyways what happened you guys want to say something?
Raglak: yes actually it’s about my kidnapping
Swasan shocked but ask what about it
Raglak tell them everything how dadi forced laksh to kidnap ragini and all and what their next plan is
Swasan are double shocked and say what are you serious and raglak say yes swara and she says I will talk to dadi but raglak stop her and say if we tell dadi she won’t understand and I don’t want her to get away with it easily she threatened my husband my laksh to kidnap me I want her to feel pain too (not negative she just wants to make dadi realize her mistake)
Swasan: okay ragini we are with you but what do we do first?
Raglak look at each other and then tell her…

The plan is that when dadi comes home yes swara dadi is coming home tomorrow but when she comes I’ll be bossing everyone in the house including you all but make sure you don’t react on anything like react how a normal person would if you didn’t know the plan okay and in front of dadi do acting and all and I know I will be hurting maa, papa, bade maa, and bade papa but we will have to do this
Swasan say okay but be careful and raglak say the same to each other
@raglak room
Laksh: so ragini before we start our plan lets have some fun and laksh gives her the flirty smile
Ragini understands what he is trying to say but doesn’t show and to tease laksh she says what do you mean?
Laksh smile vanishes a little but understands she is doing this to tease him and he says “aacha ji tumko nahi pata mein kya bol raha ho?” (Oh really you don’t know what I’m talking about)
Ragini knows but still acting and says “nahi laksh mujhe toh nahi pata” (no laksh I don’t know what you are saying in a teasing way)

Laksh: saying in his mind you know ragini what I’m talking about but you’re just acting and then says to ragini okay then let me show you what I’m talking about and ragini gets nervous
Laksh is going towards ragini and she is moving back slowly being nervous and whispers laksh and he says ragini you don’t know what I’m talking about right and he keeps going towards her and she hits the walk and says laksh and laksh is really close to her now and he slides his hand from her stomach to the waist and pulls her and says now tell me dear do you know what I’m talking about now and she nods yes and pushes him and runs off to the window and laksh smiles and comes behind her and puts his hand under her saree slowly sliding his hand towards her stomach and pulls her back where ragini’s back is touching laksh chest and laksh slowly moves his hand around ragini’s bare stomach inside her saree and ragini’s heartbeat gets really fast and laksh moves ragini’s hair and kisses her neck and her back all the way to the bottom and ragini’s breaths get really fast and she clutches onto the curtains tightly and then laksh turns her towards him and he gets up and kisses ragini’s forehead, eyes, cheeks, and everything and slowly goes down and removes her saree and kisses her arms and then bare stomach and she could feel his touch he picks up ragini and takes her to bed and he kisses her everywhere and then ragini turns laksh and now she is on top of laksh and she kisses his forehead, eyes, cheeks, and then lips. She then unbuttons laksh shirt and kisses him everywhere on his bare chest and then they both say I love you and continue getting intimate while the song mere rubaru tu hi tu from the movie maqbool plays and the lights doze off

@swasan room:
Swara: I’m really worried what will happen tomorrow
Sanskar: don’t worry everything will be fine and he sees swara crying so he kisses her eyes and wipes her tears with his lips
Swara: blushes and hugs sanskar
Sanskar starts kissing swara on her forehead, cheeks, eyes, and lips then he goes to her neck and kisses it and swara’s heartbeat gets really fast and she holds onto sanskar tight and then he carries her to bed and continues his romancing and then he removes her saree too and kisses her bare belly and then turns her and kisses her back and then swara gets on sanskar and kisses him on his eyes, forehead, cheeks, and chest and it continues and the lights doze off while the song pee loon from once upon a time in Mumbai plays
The next morning in raglak room both wake up and hug each other tightly for the last time before starting their plan and same thing happens in swara’s room
Swaragini both get up but feel uneasy and then both of them run to the bathroom while sanlak are worried for their wives knocking on the door saying what happened are you okay? When they come back sanlak ask their respective wives what happened and swaragini both whisper in their respective husbands ear “tum papa banewale ho” (you are going to be father)

Sanlak both open their eyes wide and say “KYA SACH” (what seriously) and swaragini both say “HAAN” (yes) and both sanlak hug their wives tight and pick up their wives and turn them around continuously as if playing ring-around-the-rosy but have carried their wives in their arms and then sanlak both kiss their wives on cheeks and say thank you while swaragini blushes
Raglak and sanlak decide to tell their siblings about it so both the couples rush outside but meet each other in the hall and all of them say at the same time we need to tell you something important and then all 4 say swara is pregnant and ragini is pregnant and then all 4 get happy that both sisters are pregnant at the same time and congratulate each other and swasan say we should tell maa papa but raglak stop them and say we can’t we need to first teach dadi a lesson and then we will tell and all 4 say agreed and then they all hug like a group hug

Precap: dadi comes to MM

Guys please tell me if I’m doing good or not and give me kid names and there will be a twist with the babies and suggest me ideas too and I hope it wasn’t that boring and tried to give swasan and raglak scenes but tell me where I can improve on

Credit to: zoya

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  1. you should make a romantic pool scene

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely try using it in my fanfiction

  2. Good yar i loved it

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  3. Cute yaar

  4. gd we loved it so make their names as sanskruthi for sansky adn swara and kalyani for rag lak

    1. Thanks and nice names!

  5. Nice one, but don’t do any harm to the babies please

    1. Thank you and it’s suspense but I won’t do anything to the babies they won’t be harmed

    1. Thanks akku dear!

  6. “Sara”for 1st to letters from sanskar and last 2 latters from swara..the same way “Lara” for first 2 letters from both laksh and ragini..

    ur ff is going both swarag are pregnant..u can show mood swings of girls..and sanlak fulfilling their demands..along with romnce..

    1. Thanks niti for the suggestions and yes I will try making it A little funny too haha

    2. Woww niti.. superbbbb suggestion. Sara Lara.. ??? it suits well nah.. super

      1. thank u dear..

  7. If daughter then the daughter of swasan and of raglak will be khushi and Ragya if son then the son of swasan and raglak will be laksh and sanakaar respectively because both of the siblings (sanlak) love each other

    1. Haha riha such a nice thought thank you!

  8. if baby boys then Ansh for raglak and Aarav for swasan..

    1. Wow I love the names thank you

  9. Sooo good bt dont harm the baby..
    Boys- saransh , swasan
    Girls- ragya (this name is in my ff too.) N sanskriti

    1. Oooo nice names thanks for the suggestions I will try using them and nothing will happen to the babies don’t worry but the twist is suspense… 🙂

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  13. you are doing fab

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  14. Very good episode zoya.

    1. Tara thank you so much!

  15. Hi am ure ff silent reader and ure ff is really nice ??
    Swasan – boy swasan only and girl sanswara
    Raglak -lakrag ( boy ) and girl raglak

    1. Thanks and also thanks for the name suggestions

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