my favorite swasan and raglak pt 3


Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 3 and I’m glad you guys are liking my fanfiction! It makes me want to write more fanfictions and keep yall’s comments coming and give suggestions too now let’s get started with part 3

Recap: ragini faints and she comes to know who forced laksh to kidnap her
Precap: raglak planning
@swasan room
Its morning and swara is sleeping in sanskar’s chest
Swara: she wakes up and finds herself in sanskar’s arms and smiles at him, she kisses his forehead and goes to bath
Sanskar: after a while he also wakes up and goes to change in the closet but when he enters he sees a spider crawling towards him and he starts screaming
Swara hears him till the bathroom and is wondering “Sanskar ko kya hua? Itna cheela kyun raha hai?” (What happened to Sanskar why is he yelling so much?)
She comes out in a robe and sees Sanskar on top of the bed screaming and she starts laughing she tells Sanskar “tum waha kya kar rahe ho? Neeche uthro sanskar (what are you doing there on the bed come down)
Sanskar: no swara jab tak woh nahi jata mein nahi aara (until that doesn’t go away I’m not coming)
Swara: what are you saying sanskar? Until what doesn’t go away?
Sanskar: tumhare peeche dekho (look behind you)
Swara: she sees the spider too and starts screaming and then both of them are on the bed screaming and hugging each other
Sanskar loses his balance and falls on swara and the song baarish plays from the movie yaariyan and it lasts for a few minutes
Swara then pushes sanskar and starts arguing in a sweet way and sanskar also does the same and their nok-jhok happens she then realizes the spider is gone and she tells sanskar “dekho tumhari wajah se humne woh spider ko diya ab ka challa giya hoga” (look because of you we lost the spider I wonder where it went now) and sanskar tells her “kya! Tum mujhe blame kari ho tumne bhi mere saath jagra kiya tha na” (what! You are blaming me you also were fighting with me too) and their nok-jhok continues
Suddenly they hear a knock and its Ap telling them to open the door and swasan get shocked and tensed and sanskar is about to say the door isn’t locked but swara puts her hand on his mouth and tells him to be quiet. Sanskar asks her why and swara tells him “mein aise bade maa ki samne nahi jaougi” (I won’t go in front of bade mom like this)
Sanskar asks her what you mean. Swara tells him look at me I’m wearing a robe and you don’t even have a shirt on lol sanskar then looks at swara tensely because Ap is knocking harder telling them to open the door sanskar tells swara what now? She tells sanskar I have an idea…he asks her what and swara tells him the idea and he says wow swara you’re such a genius and she says I know that suddenly Ap opens the door but when she comes in she sees both of them still sleeping…and she says “aye bhagwan ab tak soyi hai” (oh god they are still sleeping” and then Ap closes the door and walks out and swasan open their eyes
The idea was that they will both pretend to sleep so they covered themselves in blankets lol
Swara tells sanskar good job now go get ready and they both went to change

@raglak room
Ragini to laksh: I’ll go take a bath and you also get ready she goes into the bathroom but forgets to lock the door and laksh assumes that no one is in there so he also enters the bathroom
Laksh: he goes into the bathroom and locks the door
meanwhile ragini is taking her clothes off to go into the shower she doesn’t realize that laksh is there too and he also takes his clothes off to go into the shower both are in the shower but don’t know about it because their backs are facing each other. Suddenly ragini and laksh both turn around at the same time and start screaming really loud and they both say “tum” (you) they both feel embarrassed but then laksh goes towards ragini while she moves back and he is going more towards her and she is moving back suddenly ragini’s hand touches the shower and it opens the shower and water falls on both of them from the shower they both are getting wet and ragini is blushing while laksh is coming closer to her. Suddenly laksh holds ragini from her waist (not wearing anything by the way lol) and pulls her closer to him both their bodies are touching each other that air can’t even go through them and laksh starts kissing ragini on her neck, shoulder, eyes and everywhere and ragini is holding onto laksh really tight then they both kiss on lips for a while and the song har kisi ko nahi milta yahaan pyar zindagi hai from the movie boss and then they realize what they were doing and feel really embarrassed and suddenly they hear a knock….
It’s laksh mom Ap lol
Ap: ragini beta tum andar ho kya? (Ragini are you inside)
Ragini: haan maa (yes mom)
Ap: open the door mujhe tumse baat karni hai kuch (I need to talk to you about something)
Raglak look at each other and are tensed as to what to do
Ragini: maa mein change kari ho kaise kolo door (mom I’m changing how do I open the door)
Ap: aacha thike mujhe sirf itna puch na tha ki tumne laksh ko dekha hai? Pata nahi subase kaha challa giya hai? (Oh okay I just wanted to ask if you have seen laksh? I don’t know where he went since morning)

Raglak look at each other embarrassed and laksh puts his face in his hands being embarrassed and so does ragini and she tells Ap that she doesn’t know where he is sorry mom and she says it’s okay beta I’ll find him somewhere you hurry up and come downstairs and ragini says okay maa I’ll be there soon
Ap leaves closing their room door and raglak tell each other how we are going to go outside like this and then they both go like shit mere kapre toh bar rehgi (I forgot my clothes outside) they both start blaming each other and their nok-jhok happens suddenly ragini sees a towel hanging on the wall behind laksh and shows it to him and he goes like so what it’s just a towel and then ragini tells him laksh you can wear this towel and bring my clothes and your clothes from outside and he goes like wow ragini that is such a good idea that’s why I love you and ragini tells him enough enough laksh stop buttering me and go get the clothes. Laksh wears the towel and brings his and ragini’s clothes and gives it to her then they both go outside and downstairs to eat breakfast
Swasan: kya baat hai raglak tum dono ne itni der laga di aaj kya zaada bath lei liya (what’s the matter you both took a long time to come did you guys take a bath for a long time today) and they both feel embarrassed while swasan giggle a little
After breakfast at raglak room
Ragini: laksh do you remember what we have to do starting from today
Laksh: yes romance with my wife duh lol
Ragini: laksh you can only think about romance all day right? And no I was talking about dadi
Laksh: I’m just joking ragini and yes I know we need to bring dadi on the right track but how
Ragini: I have a plan
Laksh: what is it?
Ragini to laksh: (the plan) we will let dadi do whatever she wants if she wants me to be the owner of MM then I will but only in front of dadi and when she is not here I will be your ragini and by doing this we will have to make dadi realize what she is doing is wrong now I will make sure how she will hurt my family dadi you are gone now
Laksh: wow ragini you are such a genius
Ragini: I know my patidev that’s why you love me and I love you and then they both hug

Precap: raglak planning starts in action…

Guys I’m so sorry if this was boring I have never written a fanfiction before but I really hope you guys are loving it so far and please do comment so I know what you like about my fanfiction and what you don’t and if it’s too long and a waste of time please tell me how I can fix it and thanks for all of yalls love

Credit to: zoya

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