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Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 2 and I’m glad you guys are commenting. It makes me want to write more fanfictions lol but thank you haha and keep yall’s comments coming and give suggestions too now let’s get started with part 2

Recap: dadi asks Dp to make rags owner
Precap: the keys to the house and papers of companies and etc are given to ragini
@MM scene 1:
Ragini: yeh aap kya bol rahe ho? papa aap ko yeh nahi karni ki zarorat hai or dadi aap yeh kaise bol sakte hai mat bhuliye ki yeh hamare sasur ji hai jise aap bat kari hai (what are you saying dadi, dad you don’t do this and dadi how can you say this? Don’t forget that who you are talking to is my father-in-law)
(laksh just looks at ragini amused and smiles and rags smiles back)
Swara: haan dadi aapki yeh shart whart bohot hogaya (yes dadi your condition and all is enough now)

Dadi: bas swaragini mein ne kaha na ki chup hojao jab bare bat kare hai toh tum bheech mein mat bolo or Dp bolye aap ko mansoor hai meri shart? (Enough swaragini I said that be quiet when elders are talking don’t interfere and Dp tell me do you accept my condition?)
Dp: thike mujhe mansoor hai ragini aaj se iss ghar ki nayi malkin hai aur koi bhi beech mein nahi bolega! He hands over the keys to ragini but she doesn’t take it so dadi takes it for her and keeps it in ragini’s hand (Okay I accept it ragini is the new owner of this house and no one will interfere)
Swara: she is about to say something but sanskar stops her and she looks at him
Ragini: dadi! Bas hogaya aur kuch nahi bologe aap mein aapko kinti baar bolo ki aap iss ghar ko kyun saza dey rahe ho? Mein aapse kaha na ki laksh ki koi galti nahi hogi! Aap sirf or sirf baat ko bara rahi ho! Aur aap…..ragini faints!(dadi enough don’t say a word anymore how many times do I tell you that why are you punishing my family and I am telling you that it is not laksh’s fault he probably had his own reason to do so you are just stretching the matter and you…ragini faints)
(Everyone are shocked and laksh screams…)

Laksh: RAGINI!! (He goes to her and puts her head on his lap and says “ragini utho tumhe kya hogaya! (ragini wake up what happened to you) papa doctor ko bhula ho(dad call the doctor) but Dp is worried too so he didn’t hear what laksh told him. laksh is crying and weeping saying ragini tumhe kuch nahi ho sakta tumhara laksh tumhare bina aduraha hai(ragini nothing can happen to you your laksh is incomplete without you) please utha jao(please wake up) and dadi is just staring at laksh

Sanskar: laksh tum ragini ko upar lejao mein karta hoon doctor ko phone (laksh carry ragini upstairs while I call the doctor) laksh carries ragini in his arms and takes her upstairs while swara follows him too.
Swara: she goes with laksh upstairs and is crying too
(Doctor comes and laksh asks what happened to her and doctor said because of weakness and stress she fainted but I have given injection to her she should be fine in a couple of hours)
Laksh says let me drop you till the door and dadi goes inside by ragini and sits with her while laksh comes

Laksh: he enters the room while everyone else leave to their respective rooms and dadi also goes he is telling unconscious ragini “I’m sorry that because of me you are in danger I know I kidnapped you but I had a reason and I want to tell you but you will be heartbroken his one drop of tear falls on ragini’s face and her eyes open and she sees laksh sitting by her and crying but he doesn’t notice. Ragini is now pretending to be unconscious so she could listen to laksh and laksh tells ragini thinking she is unconscious and while crying says that “ragini I did this on your dadi’s order she told me if I want you to be safe then I will have to kidnap you and treat you like an animal or she will kill you when ragini heard him she was heartbroken and said in her head “wow dadi you’re such a cheat you used my husband against me so that I can become owner of this house and you can get all their property but now that I know I will make sure that my family is safe and you are gone dadi and a tear falls from her eyes too and laksh sees it and says “ragini you’re awake you know how scared I was don’t ever leave me again I love you so much and I’m sorry ragini because of me you had to go through this phase of your life” he realizes what he said and tries to go but ragini stops him and says…

Ragini: I love you too and no laksh and she keeps her hand on his mouth and says it’s okay and I heard everything you told me and I will make sure dadi doesn’t do anything to you or this family this is a promise from your wife ragini laksh maheswari!

Swasan room: sanskar what’s happening in this house? First ragini was kidnapped and now she fainted! I’m scared sanskar and she unknowingly hugs sanskar tight and he is surprised by her action but he goes with the flow and hugs her back. It lasts for a few minutes but then Sanskar realizes what position they are in and breaks the hug and tries to go but swara holds his hand and tells him “mr.sanskar maheswari I want to start afresh will you start a new life with swara sanskar maheshwari?” sanskar looks at her in double shock but then says yes and he pulls her closer to him and he kisses her forehead. Swara could feel his touch and she holds onto sanskar tight he then kisses her eyes and then cheeks and swara gives him kisses on the same places sanskar has given to her and then they both kiss on lips passionately. Sanskar carries swara to bed and starts romancing her neck, bare back, bare belly, etc and they consummate their marriage
@raglak room

raglak smile at each other and then they both hug they realize what position they are in because ragini was already in bed since she fainted and when laksh and ragini hugged it was an awkward position lol and laksh is on top of ragini and ragini is under him in bed and laksh tries getting up but ragini’s manglasutra gets stuck in his chain and the marriage hymn plays and ragini tells laksh “it’s okay laksh I’m ready to give our marriage another chance and laksh looks at her in surprise and shock but at the same time he is happy too and they both come close and laksh kisses ragini’s forehead and she holds onto laksh tight and then ragini kisses laksh forehead and then laksh kisses ragini’s eyes and ragini kisses laksh eyes and then laksh kisses ragini’s cheeks and ragini kisses laksh cheeks too and then laksh tells ragini I love you and ragini says I love you too and then they both kiss on lips passionately and it lasts for a while after that laksh kisses ragini’s ear and she can feel his breath on her neck and he moves her hair and kisses her neck then he goes down and removes her saree and kisses her bare belly and ragini clutches onto the blanket tightly she then is on top of laksh and removes his shirt and kisses his bare tummy and the lights doze off and they consummate their marriagewhile the song tumhe aapna banana ka song plays from hate story 3

(it’s morning and ragini is sleeping into the chest of laksh just covered in blanket and kisses his cheek and then goes to get ready but as soon as she gets up laksh pulls her towards him and she falls on top of him and laksh says “wow ragini mujhe kiss karke ka bhag rahe ho”(laksh tells ragini wow by kissing me where are you running off to) mujhe bhi toh tumhe return kiss dene do (let me give you a return kiss too) and ragini tells him “laksh koi aa gaya toh” (she tells laksh if someone comes then what?) and then laksh says so what sab ko toh pata hai ki hum dono husband wife hai(he says so what everyone knows we are husband wife) and then ragini remembers her promise to laksh that she will make sure dadi doesn’t do anything to this family and tells laksh “haan laksh aur mein meri patni ka farz nibha ki rahogi (yes laksh and I will fulfil my duty of a wife) and laksh knows what she is talking about and tells her haan hum dono ko dadi ko sidhi raaste pein lana hoga (yes we both will bring dadi to the right track) and then they both smile and hug each other

Precap: raglak discuss the plan…

Guys I am so sorry it’s a bit long but keep commenting to know your suggestions and don’t mind I’ll accept any comments I just want all of yall to like my fanfiction and I hope it wasn’t boring

Credit to: zoya

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