my favorite swasan and raglak pt 15

Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 15 I’m not getting much feedback from you all so I am ending my fan fiction but I will be back with a new one soon and I promise you that the next one I do won’t be that long because I think if my fanfictions are long you guys zone out so I will be back with a fresh story but thank you for the people who did give feedback I really appreciate it! Here is the link to part 14:
Recap: rajveer is back
Precap: Saachi, aahna, maahi, lovesh, rahas, and parnav celebrating their first birthday…

@mall in trial room
Ragini: tum!? (You)
Rajveer: yes ragini! Why? Are you shocked to see me?
Ragini: what the… how dare you come in the same trial room and where is laksh because as far as I remember I called him not you
Rajveer comes closer
Rajveer: so what? You can think of me as laksh
Ragini: just shut up and is calling for laksh but no answer
Rajveer: ragini baby what’s wrong just chill I’m just rajveer not some stranger
Ragini: slaps him and says how dare you call me baby now get out so I can change
Rajveer: why should I leave? You can change in front of me you would have done that if laksh was here right so think of me as laksh
Ragini: disgusting rajveer
(Laksh comes back helping the aunty)
Laksh knocking on trial room door
Laksh: ragini are you done let me see how you look
Ragini is about to say something when rajveer closes her mouth and doesn’t let her speak
Laksh is knocking continuously but no answer and he gets worried
Ragini is hitting the sides of the trial room and laksh hears it but can’t really know why she is doing that so he goes to call the manager
Laksh: manager my wife is inside the trial room not opening the door can you bring someone to break the door
Manager: come sir let’s go
They go there and break the door
Laksh sees ragini in a bad state and also sees rajveer he fumes with anger
Laksh: how dare you come in and what did you do to ragini
Ragini’s saree pallu is on the floor and her blouse is torn from sides
Everyone is watching and laksh starts beating him up while the manager calls police
Laksh: how dare you touch ragini? Why did you even come back? Who told you to touch my ragini?
Police comes and says what’s happening
Laksh: inspector rajveer tried molesting my wife ragini in the trial room
Police: arrest him
Swasan come there and see ragini
Swara: ragini are you okay
Sanskar: laksh don’t hit him anymore let police do their job
Rajveer: I will return ragini and laksh you just watch
Ragini: inspector take rajveer and make sure he gets the most punishment
Inspector takes him away
Ragini is crying runs to laksh and hugs him tight says
Ragini: where did you go? If you hadn’t come on time I don’t know what would have happened
Swara: laksh where did you go leaving ragini
Sanskar: haan laksh
Laksh: some aunty needed help with her bags so I went to help her and when I came back I saw all this but ragini don’t worry he is gone come let’s go home

Ap: finally you guys returned now go get ready the party will start soon and raglak and swasan leave but Ap stops laksh and says beta how did you get injured and laksh lies saying some auntie’s purse hit my hand so I got a little scratch I’ll be fine now let me go get ready and he leaves

@raglak room
Laksh: ragini make sure maa doesn’t find out what happened
Ragini: okay now go get dressed

@swasan room
Same thing swasan tell each other that badi maa should not find out about the mall incident

The party started and guests start coming
After a few minutes swasanraglak are up on the stage and in the mic say welcome everyone today is saachi, aahna, maahi, lovesh, rahas, and parnav’s 1st birthday and we are so happy you all could come
Now let’s cut the cut
Raglak have their babies in their hands and swasan have theirs and first swasan go with their babies and cut the cake and then raglak
The whole MM family poses for a family picture and at the end swasanraglak together say “all the time choose the right path because this is my favorite swasan and raglak story”
Guys I really loved how people would give their feedbacks and trust me I honestly didn’t want to end my fanfiction but I didn’t get much feedback from you all so I decided to stop and I think I was dragging the story too so I am so sorry after all this was my first time writing a fanfiction but don’t worry I will be back with a fresh story and I will try making it better but as of now bye and I will see you all fanfiction readers and commenters in my next fresh story alvida and I hope to see you all again and have more feedback from more people thanks for all your time and affection I love you all!:)

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    1. I am sorry I felt like the story was dragging and not a lot of feedback but I have started a new fanfiction called khatti meethi love story and I posted part 1 yesterday if you can read that one I’ll appreciate it! It’s a totally different fanfiction and does not have the current plot:)

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