my favorite swasan and raglak pt 14

Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 14 I’m happy some of you guys love my fanfiction and I am so sorry this is extremely late school has kept me busy and I have exams coming up and some exams I took already I am so sorry now let’s get started by the way here is the link to part 13:
Recap: rajveer’s entry in MM
Precap: someone returns and 1 year leap

@MM 1 year later
Raglak and swasan kids are all turning 1
Raglak kids: (boys) lovesh, rahas, and parnav
Swasan kids: (girls) saachi, aahna, and maahi
@swasan room
Swara: sanskar our 3 baby girls are going to turn one today
Sanskar: yes swara time flew so quick we didn’t even realize
Swara goes to saachi, aahna, and maahi
Swara to the three girls: my princesses are turning 1 today how do you girls feel
Sanskar laughs and says
Sanskar: swara the girls can’t talk yet
Swara makes a cute angry face at sanskar and says are you trying to prove me wrong and walks towards sanskar
Sanskar: scared and moves back and says n…n…noo swara I meant um actually…..
Swara: actually what huh and starts tickling him and sanskar is running here and there
Sanskar: swara stop na you know na I am ticklish
Swara: accha bachoo (really huh) just now you were trying to prove I’m dumb
Sanskar: okay baba sorry
Swara smiles and says forgiven and they have a hug
@raglak room

Laksh: ragini give me my wallet
Ragini: laksh I’m getting lovesh, rahas, and parnav ready don’t you see
Laksh: oh yeah you continue I’ll go
Ragini: wait
Laksh: what..? (Smirking)
Ragini: were you just taunting me a minute ago
Laksh: (acts clueless) what do you mean ragini?
Ragini: accha jee (really huh) don’t act so innocent you were taunting me indirectly just now
Laksh: no ragini you probably had a misunderstanding
Ragini: really a misunderstanding huh?
Laksh: yeah….
Ragini: let me show you just wait
Ragini goes to the bed and grabs a pillow while laksh wonders what she will do
Ragini: you said just now na that I have some misunderstanding now you watch what I will do
Ragini starts throwing pillows at laksh while he keeps dodging all of them
Laksh to tease ragini more says
Laksh: haha you missed now you can’t get me
Ragini: (fumes in a cute anger way) let me show you and runs with a pillow in her hand after him
Laksh scared starts running on the bed and then in the bathroom and then comes out and is standing on the bed while ragini is tired of chasing him
Laksh: tired ragini?
Ragini: no you stay there I’m coming and she climbs on the bed but she loses balance and falls on him

Laksh: oh ragini this is why you were chasing me (teasing way)
Ragini: (blushing) no and tries getting up but since laksh is holding her from her waist he pulls her down and now both their chests are touching with no air able to pass through them
Laksh: how do you feel ragini huh (still teasing)
Ragini: (blushing) shut up laksh and gets up and says laksh you know what’s today na
Laksh: (acts like he is clueless) no ragini what is it
Ragini: (angry) you don’t know…?
Laksh: (can’t resist his laugh) just kidding I know it is lovesh, rahas, and parnav’s 1st birthday today
Ragini: thank god you remembered and I was thinking can we go shopping for them today?
Laksh: sure why not but let’s ask swasan too since saachi, aahna, and maahi are turning 1 today too.
Ragini: great idea! Let’s go ask them
Raglak head to swasan’s room
@swasan room
Swasan are still hugging and they don’t know their room door is open
Raglak standing there start laughing and swasan break the hug and find its raglak and feel embarrassed
Ragini: if your romance is done can we come in
Swara: yeah yeah come in
Laksh: bhai I was thinking since saachi, aahna, maahi, lovesh, rahas, and parnav are turning 1 today we should get them presents

Sanskar: that’s great let’s go downstairs and ask badi maa and maa if we can go
Swasanraglak come downstairs with their babies
Sanskar: badi maa me swara laksh and ragini wanted to go out and get some gifts for our princesses and princes since it’s their 1st birthday so can we go
Ap: of course beta but don’t take the kids with you then you guys won’t be able to shop
Sanskar: jee badi maa
Dp comes downstairs
Dp: sanlak today I have kept a party for your daughters and sons since they are turning 1 so be back by 6 so you guys have enough time to get ready the party will start at 7
Sanlak: jee papa/bade papa
Swaragini hand over the babies to Ap and sujatha and go shopping
@the mall
Swasan: raglak you two go in the guy’s section and we’ll go in the girls okay
Raglak: yeah and after you guys are done shopping meet us here at 5:30 okay
Swasan: okay
They go their separate ways
Ragini: laksh look at this is so cute na
Laksh: yeah ragini just like you
Ragini: shhhh and by the way we are shopping for our sons not for me okay
Laksh: I know but you should get yourself a new dress too after all it is our sons’ 1st birthday
Ragini: actually you are right laksh and you should get yourself a new blazer too
Laksh: okay then you keep shopping for lovesh, rahas, and parnav and I’ll go select a beautiful dress for you
Ragini: why will you select a dress for me? You should go find a blazer for yourself
Laksh: I will do that too
Ragini: what do you mean?
Laksh: I mean I will select a dress for you and a blazer for me of the same color so we can be matching

Ragini: laughs and says okay go
Laksh leaves but there is someone behind the pillar keeping an eye on raglak….
After a hour laksh comes back and says look
Ragini turns and is surprised seeing it she says it’s so beautiful
Laksh’s blazer was a dark green color with golden work and ragini’s lehnga was dark green too with golden dupatta and some red work it looked so beautiful
Ragini: I love it laksh I didn’t know my husband has such a good choice hmmmm
Laksh: I do have a good choice after all I chose you and thank you now go try it on
Ragini: (smiles) okay now hold this and wait outside the trial room okay
Laksh: okay
Ragini goes to the trial room
She puts on her dress but the zipper won’t zip because her hand won’t reach
Outside trial room
Laksh sees a women struggling to carry all her stuff so he leaves the clothes and goes to help her
Laksh: aunty let me help you
Aunty: no no beta it’s okay
Laksh: no aunty let me and he carries her bag and tells her where I should drop you
Aunty: my son is here just take me to him please
Laksh: sure aunty come
Inside trial room
Ragini: laksh can you come inside I need your help and she keeps saying that until finally someone enters
Ragini: laksh I have been calling you for so long now you come anyways can you help me zip my blouse I can’t reach (she is looking down the whole time because she is embarrassed having him in trial room)

He does and ragini says thanks and she now turns around and finds that it’s not laksh but someone else……..

Precap: saachi, aahna, maahi, lovesh, rahas, and parnav celebrating their first birthday….

Guys I am so sorry once again this is late and please do comment and guess who the person is….I’ll see you all in my next fanfiction

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