my favorite swasan and raglak pt 13


Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 13 I’m happy some of you guys love my fanfiction and yaar I try my best to update as soon as possible but sometimes it’s just impossible sorry guys I know it has been 6 days since I didn’t upload a fanfiction but I will try my best posting them in a day or two but guys keep commenting here is the link to part 12 in case you guys need it:
Recap: rajveer and ragini’s past
Precap: Rajveer’s entry in MM

Swasan: raglak go to sleep now its late goodnight
Raglak: goodnight
Swasan take their babies and leave to their room
@morning in MM
Raglak: good morning maa and papa
Ap: good morning beta come have breakfast then you can go to office with sanskar
Sanskar: yes laksh hurry remember we have a person coming for an interview
Laksh: shit bhai I forgot sorry let me hurry up
Ragini: who is the person laksh?
Swara: yes sanskar what’s the name
Sanskar: name… um um swara I can’t remember but it started with R
When swaragini heard sanskar say letter R they got scared thinking what if he is rajveer and the bowl fell from ragini’s hand and everyone looked at her confused
Ap: what happened ragini beta why do you seem so scared??
Ragini: n..n..nothing maa I’m just tired
Laksh: oh yeah bhai his name was ranvijay
Ragini took a sigh of relief and so did swara ragini was happy it wasn’t rajveer
Sanskar: oh right laksh haha okay now hurry up we’re getting late
Laksh: yes bhai let’s go bye maa bye ragini and they both together say bye and then laksh is about to leave when he sees rahas awake and says bye baby I’ll see you in the evening. (Lovesh and parnav are sleeping) swasan’s babies are upstairs

Sanlak enter in their macho style and go to their respective cabins
Few minutes later a tall, handsome, muscular type guy enters with a file
He goes to the desk and asks the lady where is sanskar and laksh maheswari cabins
Lady asks why and he says I’m here for interview
Lady says oh you’re ranvijay right
The man replies yes ma’am
She says sorry go straight and then turn left
Man says thanks and leaves
He reaches the cabin and knocks the door
Laksh says come in because sanskar is busy looking into files
The man walks in and says hi sir I’m ranvijay I’m here for the interview
Sanlak say oh right ranvijay have a seat
Ranvijay: sir I really am in need for a job I hope you both can let me work here
Laksh: sure but let us check your file
Ranvijay: sorry sir here
Sanlak: go through the file and are impressed and tell ranvijay congrats you’re selected
Ranvijay: is super happy and hugs them and then apologizes and is about to leave when he spots a picture he asks sanlak about them and the picture is none other than swaragini’s pic
Sanlak together: Their our wives the one on the right is swara sanskar’s wife and the one on the left is…
Ranvijay: ragini right
Laksh: surprised says yes but how do you know and even sanskar is surprised
Ranvijay: sorry sir actually her face looks like a ragini so I just guessed
Laksh: no problem and you can start work from tomorrow
Ranvijay: actually sir if you don’t mind can I start from today
Sanlak surprised say today… uh sure but are you ready for today
Ranvijay: yes sir I’ll prove that I can handle it
Sanlak: okay good luck and they show him his cabin
Ranvijay: follows them with an evil smile
Laksh: ranvijay here is your cabin best of luck
Ranvijay: thank you sir I’ll need it especially from you
Sanskar surprised: what do you mean?
Laksh: yeah what do you mean especially from me
Ranvijay: nothing sir I just said that but thank you
Sanlak confused: okay bye but do well
Ranvijay: absolutely sir

Sanlak leave and ranvijay says you guys don’t know anything yet you both just wait and watch
Ranvijay: (no one is in his cabin) sanlak you both are such fools you guys believe anyone look you even believed I’m ranvijay (laughs evilly) sanlak you both are wrong I’m not ranvijay I’m actually rajveer RAJVEER KHURANA and I’m here to get my ragini back and take revenge from swara she was always a hurdle between me and ragini
Sanlak in their cabin: laksh what do you think? Do you think ranvijay will be able to start today?
Laksh: I guess bhai he looked so confident but I don’t know I feel like something is wrong with this ranvijay which we’re not able to see…
Sanskar: no laksh I think you’re overthinking let’s just see how he does
Its evening and sanlak are ready to go home they go to check on ranvijay and they see that he is working so efficiently and praise him
Ranvijay: sir you both here do you need anything
Laksh: no actually we came to tell its closing time
Sanskar: yes and we were just seeing how well you work keep it up
Ranvijay: thanks sir
Sanlak: so office is going to close in 10 mins so you can leave now
Ranvijay leaves and he gets into the car but it doesn’t work so he tells sanlak and they offer him to drive home but he makes an excuse saying no one is home and I was going to stay at some hotel today sanlak feel bad so they agree to let him stay at their house and tell ranvijay aka rajveer that you can come to MM with us and leave whenever your parents come back
Ranvijay hesitates at first but then agrees and leaves with an evil smile
Ranvijay puts a banana in the engine so it won’t start
They reach MM
Sanlak enter and swaragini tell to get freshen up and I’ll serve diner while Ap and Dp also say the same
Sanlak are still standing and swaragini say what happened go and they say wait someone else is here swaragini ask sanlak who?
Sanlak: come in…..
Ranvijay aka rajveer comes in
Ragini is hella shocked seeing him alive and swara is shocked too
Ragini is slowly moving back while a vase falls
Laksh: ragini you okay why do you look so scared?
Ragini: why’d you bring him here
Laksh: what are you talking about ragini he is my employee ranvijay
Ragini: he’s not ranvijay laksh
Laksh confused: what are you saying ragini
Ragini: come with me to our room
Laksh: but wait na let me see him off to his room
Ragini: no laksh come now
Laksh confused: okay and swasan follow him too but before going sanskar tells Ap that badi maa I’ll be back can you show him his room
Ap: sure beta come ranvijay

@raglak room
Swasanraglak are all together
Laksh: what were you saying downstairs you know how much it would’ve hurt him you were talking like you don’t want him to stay
Ragini: you guessed right laksh I don’t want him to stay
Sanskar: ragini tell us clearly what you are trying to say
Swara nods no to ragini from the back but she says to swara no what huh I will tell laksh after all he has a right to know who he is
Sanlak: what? You both sisters are confusing us can you tell us what the matter is?
Swara: actually sanskar that’s not ranvijay
Sanskar: what are you saying?
Ragini: yes sanskar swara is saying true he is not ranvijay but
Laksh: rajveer….. Right ragini
Sanskar shocked by what ragini said and swara says yes sanskar that’s rajveer the same person who did all that with my sister 8 years ago
Ragini: yes laksh but how did you know
Laksh: simple I connected the dots
Sanskar: huh?
Laksh: offo bhai remember office today he pointed at swaragini’s picture asking who they were and we told him but he guessed her to be ragini before I said something and I asked rajveer how he knows and he made an excuse saying her face looks like a ragini and then ragini getting scared when he enters the house
Sanskar: you are right laksh
Laksh: but I don’t understand one thing
Swasanrag: what?
Laksh: why did he come back after so many years and changed his name?
Ragini: I know why
Laksh: why ragini
Ragini: revenge he told me he’ll be back to take his revenge and he is back
Laksh: don’t worry ragini he can’t do anything
Swasan: yes ragini don’t worry
Ragini: no you guys don’t understand he is not the type of guy to leave without his mission accomplished
Laksh: ragini calm down don’t worry nothing will happen
Ragini: I trust you laksh but why is he even staying here
Laksh: his car wasn’t working so we told him that they can drop him off but he said his parents are out of town and he has no one so we brought him here to stay overnight

Ragini: WHAT!!! No laksh he lied to you I know his parents they don’t ever leave without taking rajveer with them and I don’t want him here please also his car wasn’t broken he put a banana in the engine so it won’t start
Laksh: how can you say that so confidently ragini
Ragini: because in college he did that before so I can give him a lift and I know he used the same plan
Laksh: WHAT!! He is such a bastard don’t worry ragini tomorrow I will myself tell him to leave and I need to take revenge from him too for what he did to you
Ragini: what are you going to do laksh?
Swasan: yes laksh tell us
Laksh: I want to kill him but then I don’t want to go to jail (in a teasing way to make everyone’s mood lighter)
Swasanrag laugh and say lakshhhhh….
Laksh: guys now go to sleep I’ll deal with him tomorrow good night
Swasan: good night and they leave
Ragini: laksh you are sure na everything will be fine
Laksh: yes ragini trust me
Ragini hugs him and laksh hugs her back soon their hug becomes something else….
Laksh whispers in ragini’s ear: let’s make it a good night
Ragini understands: lakshhhhh chup (quiet) you are a father behave yourself
Laksh: so what ragini their not here…
Ragini: enough enough go to sleep and she turns to leave but laksh holds her hand and ragini is blushing he pulls her towards him where her back is touching his chest

Ragini: laksh what are you doing leave me
Laksh: not today baby in a flirty way
Ragini is blushing hard and laksh moves her hair and kisses her neck ragini’s heartbeat gets faster
Laksh: ragini “tumhari saans itni teez kyun hori hai?” (Why are you breathing so fast?)
Ragini blushingly says because of you
Laksh: kya!!? (What) but we’ve done it before na lol (teasing way)
Ragini pushes him and turns and hits his stomach gently and says lakshhhhh
Laksh: just kidding haha now let’s get back to where we stopped
Ragini blushing tries leaving again but laksh is holding her tight and pulls her again where both are now facing each other and laksh is holding her from her waist from inside her saree pallu and pulls her from there closer and starts kissing her cheeks (two times on each cheek)
Ragini clutches onto laksh tight and he continues ragini gets into her flirty way and pushes laksh on bed
Laksh smiles and says “arey waah meri biwi aaj toh romantic mood mein hai na” (wow my wife is in a romantic mood today huh)
Ragini: yes laksh and he pulls her and she falls on him onto the bed and both are romancing and did things beyond while background music plays mein hoon hero tera from the movie hero….

Ranvijay: enters raglak room without knocking and finds them both in each other’s arms sleeping and feels jealous and anger
Laksh: wakes up and shouts you and how dare you enter without knocking
Ragini wakes up too and says what happened and laksh says look at him he doesn’t even have manners
Rajveer: sorry sir
Laksh: what sorry huh? You should have knocked
Rajveer: (angry) sir I am sorry I came to ask about some files
Laksh: you could have knocked this isn’t your room do you understand (yelling at rajveer)
Ranvijay: LAKSH!! How dare you yell at me?
Laksh: after what you have done then this is how I will talk
Ragini: laksh calm down rajveer aka ranvijay leave
Rajveer: ragini no let laksh tell me what I did huh
Ragini: RAJVEER don’t act innocent
Laksh: yeah rajveer and tells him to leave
Rajveer shouts: no tell me what I did
Laksh: what you did huh? 8 years ago don’t you remember what you did with ragini?
Rajveer: oh so she told you and tries going closer to her but laksh comes in the way and says stay away from my ragini do you understand
Laksh: shut up and leave and drags him downstairs
Rajveer: you’re doing very wrong laksh you will pay for this
Laksh: shut up and get out and he pushes him out the door
Ragini: I thought you were a decent man but I was wrong shame on you
Rajveer to ragini: don’t worry I’ll be back ragini and you will be only mine
Ragini: shut up and tells him to leave but after a while says stop rajveer
Laksh: what are you doing ragini?
Ragini: just watch
She goes to rajveer and says you said I’ll pay for this right
Rajveer says yes you will
Ragini says really and slaps him and says this is for betraying our friendship
She slaps him again and says this is for deceiving me and my trust
She slaps him again and says this is for misbehaving with me 8 years ago
She slaps him again and says this is for coming back into my life and trying to break mine and laksh’s relationship
She is about to slap him again but laksh says wait ragini
She looks at him and laksh slaps rajveer hard and says this is for looking at my ragini even after she is married to me now leave
Rajveer: I will come back and get my revenge you all watch
Raglak together: shut and get out and rajveer leaves
Raglak hug and screen freezes on their happy faces and rajveer’s evil smile face….

Precap: someone is back and a leap of a year

Guys this is so long but I hope you all love this and keep expressing your views I love reading comments and I am so sorry I can’t get back at each one of yalls comments but I will try answering as many comments as possible thank you and see you in my next fanfiction

Credit to: zoya

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