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Hey guys! Its zoya here and I’m back with part 12 I’m not getting a lot of responses… I know I’m not posting up to date but please don’t ignore my fanfiction I love you all and I want to know your views so please give your feedbacks. I’m so sorry if that sounded mean but you guys feedbacks encourage me and if no one responds I won’t write anymore sorry if I am hurting anyone’s feelings here is the link to part 11 if any of you guys want to read it again:

Recap: naming ceremony
Precap: swasanraglak playing with their babies and a twist surprise surprise

Its night @MM
Ap: swasanraglak you all go take rest you must be tired after a long day na
Swara: no badi maa actually sanskar and I wanted to play with our babies for a while
Sanskar: haa badi maa we’ll go in a bit
Ap: okay beta and what about you raglak
Laksh: maa me and ragini wanted to show our princes the house every nook of the house
Ragini: haa maa you don’t worry we’ll go to bed after a while and don’t worry even swasan are awake we’ll go to bed together
Ap: okay swasanraglak go to bed when you guys want but make sure you close the lights and come okay
Swasanraglak in unison: OKAY NOW GOODNGHT!!!

Ap: (laughs) okay guys goodnight
Swasan telling raglak: guys you can go wherever and me and swara will stay here and play with our princesses
Raglak: no swasan we too will stay and all of us can play together okay
Swasan: okay raglak come let’s go in the living room we can play pee-ka-boo with our kids
All together say wow what an idea come let’s go
Swasanraglak are in the living room playing and having a good time but no one knows what’s in store for them….
Suddenly the living room lights turn off
Swasanraglak get scared and ask each other what happened to the lights and the babies are crying
Sanskar: guys don’t worry probably the fuse went away let me go check
Swara: no sanskar don’t go what if something happens
Sanskar: chill swara nothing will happen and if you guys are so scared you all come too
Swaraglak: no way and then ragini sees a shadow
Ragini: swara I just saw someone there
Swara: (scared) where ragini
Ragini: behind the curtains come let’s check

Sanlak: yeah guys come it’s probably just the trees but let’s check
Swaragini: put their child’s in their cradles and went to go check there
When they reach the place it says something on the windows when ragini sees it she is shell shocked and tears form in her eyes remembering what happened while everyone else is shocked too it says “MEIN WAPAS AGAYA HOON TUMHE LENE” (I’m back to take you back) in blood
Swara looks at ragini and tells her don’t worry everything will be fine with her eyes and the lights come back and ragini is hell scared
Laksh looks at ragini and says to her why are you crying? It’s probably some prank and ragini just runs up to her room crying while sanlak stand confused and swara follows her
Sanlak take their babies and go upstairs with them closing the lights and take the babies to ragini’s room since swaragini are there
Ragini is crying hard and swara consoles her saying “ragini don’t worry he can’t do anything that was a long time ago”
Ragini: he was dead swara then how did he come back
Swara: ragini dead people can’t come back it was probably some prank
Ragini still crying says then what about the shadow I saw and also says swara what if he does something to laksh and my babies or to my family
Swara: don’t worry ragini
Sanlak: heard everything and ask swaragini to tell them the truth now
Swaragini: nothing guys chill

Laksh: ragini you are my wife please don’t hide anything from me
Sanskar: haa swara you too please tell us what happened
Ragini tells swara I think we should
Swara: nods no but ragini says for how long we can keep this hidden we need to tell
Swara says okay and both go to narrate the story

Ragini: this happened 8 years ago…. Me, swara, and rajveer (imagine him as amaad from qubool hai) were best friends from school we did everything together we were all in 12 standard and we would hang out together on valentine’s day he proposed me for marriage but I wasn’t ready because my whole ambition was left behind and I wanted to fulfil my dreams so I rejected him rajveer was the type of guy who rejected girls but never had a girl reject him and he got very mad he started screaming in front of the whole school “I LOVE YOU RAGINI I LOVE YOU!!” I was kicked out of school because of what he did so we moved to Mumbai and I got into another school but before moving rajveer came to meet me 3 days before we were leaving for Mumbai and swara told me not to meet him because in anger he could’ve done anything but I didn’t listen to her and went to meet him he called me at some deserted place near a cottage near a cliff so I went to see him I thought he wanted to apologize but he didn’t he threatened me that if I don’t marry him in 2 days he will tell my family we both love each other and if need be show fake proofs he will
I felt disgusted seeing his behavior and told rajveer

“how could you stoop so low, I thought you called me so you can apologize but here you’re threathining me to tell my family about this fake relation” he shouted yes I am a disgusting man ragini but only because I madly love you and ragini told him you are a cheap man rajveer no girl will want to marry you and rajveer lost his cool and shouted at the top of his lungs I got scared so I told rajveer leave me alone and don’t talk to me again and I was about to leave when rajveer held my hand and pulled me towards him I felt uncomfortable and told rajveer to leave my hand but he didn’t and came too close to me I lost my cool and slapped him he got mad and said “you dare this much that you slapped me you slapped RAJVEER KHURANA” and ragini said I did what will you do huh and she pushes him and goes to leave but rajveer pulls ragini’s dupatta and tells her “what I will do I’ll show you”

Ragini is shocked by his behavior and shouts RAJVEER!! Give me my dupatta back and he throws it and comes closer to her ragini gets scared and tells rajveer “I’m telling you don’t come near me” but he keeps going towards her ragini gets frightened and runs into the cottage and rajveer follows her he comes inside and closes the door of the cottage and says where will you run now ragini and she is hiding behind some stacks of hays she is breathing heavily and rajveer says “no girl has ever rejected me you are the first girl to reject me especially the girl whom I love truly from the bottom of my heart” ragini is still scared and rajveer says not anymore ragini I will find you and he sees a red piece hanging out from the side and says

“ragini I think I found you” and he holds her hand picks her up and drags her to a pile of hays and pushes her down
Ragini falls and rajveer is unbuttoning his shirt while ragini says listen rajveer don’t you dare or I will file a case of rape against you and he says no one can hear you ragini it’s a deserted area and he goes on top of her and tries molesting her ragini is crying hard and pushing him far but he is too strong for her and rajveer tears ragini’s kurta and you could see her naked skin ragini is embarrassed and shocked by his horrendous behavior and tries pushing him away but he’s near her neck now and kissing it a little finally ragini gathers courage and pushes him off and runs she goes out and runs till the cliff and rajveer laughs evilly and says how far will you run ragini and goes behind her now ragini is at the edge of the cliff and tells rajveer stay away but he comes closer and finally rajveer is about to get her but his foot slips on some rock and he falls down the cliff

Ragini shouts RAJVEER!!! But it’s too dark too see anything and she’s too frightened after what happened she runs off from there and goes back into the cottage to find her phone she finds it but its broken and says now what so she runs till some public phone and calls swara she’s too scared to say anything so she tells swara her location and she comes to get her and swara reaches there and finds ragini in a worse condition and asks her how it all happened and ragini says I’ll explain later first give me your phone and tells swara to follow her they reach the cliff and swara tells ragini what happened and she says rajveer fell off the cliff and is looking for him and swara says what!! You came to meet rajveer I told you not to meet him and ragini says I know but I thought he wanted to apologize but I didn’t know he will do this and swara says what do you mean?

Ragini tells swara everything and she is shocked and screams WHAT!! Rajveer tried molesting you and you didn’t bother calling and ragini says I wanted to but my phone broke while running away from rajveer it fell down and broke and swara says okay ragini but why are you looking for rajveer even after what he did to you and ragini says it doesn’t matter he is also human being and opens swara’s phone flashlight to find him but no clue and swaragini assume he is dead so they leave for home swara tells ragini I have some extra clothes in the car wear them so no one suspects you okay but ragini is still frightened and they both reach home and stealthily go to their room thank god no one saw them exclaims swara and ragini trying to smile but can’t and says yeah in a sad and low tone swara says I know ragini what happened shouldn’t have but we need to make sure maa and papa don’t find out okay and ragini says okay and swara says now give me my sweet ragini smile and she does so then both hug (flashback ends)

Back to present
Sanlak are shell shocked and their mouths are open
Ragini is crying hard and laksh comes to her and hugs her tight and says
Laksh: ragini all this happened in your life and you didn’t bother telling me ever since we married
Ragini: sorry laksh but that was past so I thought why dig into the past when my present and future is you

Laksh: its okay ragini but whoever this rajveer is if he comes in front of me I will kill him
Ragini: laksh he fell from the cliff I don’t think he is alive but if he is I will deal with him
Swasan tell raglak guys don’t worry he can’t do anything you both are married and have kids
Raglak hope the same but inside laksh’s head he says “I need to find out who this rajveer is! How dare him to touch ragini” and if he is alive I will kill him for sure
Ragini smiles and gives a kiss to laksh while swasan cough and say “you know we’re still here” and raglak are embarrassed….

Precap: rajveer’s entry into MM….

Guys hope yall loved this and tell me if the track is good or not and please don’t ignore my fanfictions it really hurts me and I will try updating the next one as soon as I can love you guys see you in my next fanfiction

Credit to: zoya

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