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Hey guys! It’s zoya here and I’m back with part 11 I am so sorry I have been posting late and not up to date I just don’t get the time ever since my school started and it’s tough to keep up but I will try posting 2 in a day if I can and guys I try to keep swasan and raglak scenes equal but at times I’ll have raglak scenes more or swasan scenes more but just so you guys know raglak are the cutest couple<3 I honestly like raglak more than swasan I don’t want to hurt yalls feelings even though a lot of you don’t like ragini but everyone has their own views but just for you guys I will try equaling swasan and raglak scenes and once again I am sorry this is being posted late and just so you guys forgot part 10 I’ll attach the link:

Recap: 8 months leap…
Precap: naming ceremony

Ap: sanlak beta I think we should go home now
Sanskar: yes badi maa let me go sign the discharge papers and swara you relax I’ll be back in a jiffy
Swara: okay sanskar but hurry back so we all can go home
Sanskar smiles
Laksh: ragini I am so happy and thank you for carrying our babies in your womb for 9 months I love you
Ragini: lakshhhhh and blushes and says you are now a father so act like one
Both have a heartily laugh
Laksh: maa come let’s go home now I want to play with my babies and show them around MM
Ap: laksh beta chill we will go as soon as sanskar comes
Sanskar comes back after signing the discharge papers
Laksh: bhai let’s go now the discharge papers are signed na
Sanskar: yes lucky we will go now I even want to play and show my princesses their house
Laksh: yes bhai I even want to do the same with my princes
Swaragini: together say yes let’s go maa and papa might be waiting outside
Sanskar: no ragini actually they all went home because they had to get your welcome puja plate ready

Swasanraglak laugh for a while and then leave
Sanlak say to their respective wives swaragini come let’s go so sanlak are carrying one child while swaragini are carrying the other two and they leave for home
They are finally home
Swasanraglak are about to come with their babies when Ap stops them and tells them wait let me do you guy’s puja and they stop at the door and let Ap complete her puja and then all four enter
Everyone are laughing and enjoying and having a good time its night now
Raglak head to their room and swasan go to theirs their babies aren’t with them tonight because Ap and sujatha had to do some puja with the babies and give them massages so the babies will be sleeping with Ap and sujatha which means raglak and swasan are alone in their rooms…
@swasan room
Sanskar: waiting for swara to come out from the bathroom and she does
Swara: what happened sanskar why are you looking at me like this
Sanskar: I’m just thinking that how do you women’s have the courage to carry babies and give birth
Swara: it’s a god gifted thing which not everyone is lucky to have but we should be lucky that we got three beautiful princesses
Sanskar: you are right swara and they look beautiful like you
Swara: understands his gesture and says yeah you are right now let’s go to bed
Sanskar: wait swara and hold her hand which makes swara nervous
Swara: now what happened sanskar
Sanskar: don’t you think we should have some husband wifey moments

Swara: blushing hmmmm and says what are you trying to say with her eyebrows up
Sanskar: ohhhh mrs.maheswari doesn’t know what I’m talking about huh okay let me show you
Swara: moving back saying sanskar…sanskar…sanskar and her voice is getting lower
Sanskar: why are you moving back swara I thought you didn’t know what I was talking about?
Swara blushing runs to the closet side and sanskar smiling follows her
Sanskar: swara I’m coming and finds her
He pulls her out and the wind starts blowing the song main rang sharboton ka plays from the movie pata poster nikla hero and he then moves her hair behind her ear and whispers to her thank you
Swara: for what?
Sanskar: for giving me princesses who look like you
Swara blushes and then hugs sanskar tight
They break the hug and sanskar starts kissing her ear and then cheek and then forehead
Swara feels nervous and is blushing

He then carries her to bed and makes her lie down things are getting intense…
He slowly moves down and kisses her neck and slowly slides his hand down her face while she is breathing heavily and covers themselves with blankets and lights doze off while the same song is playing in background
@raglak room
Laksh: ragini you have given me the world’s happiest thing
Ragini: brushing her hair asking laksh what do you mean laksh?
Laksh: oho ragini you gave me the happiness of fatherhood and you gave me three little princes I love you so much
Ragini: laksh I am given the happiness of motherhood and you know who gave me this happiness
Laksh: who?
Ragini: you did and says that in a blushing tone
Laksh: smiling seductively and said you mean to say I made you a mom and it’s because of me in a teasing tone
Ragini: hearing those word blushes hard but somehow says yes
Laksh: moves towards her and says why don’t we relive those memories again and think of making you a mom again in a seductive look
Ragini: keeps moving back and says what are you saying laksh while blushing and finally hits the wall

Laksh: yes you heard me ragini sweety let’s do it all over again and maybe we will end up having babies by next year saying it still in a seductive way
Ragini: blushes so much and says laksh tum bhi naa
Laksh: moves closer to ragini while she’s breathing heavily and says laksh what are you doing
He says shhhhhh and puts his finger on her lips and starts kissing her eyes, cheeks, forehead and then uses his fingers to wipe off her lipstick and goes down to kiss her lips he stops before kissing it and says see ragini it’s happening all over again and ragini blushes and then laksh comes and kisses her lips
Ragini is blushing so much so she pushes him and runs to the window where the wind starts blowing hard

Laksh comes from behind and slips his hand under her saree where he can feel her bare belly and then after sometime ragini winces in pain a little and laksh hearing that gets worried and asks what happened and ragini says oh its common after a women gives birth her wounds take time to heal a little and laksh says sorry ragini while she says it’s okay and hugs him tight but laksh isn’t able to see her pain so he says wait let me lessen the pain and ragini says how and laksh says just wait he slowly goes down to her belly and removes her pallu where you could see her whole belly she is only wearing a blouse and the skirt at the bottom no veil in front of it and ragini gets nervous and asks laksh what are you doing while he says shhhh and he moves his face towards her belly and kisses it to make it feel better and ragini is damn nervous he then gets up and asks is that okay now and she says yes laksh thank you and hugs him again and in the hug position laksh moves ragini’s hair from her back and unties her blouse and starts kissing her neck and then goes behind her and kisses her back while she’s standing he then takes her in his arms and carries her to bed and romances her neck, belly, and all the bare spots he can find

He then turns her around and removes her blouse all the way and kisses her whole bare back and slides his hand towards her belly from the back while ragini could feel his touch and then laksh shirt is taken off by ragini where ragini starts kissing his chest and then he puts the blanket around them and things happen under the blanket (you guys know what I’m talking about) the song wajah tum ho from hate story 3 was playing in the background

Swasanraglak are awake and are ready to come downstairs so they come
Ap comes and tells them that their babies naming ceremony is kept today so be ready and they all say okay

People have started to come while swaragini come downstairs with their husbands and babies
Swara is wearing a red lehnga with a golden blouse and ragini is wearing a blue lehnga with green blouse and its shining a lot while the husbands are wearing the same color sherwani’s as swaragini so laksh has a blue sherwani with green beads on the neck collar and sanskar has a red sherwani with golden beads around the neck collar and their kids are wearing something similar to their parents clothes so the three princesses were wearing red frocks with a little bit of golden and the princes were wearing blue sherwanis with a little bit of green and all look so beautiful
After a while Ap announces what you have decided for their names because it is naming ceremony time so the babies are in their cradles and Ap asks swasanraglak what you have decided to name your babies so swasan look at each other and then say that their princesses names will be saachi meaning beloved, truthful, and graceful, aahna meaning exist, and maahi meaning river, heaven, and earth and Ap says wow swasan nice names and what about you raglak and they also look at each other for a while and then say lovesh meaning love, rahas meaning secret, and parnav meaning bird and Ap tells raglak wow you both swaragini and sanlak have thought of good names now say the names in their ears three times and they do as told and everyone hug and swaragsanlak say this is a new beginning to the new end…

Precap: swasanraglak playing with their babies and a twist surprise surprise…..

Guys I appreciate everyone’s comments and I am sorry this one is short I’ll try making it longer next time and I need suggestions from you all what do you guys want me to put in my fanfiction it’ll really help me and I love you all see you in my next part

Credit to: zoya

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