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Hey guys! It’s zoya here and I’m back with part 10 I know this is late sorry guys but I’m so glad you all are liking and commenting on my fanfiction but guys it hurts me to say that I’m not getting enough comments to continue my fanfiction I need more comments so guys tell your friends and everyone to read my fanfictions your comments keep my fanfiction running but if I don’t get that many comments it makes me think you guys don’t love my fanfiction and then I’ll need to stop writing which I don’t want so please I need more comments and I try to reply to comments but if your comments aren’t replied then I probably answered all of yalls questions in the comment section and not individually to you all anyways let’s get started and the link to part 9 is here if you guys forgot:

Recap: dadi realizes her mistake
Precap: 8 months leap…

@MM 8 months after
@raglak room
They both are sleeping when the alarm rings and wakes raglak up they look at the time and say oh no we both overslept today come let’s go get ready
Laksh: ragini I will go to bathroom and go get ready
Ragini: okay laksh but hurry back I had to go to the temple today with maa
Laksh: okay sweety I’ll come quick and he leaves for the bathroom after a few minutes he comes and goes to ragini and says go ragini get ready
Ragini: she goes to get up but is about to fall when laksh holds her and asks her to be careful if something happened to you or our babies how would I live
Ragini: shhhh laksh don’t say that I’m okay but I have to say laksh it’s been 8 months already time has flown by so quick that by next month I’ll have my delivery and we both will be parents
Laksh: yes ragini I realized the time has gone by so quick and it’s only a matter of a few weeks
Raglak both smile and hug

@swasan room
Sanskar comes out of the bathroom and sees swara getting ready he goes near her and touches her tummy and talks to the babies saying how are my princesses doing and swara says sanskar not princesses but princes and sanskar says no swara princesses and swara says no sanskar princes and they both keep fighting until swara says wait let’s just figure it out in a simpler way I want princes so that they look cute and handsome like you but sanskar says I want princesses so that they look hot and beautiful like you and swara blushes but says okay how about this sanskar let’s wait and see what gender I give birth to prince or princesses and sanskar says okay swara but you better give birth to princesses and swara says we’ll see and she goes downstairs

@raglak room
Still hugging
Ragini: laksh I can’t even hug you properly
Laksh: why is that ragini see we both are hugging fine right now?
Ragini: no laksh I mean I can’t even feel my body against you
Laksh: (in a teasing way) oooooo so my sweety wants to feel me huh
Ragini blushes but then says no laksh a hug is supposed to be felt not just given
Laksh says but what’s wrong right now we both are hugging

Ragin: no laksh you see my belly is coming in the way and laksh laughs and tells her ragini it’s not your belly and then ragini asks oh really laksh maheswari then what is it huh and laksh says it’s…its… and ragini says it’s what and laksh finally says it’s your fatness tum moti hogi ho (you have become fat) and he starts laughing but ragini gives an angry look and says oh I’m now fat for you huh and laksh says yup and he runs from there and ragini says I’ll see you later then watch and laksh gives a funny look and leaves while ragini is laughing too

Everyone is downstairs except ragini and Ap says to swara I was thinking to go to temple and take you both (ragini too) but since you both are 8 months pregnant I’ll go with the family okay and swara says no badi maa I want to come too and sanskar says yes badi maa take her she troubles me all night and in the day too at least if you take her I’ll have some free time away from her and swara gives an angry look and says to sanskar really then I will definitely go and leaves being angry and sanskar laughs because he was only teasing her while badi maa tells him sanskar look what you did now ragini arrives downstairs and she doesn’t know swara and sanskar had a cute fight but swara got angry due to mood swings and ragini tells Ap maa are you going to temple today and she says yes and ragini says I want to come too and Ap says but beta you are pregnant and ragini says it’s okay maa I’ll come still for babies safety and Ap says okay

They leave and sanlak are the only ones home and sanskar tells laksh come let’s chill for an hour or so until they all come back and laksh says yes you are right bhai our wives mood swings have driven us nuts and I’m going to go mad if I don’t chill for a while and sanskar agrees too so sanlak go to the living and sit and chill they both are playing games and eating food and chilling like they did before marriage

Ragini sees swara miffed about something and goes to ask her but swara says nothing ragini you go get puja items I’m waiting but ragini insists and swara tells her what sanskar said and it’s a small issue but swara is making a big deal out of it only because of the mood swings so ragini gets angry on sanskar too because of the mood swings and tells swara I’m going to talk to sanskar but swara stops her saying how she will go alone and no need to but because of the mood swings ragini isn’t ready to listen to her so she leaves in auto and tells swara tell maa and everyone I left Ap comes and asks swara where is ragini and swara says she went home for something important you don’t worry badi maa she’ll be fine come let’s do puja and Ap hesitatingly says okay come and the whole family goes up there

Ragini reaches home and is shouting sanskar laksh sanskar laksh where are you both come here and sanlak are on the sofa sleeping when ragini spots them and gets more angry and says to herself oh these two are sleeping here while sanskar made swara angry (guys this is all because of ragini’s mood swings) ragini rushes to them and shouts SANSKAR WAKE UP!! LAKSH WAKE UP!! And shakes them when sanlak get up in a jerk and both say ragini you here I thought you went to temple and ragini says I did but swara told me that you told her you couldn’t get enough sleep or something like that to her and now she is angry and sanskar says I was joking with her and ragini shouts SANSKAR WHATEVER YOU SAID IT HURT HER and laksh takes sanskar’s side and says ragini whatever sanskar did was good he was just teasing her and you are not less either you keep waking me up in the middle of the night for something or the other and ragini gives an angry look to laksh and he realizes what he said and puts his hand on his mouth and says in his head “laksh shut up what are you saying” and sanskar signs laksh be quiet before ragini gets angry on you and ragini stats yelling at laksh now and says oh so my husband can’t even get me food is that how bad my tortures are to you

Both sanlak in their heads say “torture” what this is more than torture and ragini keeps yelling and gets stomach pain due to hyper arguing state and sanlak keep arguing with her and ragini yells back at him (still mood swings) and they keep arguing (guys this is such a funny situation because the funny tune is playing too) until ragini calms down and becomes quiet and sanlak says to each other in a whisper mode “what happened to ragini why suddenly she stopped yelling and ragini suddenly screams loud and sanlak jump onto the couch asking ragini what happened and ragini is still screaming and sanlak keep annoying ragini asking what happened when she tells them both to shut up and says her babies are going to come out and sanlak say yes ragini after a month it will we know and ragini again says no shut up you both my water broke and my babies are coming out now and sanlak say what now and laksh says bhai what now

Okay ragini lie down on the couch and take deep breaths while laksh tells sanskar call swara now and he does but she doesn’t pick up because of what sanskar said to her this morning and she is still angry (because of mood swings) and tells laksh she’s not picking up and laksh says try again or call maa and he does she is about to answer when swara tells everyone not to pick up his or laksh phone and they say okay and ragini is shouting telling them call swara or someone and laksh says sweety we are trying and ragini widens her eyes and says laksh shut up my babies are coming out and your calling me sweety you fool and you too sanskar now try calling someone else or do something and sanlak say what do you mean do something we did our part by making you pregnant what else do you want us to do we don’t give births to babies how are we to know what to do at delivery time

Ragini says shut up you insensitive fools I meant call swara or someone and sanlak both do but no answer laksh tells sanskar see bhai if you didn’t say that to swara this morning she would pick up the phone and sanskar says shut up laksh you also sided with me now do something and they both think and say yes let’s take her to the hospital and laksh says but bhai it’s raining how are we going to get to the hospital and sanskar says we have to try so laksh says okay bhai lets hurry up laksh carries ragini in his arms and takes her to the car sanskar starts the car and tells laksh call the doctor he calls the doctor and he picks up the phone and laksh says doctor I’m laksh maheswari my wife is about to give birth it’s an emergency can you come to clinic and doctor says sorry mr.maheswari I’m out of town for some other patient and laksh tells her what now and she says I’ll send my other doctor and he says okay thank you and ragini asks laksh what happened is the doctor coming and laksh says ragini doctor is out of town so she is sending her other doctor who works with her and ragini shouts no laksh I will get my delivery done by the actual doctor and not some other doctor and laksh says this is the only way and laksh tells sanskar drive faster and he does but there’s traffic in the way and sanlak say oh shit now what and ragini keeps screaming and sanlak both say shut up ragini all the time your screaming and screaming they both say that in a worried tone and say shut up let us think of a way if you keep screaming the babies might just come out in the car’s backseat and then the car will get dirty and ragini eyes them both angrily and says you fools you care more about the car getting dirty then me about to give birth in a traffic we are stuck in and in a car you weirdos and sanskar says I’ll tell them to move faster and he goes and tells everyone to move I need to take my bro’s wife to the hospital her baby is coming and they all are still there sanskar comes back and says laksh no one is moving then they spot a ambulance and carry ragini in there and tell them hurry up and drive to the hospital and they do as told when got to hospital sanlak put ragini on wheel chair and call out doctor come fast

The doctor comes sent by Mrs. Khanna (ragini’s actual doctor) and says yes I’m here for delivery and sanlak give her expressions and say you are a doctor!!!??! In a funny tone and she says yes any problem handsomes and they both look at each other and say “handsomes” and then say no I mean yes you have big flowers on your head, lots of make-up, flirting and all as if you are here to promote a film and she laughs and says no baby I am a doctor and sanlak say “baby” to each other and then both say no its okay we will go to another hospital and ragini looks up finally and sees the doctor and says yes laksh I am not having my delivery here she doesn’t look like a doctor and she again laughs and says honey while sanlakrag say to each other “honey” now I am definitely not having my babies delivered by you while the doctor says it’s raining outside it might take hours to reach another hospital don’t worry guys I am professionally a doctor and she starts flirting with laksh and says if you want I can even have my own delivery here you know what I mean while sanskar gives weird expressions to laksh while the doctor moves her fingers up laksh’s shoulder while laksh giggles a little which ragini notices and gets a little angry and laksh says no need for that I’m already handling lots of kids while ragini again gives an angrier look then before and laksh says to himself shut up laksh you’re such a blabbermouth what are you saying and tells doctor can you just take ragini with you and get her delivery done and ragini says no laksh not by her in a yelling tone and laksh says shut up ragini just go with her he says it in a worried tone and ragini says okay whatever come lets go and doctor leaves with ragini while sanlak are still trying their phones

AP: swara I think we should answer their phone they are calling us so many times it can be important and swara says okay maa I’ll call sanskar and she does
Sanskar picks up the phone and says swara I’m trying your number for so long why didn’t you pick up swara still angry says (mood swings) after what you said this morning I don’t want to talk to you but now that I have called tell me what’s so important you are calling me and if you want to say sorry then too bad I’m not accepting it (now she is calm but just teasing him) sanskar says sorry baar mein giya (sorry went to hell) now listen ragini broke her water and her babies are coming which is why me and laksh tried calling you guys but you weren’t ready to pick up the damn phone so we got worried and swara gets shocked and says what omg sanskar I’m so sorry I was mad at what you said this morning which is why I told everyone to not pick up the phone but tell me how ragini is and sanskar says everything to her and she says okay I’m coming and she hangs up and goes to tell Ap and everyone and all get shocked swara says come lets go they are leaving but then swara starts getting labor pains and starts screaming and Ap says to sujatha I think she is getting labor pains come let’s take her to hospital and they take her there too Ap and everyone reach there while swara is still screaming they see sanlak and say finally you guys came and then sanskar hears swara’s screams and says swara tumhara bhi water tote gaya? (Swara even your water broke) and swara says shut up sanskar I’m getting labor pains and he says oh and then realizes what she said and says LABOR PAIN!!

And calls for doctor and the same doctor comes and says I’ll take her too and swara says you no way and sanskar says chill swara she is a good doctor don’t worry so both swaragini are taken to same room and they both deliver their babies and doctor tells swara congrats they are all girls and doctor tells ragini congrats they are all boys and swaragini get happy and congrats each other the doctor comes out of the room and tells sanlak what their respective wives gave birth too and they get happy and ask doctor if they can go meet them and she says sure and leaves sanlak enter and say to their respective wives I’m so happy thank you so much to their respective wives and sanskar apologizes to swara about what he said to her and ragini apologizes to laksh for all the mean things she said while having pain and laksh says it’s okay and hugs ragini and kisses his three babies while swasan hug and sanskar hugs his babies and then all family member enter the room and say congrats to swaragini and after a while sanskar says let me go ask the doctor when we can take them home and he goes and the doctor tells him you can take them home today but after a while since they just gave birth and he says okay thank you doctor and goes back to his room and tells them and they get happy laksh is holding one baby while ragini is holding two and same with swasan and sanlak seem so happy the screen freezes on swasan and raglak hugging each other with the babies between them

Precap: naming ceremony…

Guys I made it to part 10 because of you all but please do comment like I stated above and give me some ideas to add twists to the story it can be evil or good twists but please tell me and I love when you guys are commenting it encourages me which I said above so please shower your love and the names will be disclosed in next part and once again I am so sorry this is being posted late I didn’t have the time to post it sorry

Credit to: zoya

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