my favorite swasan and raglak pt 1


Hey guys! I’ve been reading so many fanfictions and it encouraged me to write one too! I hope you all will like it oh and you guys can call me zoya and please if it’s bad comments or good I don’t mind but I need people to comment so that I know how I’m doing and you guys can give me suggestions too I’ll appreciate it! So let’s get started! By the way all the characters are the same but ragini is also positive, she is NOT negative and I’m going to start from when ragini is made the owner of the MM

@MM scene 1:
Dadi to Dp: wow you all forgave laksh so easily! He kidnapped my daughter ragini that doesn’t make any difference to you all huh tell me!
Ragini: dadi what are you saying? How can you talk to Dp like this? I agree laksh did my kidnapping but you don’t have any right to talk to Dp like this!
Dadi: lado tum yeh kya bol rahi ho (what are you saying ragini)? Jisne tumhara kidnap kya tum uski hi side pe ho(the person who did your kidnapping your on his side)!
Ragini: haan dadi kyun ki mein janti ho ki laksh ki koi majboori hogi isliye usne aisa kya hoga(yes because I know that whatever laksh did he probably had a reason to do so)
Laksh: (thinking) tum sahi bol rahi ho mein tumse bohot pyar karta hoon par meri bhi koi wajah thi jo mein tumko nahi bol sakta soory ragini(you are right ragini I love you a lot but I have a reason to do this which I can’t tell you)
Dadi: lado tum aisa kaise bol sakti ho(how can you say this lado)? Jisne tumhari kabhi koi kader nahi ki uski kya majboori ho sakte hain(the person who never cared for you ow can he have a reason to kidnap you)?
Laksh: (has tears in his eyes, but he’s trying to make sure no one sees him crying) he is thinking sorry ragini mujhe yeh sab karna par raha hai (I’m having to do this for you). Tumhe bajane ki liye mujhe yeh sab karna par raha hai jo mein nahi karna jata ho (to save you I have to do this even though I don’t want to).
Ragini: bas dadi! Bohot hogaya apka drama hum hai pata hai ki is sab mein meri laksh ki koi galti nahi hai! Aap abhi jao kyunki mein apki shakal bhi nahi dekhna jati! Aapne meri pati ki besati ki hai or Dp ki bhi jabke aap ka koi hakh nahi hai! (Enough dadi enough with your drama I know that in all this laksh is innocent and it is not his fault! You go from here now I don’t even want to see your face anymore because you have insulted my husband and Dp and you have no right to do so)
Dadi: nahi lado aaj nahi aaj mein tumhe tumhara hakh dilake dogi!(no ragini not today I will make sure you get your rights) Toh Dp aap mujhe meri lado ka hakh dil wao ke? (so Dp will you give my lado her rights)
Ragini: (confused) aap kya bol rahi ho? (What are you saying dadi)
Laksh: (also confused)
Dadi: haan ragini mein sahi toh bol rahi ho or aaj mujhe mat rokna warna mein bhool jaogi ki tum meri lado kabhi thi! (Yes ragini I’m saying right and you won’t stop me today or I will forget that you were ever my lado)
Raglak: have tears in their eyes and looking at each other
(The whole Maheswari family come down to see what is happening)
Dp: thike mein ragini ko uska adhikar dilaoga. Kya chaiye hai bolo (okay I will give ragini her rights, what do you want)
Ragini: nahi Dp aap yeh kya bol rahe ho? Ddi ki bat mat suniye aap ko kuch nahi karni ki zarorat hai. (No what are you saying? Don’t listen to dadi you don’t have to do anything)
Dadi: lado tu chup hoja or Dp aap ko pura yakeen hai ki jo mein bologi who aap zaroor karegin? (You be quiet ragini and Dp are you sure that whatever I ask you will give)
Dp: haan aap mujhe bas bolo ki kya chaiye hai (yes you just tell me what you want)
(Everyone looking tensed as to what dadi will ask)
Dadi: thike mein jati ho ki yeh ghar, aapki daulat, aapke companies sab kuch ragini ki naam par kijiye or haan usko is ghar ki malkin bana dijiye! (Okay I want this house, your wealth, your companies and everything transferred to lado’s name and make her the owner of this house)

Precap: the keys to the house and the papers of the companies and all are given to ragini…

Sorry guys I know its short but it’s my first ff but I’ll try to make it longer next time and do comment on how u guys liked the first part and give me suggestions too and guess who is it that is making laksh do this and why? Oh and I forgot who Dp is to ragini so I used Dp for everything sorry guys but do correct me if I’m ever wrong

Credit to: zoya

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  1. Nice starting but what’s laksh hiding and in ff laksh loves ragini ?do he really loves her zoyA?

    1. Thanks and yes he does but he has some reason to do it it’s suspense…

  2. Hi Zoya great dear…. If you want suggestions then I will say it can be some enemy of dp… I hope you will link it all the best 🙂

    1. Thanks and yes if u give suggestions I might use them:)

  3. Hey zoya nice ff.. n its not small.
    Bt one thing.,
    Are u going to focus more on swasan or raglak????

    1. Maybe raglak but if you guys want I’ll do swasan more too like I can equally do both raglak and swasan

  4. Good ff plz continue?????????

  5. nice. .
    where is swasan.
    swasan should not be negative pls..

    1. Akku don’t worry they won’t be negative I love swasan as much as l love raglak lol

  6. sounds interesting…

  7. Nice start keep writing

  8. make swasan plz dear nice start

    1. Of course maya it will be swasan because I love swasan and raglak

  9. Nce bt its 2 shrt yar make it lengthy nd I lkd ur cncpt bcz @ prsnt in real srl i dnt knw era wrng wth d makrs I had lv 2 read ff

    1. Thank you and yes I will try making it longer next time

  10. Nice starting. …keep it up. .

  11. good start..dp is lucky’s father so she should call him “papa”..

    1. Thank you and oh yeah lol I forgot you know I don’t watch the actual show that much because of how ragini is turned negative so I forgot but thanks!

  12. Very nice ♡
    plz continue 😀

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