My Favorite place is inside your heart – CHAPTER 2


Hello guys……its me Yukku……firstly I want to thank u all for commenting…….its so overwhelming……& secondly sorry coz I told ill upload the epi on Friday but got busy coz of the festival & on top of that we had gone to lalbagh to see the flower show…..must say it was completely amazing………srry again for my bak bak……so now ill go straight to the epi…..

Epi 1 link: chapter 1

Epi 2
*sarna mansion*
The mansion was beautifully decorated with a combination of red & whit.
It is around 7 in the evening & all the guests r arriving. All are wearing red & white combination dresses.
Manohar & usha r receiving the guests while leela & bebe r talking to the guests.
Yuvi comes down wearing a black suit with white shirt , a red vest & a matching red & black tie….
He starts speaking to his friends while his eyes are desperately searching for someone( u all definitely know it is mahi).

Suddenly the hall becomes quite but few people r whispering beautiful, gorgeous.
Yes the two best buddies cum sis had made their entry they where standing on top of the stairs.
Mahi wearing a red gown with a red cute & small step chain & Twinkle was wearing a white gown which had a red ribbon around her waist & had little red prints . she had worn matching elegant white earrings & left her hair open.

They start coming down the stairs and another scene is shown where a guy comes out of a chartered jet into the airport he is wearing a red tuxedo with a red bow tie and a huge peacock feather brooch. [something like this
] Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he is none other than our hot handsome & dashing Hero Kunj Sarna ( Sidhant Gupta)
As soon as he comes out of the airport the media surrounds him & starts clicking pics and his bodyguards push them aside & make way for our hero. He gets into his brand new Merc & it speeds away.
*s m*[sarna mansion] Twinkle & Mahi go near bebe & take her blessings first & then the blessings of other elders & go to meet their friends.
Twinkle[speaks softly so that only mahi can hear]: Has he come
Mahi: who?????
T: arre mera jiju.
M [blushes]: yes
T: okay…….sooooooo let me guess who it is.

She goes from there. Suddenly the lights go out & ladki beautiful kar gayi chull starts playing.
The merc stops outside SM and kunj enters the house.
The song starts and the spotlight falls on twinkle who starts dancing while moving around the whole place as if she is searching for someone. While all this happens Kunj is constantly staring at twinkle.

Twinkle pulls in everyone with her and make them dance while all of them are dancing Twi pulls Yuvi and Mahi with her and make them stand in the middle of the hall and rises her eye brows as if asking how was my guess. Mahi blushes while Yuvi is completely boogled ki how did she get to know about them.all this while the people where dancing & Kunj was staring at Twinkle.
The musis stops and someone starts clapping loudly. And he is Kunj itself.
Kunj: wow….i never knew that my family would completely forget me…..arre teen mahine me Amritsar se bahar kya chalagaya sab mujhe bhul gaye…….[ I was out of Amritsar for 3 months & u all forgot about me]. Not fair guys …… tum logone kya socha mere bina hi party karoge no ways…….[ what did u guys think without me only you all will do party, no ways]…….
Mahi runs and hugs kunj tightly then yuvi joins them later all the family members join them except twinkle.

Twi: arre apke ladla beta jo agaya hume bhul gaye
They all look at twi and call her also & she comes & joins all of them…….
They all separate as many people are present there.
Usha, Leela & Bebe ask about his whereabouts & later Kunj also joins the party.

The party gets over at about 10 and all the guests have left only the sarnas & tanejas are left.
Usha: btw Kunj how did u know that there is a party today
K: maa u all might have forgotten me but my cutie pie sis & her bestfriend my star never forgot me.
T: yes mami I and mahi called and told it it to this hero yesterday.
K: btw star congrats .
T: Thank you hero & All the best for your upcoming movie Fun.
Bebe: ok now u all might be tired so go take rest….we have a very important thing to discuss tomorrow.
They all go to their rooms.
[guys forgot to mention twihi share one room] Twinkle & Mahi are speaking .
T: so how was my guess my to be babhi.
M: perfect. But how did u noe.

T: uff…..anyone could guess looking at the way u both were staring at eo.
M: what.
T: yeah I saw u both staring at eo when all the other people were dancing.
Yuvi: see I told u know mahi my di is sooooooooo clever.
Twi goes and hugs him.
T: thank u so much bhai for bringing my best friend as my Babhi. I love u
Y: love u too di.
Kunj comes from behind .
K: and congratulations bro.
Y:[shocked] bro when did u come.
K: when u came her. I heard all the convo. But don’t worry im so happy to noe that my sis loves a person like u. but I need a promise that u will keep her happy.
Y: of course bro [ they both hug].

Yuhi sit together on the double seater sofa & twinj sit on the single sofas & They spend some fun time.
They were speaking when twi & kunj nod at eo.
K: ummmm yuvi & mahi ………I need to tell u guys something.
M: ha bhai tell na.
K: woh me &………
Y: u &…
K: ha……me &…. Ummmm I love someone.
M: omg bhai you love someone …….omg I cant believe it bhai ……..who is that lucky girl
K: ummm
Y: yar tell bro.
K: ummmm ur sister.
Yuhi :o…… what….
Yuhi look at twi together. Twi starts blushing.
M: omg twi that means u love bhai.
Twi nods.
Y:di im so happy for u but when did this happen.
T: he proposed me 2years ago on the last day of his college & I accepted it becoz even I loved him.

M: o my & I did not even noe about it…….forget bhai but twi even u did not tell me.
T: sorry mahi but even we were confused if this is infactuation or love so we wanted to confirm it and tell it to you both……sorry
M: its ok but promise me u both that you will not hide anything from me today onwards.
Twinj: promise.
They all chit chat and fall asleep in the same position.
Kunj gets up in the middle of the night. He sees twinkle shivering.[ishq bulava plays] He takes out his pullover and covers her.he goes & closes the window. He turns around and looks at twi lovingly .

Precap: as most of u guessed their marriage announcement with a twist……

To know what that twist is plz keep waiting & fill my tank with your comments……..
Mostly will post on Wednesday
Love u all and thanks for reading.

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  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi………

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