Which is your Favorite New Jodi on Star Plus?

Some new shows which recently started on Star Plus, like Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Everest, Nisha Aur Uske Cousins and Tu Mera Hero has got new faces, much talented actors and viewers are loving their excellent chemistry and romance. We would like to know your favorite couple among the listed ones. Vote in this poll up to two of your choices. You may state the reason of your choice in comments section.

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Yuvraaj and Suhani:

Their love story started by their meetings when Yuvraaj wanted to win Soumya’s love. Post their compromising marriage, Yuvraaj has started being genuinely good to Suhani. He values her goodness and honesty. Suhani’s simplicity won his heart and now the couple is walking on the path to find love in their marriage. The couple has made the show very famous in few months and ruling hearts currently. Suhani has proved that superficial beauty does not matter in true love.

Akash and Anjali:

Anjali learns that her father had never wanted a daughter. She decides to scale Mount Everest, her father’s unrequited dream, in order to win his affection. She meets Akash in her journey towards her dream and finds a good friend in him. Her clean and flawless hear wins Akash and before he could express his feelings, Anjali sees it in his eyes and asks him to keep few things unsaid if they can’t be fulfilled. Their unspoken feelings become their strength in tough times.

Viraj and Nisha:

Everyone knows the wonderful Nisha and her cousins, and the good twist came in the show by her love entry Viraj Singh Rathore. Nisha is impressed when she witnesses Virat practicing rifle shooting. When she panics seeing a dog, Virat advises her to overcome her fears. She then falls down, injuring herself and Virat carries her as she’s unable to walk. The rest is history after their meeting. Nisha’s down to earth character and Viraj’s determined role match up to make them a good couple.

Titu and Panchi:

Titu, a total lazy and easy going guy, lives in Mathura along with his lovely family, where his mother spoils him by too much love. He wins the filmy, romantic and dreamer girl Panchi’s heart by his charm, sense of humor, goodness, effective funny explanations in tough situations and most of all, his high popularity among girls. Panchi and Titu’s young and charming roles has made the show make a mark among the big hit shows in Star Plus.


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  3. sakshi

    Nisha and viraj are nice but suhani and yuvraj are just so cute together they are adorable when they get close to each other

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  5. shamim kasim

    I like suhani n yuvraaj… yuvraaj never hurt suhani even when her father brought up the loan story
    I also kike nisha n viraj

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  9. kiara

    i just like yuvaraj and suhani…………….they are the best ………… viraj and nisha are too dump………….like yuvaraj and suhani

  10. Mohan

    apart from isha and raman jodi i like nisha nd viraj jodi on star plus……..but also like suhani and yuvraaj to some extent…

  11. Yuvraj and suhani hands down. They deserve every appreciation , i mean with a prime time plot the show is doing great please yuvani are adorable and sahil and rajshri (saraj) no comparison. Yuvani should get the debutant awards too.. INSHALLAH if star remains fair

  12. Nehu

    Suhani and Yuvraj hands down. They both have done a fab job and going strong. I find them better than everyone right now.

  13. I like yuvraj and suhani.they are best…and the massege behind this serial {beauty does not matter in true love} is very very good

  14. Sammy

    Definitely YuvAni. Suhani brings out the best in Yuvraj and Yuvraj protects her from the worst. Their chemistry shows in not only romantic scenes but also serious and funny scenes.

  15. lopa

    Yuvi and suhanii..just love d chemistry..i hope my fav serial jodi raman and ishita all time evergreen..love u qll

  16. Bhavani

    V love u very much Viraj and Nisha u guys aarreee the best….. of course……..
    U r better than the best Jodis too 😉 no one can beat u ever :-*

  17. Nimu

    VIRAJ & NISHA -NIRAJ Couple is the best.Anyone can’t beat them.
    viraj and nisha,also we can introduce them as a teacher and a student.this types loves are rare.
    there 4 they must win.
    love u both forever…

  18. Only my samud miss u samud plz come back. We all miss our gautam & Jennifer ( jenam) plz come back plz plz plz & happy anniversary my cutest samud. 🙂 samud forever

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