Who is your favorite star in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant?


Life Ok’s Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant is a sweet love story with comic elements. It revolves around a scientist Shaan who words hard round the clock to make his own invention. He creates a super robot, Rajni. He wanted to help people with such home based robots. he fails to present a good image of Rajni infront of his boss, and after series of events, he ends up marrying Rajni.

The show will bring a fun ride of Shaan and Rajni’s marriage. Will Shaan and Rajni manage to be the lovely couple and present their marriage as a success? This will just increase the interest in the show.

We have seen how Rajni rescues Surili again when the latter was falling off the terrace. Shaan panics after Rajni’s system deteriorates. Surili wants to thank Rajni and gifts a fish to Rajni. Rajni upsets Surili by cooking that same fish. Shaan is shocked as Matthew comes to his house. Matthew is angry knowing Shaan is marrying a robot. Shaan lies that Rajni is a girl, not a robot. Amrish wants Shaan and Rajni married. Shaan decides to call off his marriage and tries best to tell his parents that Rajni is a robot. Balwant kidnaps Rajni and attempts to marry her. Rajni fails his plan and fights with the goons. She rescues Shaan and Amrish as well.

Shaan and Rajni perform on a romantic song during their wedding ceremony. The guests and Shaan’s family are left surprised when Rajni and Shaan perform the varmala ritual in a supernatural style. Shaan lies to family to cover up Rajni’s truth. There is much more to happen in the wedding track. Who is your favorite star in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    All are cute and sweet…. but rajni is cutie… her smile is so preety…..

  2. No this is difficult! Each and evry character adds color to Bahu hamari rajnikant serial. Its difficult to choose one. Amrish’s perfrct timing dialouges , Surili’s elegance, Shaan’s elder brother’s devotion towards his mom, Shaan’s younger bro’s matlab to nana ji ne nahi hai muffin, Two bahus antics, servant aishwarya’s attitude, Dev’s stupidity, Shaan’s struggle to hide the truth abt rajni and OUR SHOW STOPPER, OUR FAV ROBOT” Rajni kant’s innocence! Evrything is spl in this show! Love u guyz keep rocking

    1. 100% right dear. love u for this comment

      1. What??? What d hell?

  3. Yes every one is superb in this show

  4. all of thm r awesome…

  5. All of them are outstanding . Keep it up !

  6. all r best in this show every character is superb but rajni is most cute…. specially when she tell OK SHAAN in a very beautiful manner…..

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