Faults in my star by prachi (teaser)

Hii guys I am prachi and back with a new ff this time I know this one is boring but bear it actually I did get any idea to write an one shot but ff will be better……so let’s get started

A girl nearly of 20 is standing near window with moist eyes thinking why did you do this to me sanjana my father sacrificed all his happiness just for your parents happiness I know I was a mistake between my parents and you got all the love but I after mama’s death never got love all hate me why? What was my fault ?

A man of 50s was in his room caressing a picture saachi if you are happy than I am happy I can sacrifice anything for anything my and her marriage was just for maa but that night being drunk we crossed our limits but that was a mistake and meher will always be a mistake she was not supposed to come but her mother only handled her I just hate her.

A girl in other room and house I can do anything revan to win you and that meher she will always be a coward in fact her dad is with me she is alone and I will take advantage of her all weakness my parents have provided everything to me not like her father they love me because I am sanjana malhotra

A woman of 50s all this is my fault khawish because of me you and meher never got love from him and now meher she has became so weak why did you leave her alone why
A man of 50s taps her shoulder saachi please don’t blame your self you didn’t love him you love me and because of you I am a good doctor and meher is sanjana’s best friend they both can take care of each other

A boy of 20 says sanjana I love you yes I will propose you

There is a mandap meher is looking upset and she is taking seven vows with revan he thinks I will make your life he’ll meher she thinks I will try best to make this relationship successful
In other scene meher is crying bitterly and is saying to kabir why didn’t you kill me when I was born why you made me live like this life why and she falls down on her knees he says because of my past……..

So here is the teaser guys and first I will wrote about kabir saachi and veer story and than other plot what happened between them that made kabir hate his own daughter please tell me should I continue ur lil sis prachi !??

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  1. Please continue this story yaar

  2. Nice…….. Update soon

    1. Prachi

      Thanks amnaa and I will try to post ASAP till than have a good time ?????

  3. Riyarocks

    sach kahun toh I was a bit confused after reading this teaser..plz don’t mind…..but dear…I think jab tum ye plot start karogi…then I could get this….all the best dear for this…luv u sweetuuuuuuu………..

  4. Prachi

    Riyu Di than ask ur confusion na ur sis is here to clear it ??and thanks

  5. Prachi

    Thanks anu honestly I like ur name anu it is such a cute name like u ???

  6. Dhruti

    nice one dear but i’m a little confuse….but i hope it will clear after reading 1st episode of this ff
    please don’t mind……..but update soon next one …..all the best for this ff……love you dear…..

    1. Prachi

      You can ask me ur confusion dhruti and I all try my best to write a good episode so that u like it

  7. Please continue dear its awesome

    1. Prachi

      Sure dear????

  8. RuCh23

    It’s great prachi ??? do continue soon ???

    1. Prachi

      Sure dear????

  9. Sajnana900

    Great plot
    But jzt a bit confuesed..
    And plz post soon

  10. Jessicca

    Enjoyed a lot reading it… Loved it… Keep writing.. It was amazing… Superb

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