Faults in my star episode 5

M- vidyut now please rest I want u to get well soon
R- vidyut meher is right bhai now rest okk
V- hmmm I am really feeling tired
They went and
M- thanks revan so much so so….much
R- oho ap bhaut hi thanks ho gya main tumhari help kyu na karoo and I promise you I will found the person who blackmailed kabir sir
Meher told everything to revan and started crying revan promised her that he will help her and find out that person who blackmailed kabir

Meher hugged revan and she jumped on him revan was really happy with her gesture he reciprocated the hug and caress her hair while kabir from back watched this he was happy to see meher so happy but confused he remembered when nurses were talking that how revan slapped meher he doubted on him and said Dr meher
M whispers- ye mujhe Papa jaise awaz kyu lag rahi hai
Revan was shocked to see kabir
R whispers – tumhara baap hi Hain meher please come down 
Meher come down revan was looking down while kabir was glaring at them
M- a mmm….. pa… I mean dr kabir wo
K- now back to hostel if ur romance is over
R- haa… sir meher chalo he holds her hand and takes her
Kabir shakes his head and says aaj kal ke ladko par koi barosa nahi
Next morning
R- meher yaar please apna project summit karo gi to mera bhi kar dena
M- okk takes the file and smiles
Sanjana smirks she goes meher
S- meher please go to that patient she is critical
M- what please sanjana yeh revan aur mera project summit kar dena
She hands her files
Sanjana changes Revan's file with a funny file and summits it

Kabir sees the file and loses his tempor he calls revan
K – I knew it tum jaise students kabhi studies ko seriously
R- sir what happened
K- see it so called stupid project
R- sir this not mine maine bhaut effort se banai Hain
K- ohh really dikh rahi hain tumhari efforts agar apni gf se door raho tab na tumhe apna project complete karo ge now OUT!?
Revan went and saw meher he was damn angry he went to her and holded her tightly which hurted her she was shocked with her gesture
R- what kind of prank was that
M- what are telling revan
R- my project
M- I summited it
R- ohh really dekho ye summit kiya tumne he shows her she was shocked Meher mera career ghatam hone Wala tha aaj
M- revan u are misunderstanding me
R- enough meher and don't dare to show your face to me
Meher tearly- revan I need ur help
R- tumhe lagta hai I am going to help your and my friend ship is over
M- revan listen to me
He pushes her and goes away
Meher was hurted and suddenly remembered sanjana summiting  the files she was damn angry now she went to her ward
M- sanjana tumne files summit kar diye the
S- yes.
M- acha have u seen Revan's file
S- u gave me na and I summited that only I didn't change it
M- I didn't mention that u have changed the file
Sanjana was nervous

M- how could you sanjana I regarded you as my friend and u broke my friend ship with revan why u had everything every happiness i didn't get many of them but when revan came in my life I was happy and u snatched my happiness
S- enough of ur lecture meher i would become deaf hearing so much of lectures and about revan he is only mine because I love him and he loves me
M- love is trust sanjana u spoiled Revan's project
S- and what u did after that do u think I will regard us as my friend
M- what are u saying
S- u were taking Revan's help na to find out who blackmailed kabir uncle and was trying getting close to him.
M- how do u know
S- I heard ur conversation and I know whatever you were telling was rubbish u knew it na I loved revan than why did u this to me
M- sanjana u are misunderstanding
S- oh shut up what was ur mom u are that she took advantage of kabir uncle and u never deserve ur father and ur mother got the punish for lying to all and she died when you were of 4
Meher's eyes became red she was crying and angry at same time because she can not hear a word against her mother so she slapped her so tight that sanjana fall but revan saved her
R- are u fine sanjana
She took the advantage of situation and started crying
S- revan I was telling the truth to her but see what she did
And she hugged him
R- sanjana calm down and u meher kapoor no no sorry you do not deserve ur father's name i think so sanjana is right but not think so I know firstly doing the mistake and blaming some one else for it what kind of girl u are wait I should tell u are that girl who can stoop so low thus for ur advantage and we are been advised to stay away from u girls I think so ur mother was like that and she taught you these things oh… I forget u are a shameless girl u do not bother about ur insult so it would be better sanjana if we leave chalo
He took her out making meher more and more hurt
M- why always with me why destiny always snatches everything from me why what are the faults in my star is this the fault being daughter of two persons between whom I was a mistake why why…..
(I will rush now because I know I am posting too late so I will open some suspense)
Day by day sanjana came closer to revan while revan always avoided meher they both were hurted equally buy soon he thought that meher deserved it so he should move on let it be any girl so he decided to move on with sanjana

One night
Revan's room
Yes I will move on tomorrow only I will propose sanjana I love her not meher she takes care of me even more than me
In Kapoor mansion
Kusum on phone
Haa Mr sarna agar aapko yeh rishta manjor Hain to kal hi engagement kar lein te Hain
Mr sarna- sure kusumji but kabir
Ku- use main handle kar logi
Call end
Kusum goes to God's idle and says ap meri bachi ko aur dard nahi shena padhega khali khushiya
Ka- maa what are u telling
Ku- maine meher ki engagement fix kar di Hain and no arguments 17 saal se maine uska kyal rakha Hain  (from 17 years I took her care not u )
Ka- okk fine
He goes to his room and thinks deeply
His pov
How can meher get married to some random boy I know sarna's are the top business family but they have 3 sons vidyut and revan and also ahaan the oldest but he is married than whom oh God there are so many confusion but I think so meher would be happy with revan..
Next morning
(More fast forward)
Revan took sanjana to a date where he proposed her and she accepted it and they hugged each other
While sarna's and kapoor's met and chose the time for engagement meher accepted the proposal as she thought it would be better she should also forget revan but KUSUM HAS NOT TELL HER ABOUT SARNA'S.
Mr sarna informed revan he denied than his mom did emotional torture and he agreed he called sanjana
In call
S- what but to whom u are getting married but how can you revan u love me na and I love you
R- I don't know sanjana bit she belongs a big family and for my family i am marrying her but don't worry do u trust me
S- hmmmm
Call ended
Sanjana pov
Revan I want to win u to show that meher i can achieve any thing

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  1. Why this sanjana is like this she is not like saanchi feeling sad for mehar but my prachi is there naa update soon can’t wait and it was amazing dear lovely

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    1. Prachi

      Riyu Di soon revan would be posivite

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  5. Nice episode yaar…….meher ko imran dukh maat fo yaar………this episode is superb………. Happy Diwali????

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