Faults in my star episode 4

Meher got teary after reading she continued reading
She read how kabir felt and a waited eagerly to complete 9 months
In first
Today my baby has became of 2 months and I am eagerly waiting for it
She read that she was born in 8 th month
19 November
Today I am really happy God blessed me with a daughter  (he remembered the moment when she was born it was like this) he was in ot doing khawish operation he was just behaving like a husband he forget the warning and finally he took out his baby from her stomach she losed her couisness kabir looked at his baby and than khawish he was so happy to hold his daughter in his arms he kissed her and said I am sorry beta but Papa can't love u saying this he hugged her and said but my shadow and blessings are always with u he kissed her forehead and asked nurse to take her he went to khawish kissed her forehead and said I am sorry khwahish I can't love her please forgive me please???….
Meher was broken now she starts crying but wipes her tears and says I will find out that person who forced papa to stay away from me. She was sobbing and heard footsteps she got even more scared and he was kabir he came and saw her in his table she got up quickly
Kabir- tum idhar kya kar rahi hoon
Meher- papa wo I wanted some books so I thought to take it from here
Kabir saw his diary opened and was hell angry now he said don't u have any manners and u know what ever you read in this diary was not truth
Meher said tearly please Papa stop it now I know you loved mama and u love me and I knew it one day everything will be fine between us and see that day came Papa please tell me who was that person who blackmailed u and why
She was going to say but got a tight slap from kabir he scolded her and said how was the mother the daughter will be like her ur mother was a low class girl and u know what if I wouldn't be there na u were called an illegemate child got it now GO get lost
She went and do not had any courage to face any one now kabir's harsh word were echoing in her ears. With kabir he messed up his room and started crying saying what I did I raised my hands on meher on my daughter how could I.
Meher went directly to her apartment without eating and cried whole night and slept

Next morning
Meher woke up and fresh up and went to the college that was her first class in way she collided with vidyut
Vidyut- hii u are meher na
Meher was upset- hmmm
V- omg so u are the girl who impressed revan bhai at the first sight
M- what
V- oho nothing so friends
M- hmmm friends BTW what's your name
They both started laughing
V- vidyut sahay revan bhai ka jaan I mean un ka chota bhai
M- nice to meet u vidyut btw where is revan
Revan comes
R- meher u were remembering me
M- haa actually I wanted to ask you about classes
R- hmmm let's go
He noticed meher's cheek and also knew that she cried whole night
V- ok let's go
He join them meanwhile
R- ohh hello tu kaha chal raha Hain
V- aap keh sath
R- keeping his hand on his head vidyut beta tera bada bhai kaun Hain main na phir meri baat maan samja let's go meher
He holded her hands and they went

In a place where only Reher were there
M- revan hum idhar kyu aaye Hain
R- meher why are you upset
M- I am not
R- do u regard me as ur friend
They had a conversation which was muted
In classroom
All are there and kaveer enter
Kabir was searching for meher and was relieved and see her like his wound got medications but she was not able to face him he noticed her tearly eyes and got moist  {bg song tere dil ka mere dil se rishta pura na Hain u all can imagine our ishika and ruhi} he also became upset
M in mind – why are you hiding the truth Papa
K in mind – for your protection meher i do not want any body to harm u
Like this the class got over and their day also went good but vidyut met with an accident and sanjana put all the blame on  meher
Outside ot
Revan was crying meher was consoling him
S- oh meher first because of you vidyut met with accident and now what kind of girl u are
M- sanjana what are u telling
S- u were with vidyut last time revan I think so meher did some thing.
M- stop it sanjana
They both started arguing until meher got a slap by revan
R- shut up meher phele hi mere bhai ko bhaut dard deta diya Hain tumne now just get lost and don't show ur face again
M- but
S- meher go
She pushes her
Suddenly dr came and said he is fine all were relived and went to meet him sanjana pov
Now revan hates meher he is only mine ☻☻

In night vidyut was unconscious and revan was with him suddenly meher enter and close the door hurriedly
R in anger- how dare you meher
M- stop ur drama now
Both started laughing revan went to meher keeps his hands on her cheeks and says in a soft tone I am sorry meher it hurted u na
M- holds his hand and says nahi and thank you so much for helping me
Revan  keeps his fingers on her lips and said ek dum chup no thank you he hugged her and she reciprocate it suddenly heard some one crying he was none other than vidyut
V- apna accident karaya maine aur thanks bhai ko
M- acha sorry baba and thanks to u fine
V- fine
Trio hugs each other

Precap- flash back of Reher’s conversation

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