Faults in my star episode 3

Revan says meher let's go I am really hungry she nods and Reher goes suddenly sanjana notices a boy coming towards revan and get to know he was Revan's brother vidyut she smirks. Meanwhile meher got a call from Kusum and she asked her to visit her she came they had some gupshup and than Kusum went to her friend as she was ill meher was alone in the house. She was passing by kabir's room suddenly noticed a diary on his table he was not there she went there and took the diary and thought to read it as kabir and Kusum will return till night.(so as she reads it goes ) the first page
I am kabir kapoor and my father's name is karthik kapoor he left me but my maa took my care. She slowly reads and that was the childhood of kabir now he was grown up and was doc in SDCAH so it starts like this
Today new interns came and one of them was so innocent beautiful intelligent and sweet she was saachi mishra I don't know what happens to me when saachi comes.
Next page
Today saachi was working in record room she was going to fall but I saved her she was in my arms and I wanted us to remain like that forever.
Today saachi was upset I felt bad I think so khawish might told something to her as she doesn't like her.
Today I relaised that I was in love with saachi and yes! I am going to propose her in dandiya night
I don't deserve love saachi loves some one else that is veer both love each other and veer is like my brother i can't force saachi to love me I only want her to be happy and in her happiness my happiness is there.
Meher was sad reading that his father loved some one else

Today maa's health was bad because of me she is so worried for my future she wants me to marry but how could I love  some one else but no option is left with me she wants me to marry khawish the girl whom I hate.
Now meher was more sad
Today sanveer got married i am broken now no one can bend it i just hate love
Today I and khawish got married in Temple for maa sake I will never love her (I am describing what happened after they got married) khawish did her gharpravesh they did the rituals and went to room khawish wanted to talk but kabir holded her hand back tightly and said u know what I hate u I married u only for maa sake and love some one else she was shocked kabir threw her on ground and went to change
She was crying and feeling bad for her mother she read next and next and the most important page
I was wrong khawish is a nice girl I have been so bad to her in fact I raised my hands on her I don't know how pain full it would be as sometimes I was drunk she still behave nice to me today she was wearing a saree and was trying to hide her hands and waist soon I saw there were so many scars on her body due to me she loves me and I hated her I will apologise to her and will take this marriage to other  move i will consumate this marriage she deserves every happiness.
Meher thinks than why he than also hated her

Today I got a call from strange no he warned me if I will not hurt khawish and love her than sanveer's daughter will suffer she is of 1 month and I want saachi to be happy cause I love her till now
He didn't wrote one day and wrote other day
Yesterday there was a party and I did the biggest mistake I don't know how I and khawish got drunk and crossed our limits when we went to room when I woke up today she was in my arms I felt nice but remembered that man's call khawish woke up they both were looking at each other
After few days khawish got pregnant with my baby i was happy but again got call from strange no in that the person said me to hate my baby my child my blood how could I but didn't wanted anything happens to sanjana I started staying with sanjana and ignored my wife and the child which didn't came khawish always fell bad but maa however made her eat and take care of her.

PRECAP past continue and  revan slaps meher and tells not to show her face again

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