Faults in my star episode 2

All were shocked as it was a tough question
Kabir- so next question why do u want to become a doctor
Meher- sir it is my passion to become doctor as we as my dream my mother always said that being doctor means that we have others life in our hand and they regard us as their God and I want to heal everyone's pain
Kabir's eyes were moist now meher did not understand the situation
Kabir pov
Why God u are doing this to me why are u separating me from my daughter I cannot see her in more tears please help me please
Dr1- nice ans dr meher welcome to sdcah
Meher- thanks sir and mam  ???
She went out and moved around closing her eyes just than kabir came out (remember she was the last) he said Dr meher she turned around and was ??? shocked
Meher pov
Ab tu gayi meher
She says sorry sir
Kabir- first and last time he wents away she got a relief
So now she went to take her room keys and also found sanjana
Meher- hii sanjana
Sanjana- ohh so you are are going I am so sorry for you no worries u pass the test next time
Meher- what I have passed the test that to very well
Suddenly revan comes he pats her shoulder she turns and he hugged him sanjana was fuming
Revan- meher i am selected
Meher- revan me too and I came to take my room keys and where are you staying
Revan- in hostel and wait sir can we get two apartment close to each other
The man nods and gives him 2 keys 342 and 343 he says too… which one meher
Meher- umm…. 342
Revan gives her  and says reason
Meher- my mama's room no was 342
Now sanjana could not tolerate this all and said ohh..I forget today was anuty's death anisversary
Meher becomes sad….
Precap- meher found kabir diary and cryingly and says papa don’t hate me and mama he did because

Revan brother in ot he slaps meher sanjana smirks..
I know guys as usually it was small and boring and I will rush lil bit actually I also want to start a ff on kanchi so please forgive me in advance ???

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  1. Riyarocks

    Prachi dear……..this was toooooooo good……….I just don’t like this Sanjana…………felt bad for Meher after reading precap…………luv u loads sweetuuuuuuuuuuu………..

  2. Priyanshipp

    No dear it was fabulous. Boring not at all.

  3. Dhruti

    it was sooooo superb…………but i don’t like sanjana……….feeling bad for meher………..update soon……..tc……….

  4. Amazing dear….feeling bad for meher,…do update soon.lots of loveto u sweetie.

  5. Riyarocks

    Prachi dear, I’m commenting this on behalf of Anuradha….Wonderful prachi… Awesome.. I m speechless yaar… Very good story well executed… Great yaar…

  6. Amazing…. Hope kabir unites with his daughter…. Update soon

  7. Abhilasha

    Really superb dear….keep it up!! Loved it!

  8. Jessicca

    Fabulous amazing … Outstanding…

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